Tuesday, October 25, 2005

10 things I hate to do during Raya season..

1. I hate to miss home so much, that it makes me sick.
2. I hate to crave my mom's cooking although she doesn't cook very much.
3. I hate to remember those small fights between my sisters and I and laughed out loud when thinking about.
4. I hate to want to come home during every holidays.
5. I hate to think of buying gifts for each of my family members when I go shopping.
6. I hate to cry whenever I see the "incomplete" family pictures at my sister's fotopages.
7. I hate to put the raya songs on my iTunes b/c they remind me of being away from home.
8. I hate to call home because I don't wanna burst into tears at night, wishing that I'd be there.
9. I hate to wake up and find that I'm alone here therefore I make myself busy.
10. Lastly, I hate being away from home, it makes me realize the little things that I miss most back at HOME.

To those of you whose close to home right now, appreciate it. *sob sob*