Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Unproductive me..erk?

Here comes another week. As usual, classes and all are trying to crawl back into my schedule. The good thing is, I have no exams until next Monday. Sob sob, I wish I could be in Muchigan this weekend to watch the football game. But hell yea..I have tons of homework and studying to be done. Hik hik hik..

more news. Midterm 1 402 was not as bad as I thought it would be. I really thought I screwed up, but Mr Chandra saved my life, sorta. I did not do like super well in the test, but it's good enough considering that I studied only the night before the test due to some other commitments such as watching TV and chilling. Wahahah..

And another good news is, I improved my grade in 468 with my 2nd homework. It was more or less the average of the whole class and I am glad for my current score. Next homework, Gary, Candice, be ready to pick up my calls. uh..Mr Cavalier too, be ready to see me in your office..LOL!

I have nothing much to say actually. I gotta start studying from now. But before I "keyboard-off", I'm just gonna post this little picture that was taken by Adrienne from Penn State Vs Central Michigan game last couple weeks. I look so damn happy in my Medium Kid's sized Penn state Jersey..woohoo. Enjoy!


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