Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i'm aLivE!!

Hey yaaa!!! i am back again. One word to describe the 2-month-blog-off is...WOW!
My life has never been more "colorful" than this. Work, KL, new niece, work some more, new friends and many more things happen. Ok. Obviously, there is NO way for me to write a book about all those..*yawn* but well, lemme just highlight some stuff aight?

March treated me well. I welcome the little, tiny baby in our life (my family, of course) with a beautiful name; Aleesya Waheeda. Guess who came up with the name? *wink wink* so yeah, she was born on March 13, 2007 and she is currently 2 months old now.. so, K.Ani and the family was here for 2 months. Those months are the most hectic, yet FUN times I had with my whole family in the house..after all these years away from home..from them. Now that K.Ani, Wardina (my 1st niece) and Aleesya is back in KL..the most I can do is maybe sms, or CRY for missing them so much..hmph! living my days in denial? DOES NOT HELP!

Syyhhh!! Aleesya's sleeping..

Kak Ani, I miss you..your presence..and your girls..I miss our oh-so-sangap-layan-Fulus-Mania-nights..and our lil' shopping trip..and the times that we both can laugh about anything..*sob sob*

April..hm..what happened in April??!! Wait, it's MAY already?? I better perform a preventive maintenance kinda thing on my personal time machine..how time flies..OMG!!!! Gotta think of what I did in April...NO!!!!!

Hm..I better go..I'll continue writing when I have more interesting things to tell..gotta take my shower..yes, need a long one..after 13 hours in the plant earlier today..haha! toodles!!