Sunday, December 02, 2007



I can hardly remember my password. I can hardly remember. Really. Haven't been updating this blog for like AGES! Seriously, not because I have nothing to write, but OMG! i haven't been blogging in moons!

So well, yea, I am still my colorful life with ups and downs here and there..guess what?! I am in KL now..after few months putting this blog behind, I finally move to a more challenging place (atleast I think so..who cares abt what u think?!)..switching to a new company, hoping on to a better position, finally, as an Industrial Engineer and staying at a new place..

Herm..hard to predict..but come to think of it, I guess i may have made the right decision; it's either now or never right? being in QA; that is not what i wanna do for the rest of my life yea? so y bother to stay in the suck-ass position and spend your days complaining about your job??!! I was thinking; before i start growing wrinkles on my face along with the hard days, it's about time to think for myself! my one and only self...for once! i will officially start workin in my new company on Monday. tough, but i need to deal with this. first impression is always crucial and i suck at it! urgh!

It's and i can't sleep..regardless of how right i think i am in this decision, i am scared..i am afraid of changes..i'm away from home..away from my girlfriends over there..away from the most important person in my life; my mom. my ex-company..yes, i hated my job..but the people there..they're a bunch of nice people that i will never was hard, yes, but with all of my ex-colleagues there with me, i survived for more than a yr as a victim of the evil 'princess' with the so-called 'minister'..


U gotta let go to move on..gosh! some random pics while away from my blog:

The one most important person I left mother; trust me!
she knows best..

Something that I'll miss;
the gals back home and the craziness we share

The cheerfulness in the ex-office with the GANG BANG!

The outing with the ex-neighbor-company!

The members of my '2nd-home'

Good times with this LADY right 'ere...

Me N the lil' ones..Aleesya & Wardina!
Will def. see them a lot in KL

Another cutie-pie, the Miri/Kuching boy! *wink wink*

Last but not least, the Sanmina-duo..will miss this whacko lady a lot!!

Most importantly, I bring all the sweet memories with my life to the fullest and hope for the best in the future..moving forward? hell, yes i am!!!

Till then..Nighty nite! Toodles!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i'm aLivE!!

Hey yaaa!!! i am back again. One word to describe the 2-month-blog-off is...WOW!
My life has never been more "colorful" than this. Work, KL, new niece, work some more, new friends and many more things happen. Ok. Obviously, there is NO way for me to write a book about all those..*yawn* but well, lemme just highlight some stuff aight?

March treated me well. I welcome the little, tiny baby in our life (my family, of course) with a beautiful name; Aleesya Waheeda. Guess who came up with the name? *wink wink* so yeah, she was born on March 13, 2007 and she is currently 2 months old now.. so, K.Ani and the family was here for 2 months. Those months are the most hectic, yet FUN times I had with my whole family in the house..after all these years away from home..from them. Now that K.Ani, Wardina (my 1st niece) and Aleesya is back in KL..the most I can do is maybe sms, or CRY for missing them so much..hmph! living my days in denial? DOES NOT HELP!

Syyhhh!! Aleesya's sleeping..

Kak Ani, I miss you..your presence..and your girls..I miss our oh-so-sangap-layan-Fulus-Mania-nights..and our lil' shopping trip..and the times that we both can laugh about anything..*sob sob* happened in April??!! Wait, it's MAY already?? I better perform a preventive maintenance kinda thing on my personal time time flies..OMG!!!! Gotta think of what I did in April...NO!!!!!

Hm..I better go..I'll continue writing when I have more interesting things to tell..gotta take my shower..yes, need a long one..after 13 hours in the plant earlier today..haha! toodles!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


It's a typical Sunday afternoon. Y'know, finally, a day for me to stay in and rest after the eventful week, I might say. The event started on V-day. I had a great time with my girl, Sue of course. We spent the night together, just the TWO of us. other celebration in particular..I got myself a rose..from ehem ehem, Benny! Isn't that sweet? Couple of texts of course..and him? duh! obviously he called.

The one rose for V-day. Thanks Benny Boo! :P

Gosh, I feel old. It's been a week since I turned 24. YES, I AM 24!!!!!! haha..but come to think of it, I guess the figure doesn't matter that much huh? Whatever figure I turn to, the main thing is the...GIFTS! and of course the celebrations..hahahaah..fine. fine. i am old-er than before. I had a blast on my special day. Out with my mom and the lil' ones..good food with good company! Out with the girls at night, tons and tons of thoughts from friends all over the world made my day, and the celebration? SUPER! Gifts..GREAT ones! from the loved ones, near and far. I lyke la kan.

The bracelet..she remembers when i said that i like this specific you, mom!

This is the collection..and the biggest and also the latest release, Shopaholic & Baby..from my lovely sisters..

This package right here? it's been across the oceans and seas..what's inside..the TIME will tell.. *wink wink*

If previously, I have been pampered by surprise parties, ice-cream cakes and Hubby, for a change, this year, i got EGG-ed. Haha! do NOT get me wrong, people. I was thrown with eggs on my night. Er..4 of them. Thank God. It's better that 24 eggs right? So yeah..don't have a picture for the throwing incident, but hell yeah, we have a video of it.

And at the end of the night..after midnight I might say, I was back to reality, being the Cinderella in the house, I gotta clean all the mess and clear the egg-smell from the car porch. was a heck of a night! Had so much fun with the girls. Can't thank them enough. But on top of all this, still, I wish him, my babes and my sisters were around.'s the thought that counts aite? (sedapkan ati..huhu) Wokeh, next, other pictures of the celebration? here goes..

me & the cake

Blow? Blow?!!! hahaha..

The Gift..from Levi's Lady Style..Lurve it!

The lovely girls..missing: Azian

Complete one!

Bottomline..this one bday of mine..will be stored as one of my best memories..celebrating it here, in Kuching! Thanks girls..

So now I am back to my normal routine. Work. Hard. Smart. Tired. Satisfaction? Not even close..heh! Whatever it is, I will be looking forward to my lil' vacation in 2 weeks, to KL. No biggie..but the most anticipated part will be...meeting all those people that I have always missed..MMU friends, Pennstaters..and Sunway gangs..can't hardly wait..oh! Kak Ani will be delivering soon!! Panic attack..a new niece..i AM till then...cheers!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back on track!!!

It's been crazy since day 1 of 2007. Haven't had the time to actually sit down, catch my breath and update this blog of mine. Been sick for almost 2 weeks for the first 2 weeks of the yr. Nope, have no idea what type of sickness that i have to lead me to another pass-out at the office. But well, many, many other things have happened..bottomline, I am moving on. Not easy, but hey, life must go on.

Work has been treating me better these days, considering the fact that I get to sit around in my office and pretend to be busy all day. My new boss? words can describe the new organization chart of my department. I just have to swallow the fact that my used-to-be-buddy2-colleague is my boss now. Need to play along and look forward for my account top-up at the end of each month. LOL! That's the whole point of working right?

Here's how I look like when I pretend to be a busybee..!!

Love life. As per normal. We talk online whenever we have the free time. We miss each other. We share. We make new friends. We have our ups and downs. We talk them through. We hope for the best. We count the days that we will meet each other again. Complicated situations? We handle it well enough so far, at least i think so. Still love him as much, as a friend and as a special someone in my life. Keeping it fair for both of us. *wink wink*

Been spending most of my time with my girls here. Regardless the fact that I miss my babes in the States, I obviously need to focus on what's in front of me to keep my upbeat. We go out. We talk. We enjoy cheese cake and chocolate cake at Hilton (yummylicios!) or Bing Coffe House (delicious!). We schedule the time and day (this is tough for working ladies like us, seriously). Finally, we had our FIRST night out where all 6 of us were there. was one heck of a night. We laughed and laughed all night, enjoying our ice creams and cakes and drinks. Update each other on our lifes. Picture-sharing time!!!!


We girls just wanna have FUN!

Moving on. I hope February will bring better upcomings for me. Valentine's day is coming up. No, I am not gonna celebrate it. Chinese New Year is coming. Maybe, I will go visiting. And in one of the days, I will get older. Gosh, I don't want it to come. Not this year. Have had him, my babes and the rest of Penn State family around me for the last few years. It'll be different this time. Mom and the kids will be around this time. Not my sisters though. They'll be on their own vacation. After all, we've never celebrate it together since like what, 5 years ago? Whatever, GO!

Ok. Enuff already. Before i get all emotional and end up crying in my room I better keyboard off now. Hah! till then..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Slamat Hari Raya Korban & warm welcome to 2007!

It's the 1st day of the new year, 2007 and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2006 is on its back!!!!

A big "THANK YOU" to each and everyone of you, for the huge impact you had on my life last year. I have gone through my ups and downs this past years and without my loved ones, especially, I won't be who I am today.

2006 had been a good year for me though. Regardless of some mishaps and minor arguments here and there, I had achieved and experienced a lot of memorable events in my life last year. For those of you who either read my blog for updates or stalk my blog to find issues to blah-blah about, you might have followed my one-year-journey. Alhamdulillah, I finished the year with gratitude; met my resolutions. Keeping my fingers crossed so I can again meet my new year resolutions as follows:

  1. Life: Be myself at ALL times and be happy. Unit of measure: Gain 10lbs. cool?
  2. Career: Prove that I am somebody; not just a childish girl that has no idea what she's talking about. Unit of measure: good annual performance appraisal from the new boss. heh! tough..but do-able
  3. Financial: Wanna use them up efficiently; help mom, pay debts (if any) and save up for wedding/engagement/vacation to Japan (InsyaAllah, whenever that is! heh..) remaining? pamper myself of course! duh! unit of measure: so what's the bank statements' for?
  4. Love: Our family have met each other. We're getting familiar to each other's family members. So, hopefully this year, Hubby and I can bring our relationship to the next level, InsyaAllah. unit of measure: hm..u can figure this out yourselves buddy!
  5. Family: Spend as much time with my family and help mom as much as I can in any ways that I can. unit of measure: no fights please?
  6. Friends: At least meet up, reunite with my babes, Sunway d'gang (partly; whoever's here), C4 buddies once this year. unit of measure: nice pictures, maybe? huhu..

May 2007 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Brighter Future;

To those who need someone special, may you find the true love...
To those who need money, may your finances overflow
To those who need caring, may you find a good heart
To those who need friends, may you meet lovely people
To those who need life, may you find GOD

To all my muslim friends I wish you Happy Eid-Ul-Adha and Happy New Year to all..