Sunday, April 30, 2006

Almost to the end of the road..

I can't believe that I am almost done with school. I have 3 more finals next week..then..I AM DONE!!! Excited? Happy? Sad? Scared? Anxious? Yes, yes, yes, yes and YES!

Last day of goes..

Us-having fun at Leonhard's computer lab..heh!
From left: Stanley (with his bad hair day), Me and Jared (the daddy-like guy)

Carla (the IE-Diva) and I.

On our way to the project showcase..From left: Jonathan, Me and Pedro

At the project showcase from left: Adit, me, Nicolas, Ayush, Fernanco and Jonathan

These guys..are awesome! From left: Chad (1 of my first IE friend), me and Bill Adler

Moving on, my last day working with my fellow tutors and supervisor, Stefanie..

Thanx to them for helping me out while tutoring..I will definitely miss tutoring!
Clockwise: Jeff, Steve, Jeremy and Ryan & Josh. Center: Stefanie and I

Next, my last shift at the Creamery..I will miss working there..scooping ice creams, stocking, getting free food from our tip box and all the people that I work with! Wish I have all their pictures but here are my shift-mates this semester..

The Creamery's Saturday night closers, Spring 2006. I enjoyed working with ALL of you..lotsa fun, laughters and craziness! From left: Abby, Christine, Andrew, Shannon, Joel & his nipple (yes, he's retarded!) and Me.

So, can I imagine not seeing them again EVER after I leave? NO! I am so gonna miss my life here, my friends and most importantly the good times..

And to my close Malaysian girlfriends here at Penn State..I will miss you guys the most. It's sad that the "era" has to end soon..we will continue in separate paths but I will always cherish our memories together..thanx for making me feel so close to home..can't imagine my life here without you..!

The seniors: Me, Yana & Izza..thanx for being there for me for this whole 4 years!

The junior that makes me go nuts, Nard. You are the coolest, babe!

This chick on the right? You make my world go upside down..haha! You rock, girl!

Finally, a special thanks to my one and only person, who shares my ups and downs here.. thanx for accepting my goods and bads for all this time..

haha..that's us, trying out our cap and gown..


Note: I didn't mean to turn this blog into a fotopage, but I love to share my pictures to my readers. I have more, but
well, here are the best ones! Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!

Monday, April 17, 2006

MiXed F33LinG$

Based on the title of this specific entry, obviously, I have mixed feelings right now :
sad, confused, happy, longing, homesick, excited etc etc

I am at work right now, google-ing for some news about the one unfortunate event that almost make me lose my mind before the MASAPSU BBQ today. I couldn't catch my breath when I heard about this tragic mishap but after listening to the healing voice of my beloved mother, I made it through the BBQ without any tears trickling down my cheeks. I managed to put the smiles on my face and also tried very hard to not spoil the afternoon/evening. I had fun..had good food, good company..also, took a lot of pictures of my Malaysian family members here, something to remember them by..I won't even know if I will get to spend much time with them after I leave here for good..right? I will for sure miss them ALL and if I have, at anytime (via direct interaction or blog), hurt anybody that I interact with while I'm here, I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE..I don't feel like sharing those pictures in my blog..partly b/c I am not in the best mood right now..and b/c I have sOooo many pictures saved on the memory card of mine..

I still can't believe that the last time I was home (almost 2 years ago) was actually my last chance to visit my granny's place. That house was old..but it always brings back all my childhood memories whenever I'm in it. That's the place where I spend most of my time with my granny..and also the place where the whole family would gather for each special occasions. Now, it's gone with all the belongings in it. It caught fire last 2 nights..everyone was safe..there were some minor injuries and traumas going on..but i guess I should be really grateful that no lives were taken away with the house. The two families who were living there are currently staying over at my place (which is 5 minutes walk from my granny's place). Kak Liza scanned an article on the accident with the actual picture of the house when it was on fire.

I recall, last three years, the first time I went home while in the U.S was in fact the last time that I get to kiss, hug and spent time with my grandmother. I never would have thought that I won't even get to be with her or attend her funeral. I personally think that I know her very, very well, but deep in me, I really wish that I could spend more time with her when she's still alive.

Come to think of it, I finally realized how things can actually happen when we least expect them. Nobody can see what's coming. Nobody can predict the future. I actually learn to treasure everybody..yes, I mean everybody that I know, whether I like her/him or not. I tell myself to at least TRY to get to be nice to everybody around me and spend some time with him/her when I get the chance..cause you'll never know if you will get the chance to see them again after that very second.

Nobody would think that in any minute or second, he or she would actually be the one reading Yassin to the person very dear to them or pouring water and flowers on his or her resting bed
Somethings are beyond our control. I won't wanna look back and be sorry for not acting the way I should and not saying the things I want to say to the people around me, especially to the ones I love and care about.

Can't lie, at this very moment, all I can think of is to go home..and be there for my them in every ways that I can..

Friday, April 14, 2006

IIE Banquet

The best night as an IE: We (IE department) had our banquet last night, to celebrate the outstanding seniors and faculty members, as well as the graduating seniors this year. It was held in Days Inn last night from about 7pm to 9.30pm. How was it? Unbelievably fun! It's really nice you know, having your classmates around you..socialize with them..and see them all dress up! time??!!

Me with 2 beautiful girls, Adrienne (left) and Lauren (right)..

That's me again..with all the Asian senior girls..(I think!)

Haha..that's me, as always..with my 2 pimps (Khitab:left and Emeka:right)! Mwahaha..

Me with Hispanic girls and guys..hehe..

Me with the two bodyguards (Jeff:left and Ty:right)..isn't that HOT??!!

Me with the Indonesians..o crap! I have that thing on my head..!
From left: Stanley, me, Adit and Jackie

So, my favorite instructor was awarded the best faculty member of this year, Dr Leah Newman. I was honored to get the chance to take another picture with her..heh! My TA was awarded the best TA of the year..Paul Linch. The outstanding senior..that's Nate. The best thing was, he was sitting at our cool is that??!! haha..

The Award winner, Dr Newman..and I

Award winners , Paul (right) and Nate (middle) with Dr Wysks

The best times of the whole evening were when we, the IE students had our own little gathering before and after the banquet. Some sort of pre- and post- banquet. Where did we go? Heh..somewhere for a lil' gathering party..

On top of all this, however, I CANNOT deny the fact that the fun I had was not complete..without him wimme..I really wish that he was there..!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

3 more weeks to go!

I have 3 more weeks to the final week and 5 more weeks to commencement. How do I feel about it? Clueless..!! I am missing a whole bunch of stuff back home..and I am very sure that I will be missing a lot of people and stuff after I leave..but isn't fun without sweet memories..right??

10 things that I miss back home:

1. My mother (duh!) who doesn't know that??!!
2. My room? erk..wait..I don't have a room anymore..i'll home..
3. Laksa fact, I called my mom recently..and told her how much I crave for it!
4. Kolok Mee..OMG..I am so hungry at this moment..
5. My girls back home..Sue, E-za, Sharaine..
6. My MMU girls..Zai, Reen, Ika, Ani, Ami, Sap, Rad, Nad..
7. Driving? Altho I admit that I am no good at it..but I still miss driving..
8. Watching Malay movies/drama..what's wrong with that? not cool enuff? nonsense!
9. All the beverages..iced tea..iced milo..syrup..etc etc
10. Nice movie theaters..yea..they're a lot better than the ones in State College..heh

10 things that I am gonna miss most about my life here:

1. Having him around..anytime I need him..except when I am asleep at night..I wish..huhuhuh
2. Living by myself..with the coolest girl next door..u know who u are!! :-P
3. Shopping and going out with my girls..nobody can ever replace you girls on this..seriously!
4. Creamery buddies..indirectly, they showed me how much I can be loved by being my true self..*sob sob*
5. My IE friends..our chit-chats in Leonhard computer lab as early as 8am..our bagel moment..another *sob sob*
6. My beloved instructors..Dr Cavalier, Dr Newman, Dr Voigt, Elena Joshi..THANX for ur help!
7. Malaysian "family" make me feel closer to home..
8. College football and NFL..haih..
9. Leonhard building, my 2nd home..I won't realize how much I love that building until this time of the semester...
10. Online shopping..can't imagine how to live without it..uwaa!!

Come to think of it..I have many, many things that I am gonna leave behind here..but..yerp..I gotta be ready to face all these stuff sooner or later..for now, let's just enjoy life and live it to the fullest..!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

4 wonderful years..

Today..after 4 years..I am still in love with him, Aimran Hakim..this entry might be as cheesy as it may sound..but this is dedicated to us both..on our 4 year anniversary..hopefully InsyaAllah we both will get to celebrate our anniversaries for many years to come. I want us to grow old together and adore each other until the end of time..~amin..

Hm..Nothing fancy for the day..both of us will be busy and jammed with work (as usual)..but hopefully tonight we will get to take some time enjoying our nice little dinner at some nice restaurant together...

Come to think of it, it's like being on a long journey..I myself have never thought that we will get this far when we first started's funny how two people who used to argue and hate each other's guts can end up loving each other this much. He is always full of surprises and that makes it still exciting even after couple years. Of course there are times that you feel like punching each other in the face.. but.. that is a part of the whole excitement, isn't it?

I don't know how else to say it, but from the bottom of my heart, I am very blessed to have him by my side...No words can describe how thankful I am for having someone like him in my life..

Here's couple pictures..for you guys to see..






Haha..yea..we change over time..physically I mean..but one thing for sure, my feelings for him? They grow more and more as the days go by..wish us luck..when it's time for our big day, we will definitely keep you guys in mind..

Oowwhh..a shout out to Kak Ani and Bang Asri..