Friday, March 31, 2006

Just for Kak Liza to See!

Hey kak..

I am at work. Since I am kinda bored..with nothing much to do, I took some time looking for bedding sets for your wedding. I kinda have a hard time deciding..coz I have very little to no idea on how wedding bedding sets have to be. So, you're not online right now..but here's a picture of this one bedding set that I think you might like..provide me your feedback(s) as soon as possible aight sister dearie? lurve yaa..!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what can i say..

basically, it's my fault..i just got out of the restroom..'partially' done calming myself down. My blood rushed up to my head the second i got back my IE 453 test. How was it? Bad! So bad that I can kill myself right now. Of course I won't do it cause I know I have people around me who actually care..a lot! So, I'm still here, in Leonhard computer lab, spitting out whetever's on top of my head for everyone to see. Bottomline is, I feel like crap today.

I failed my test with a 56% (yea..this is in fact the worst grade I've ever had in any of my IE courses!)..that's fine..but considering the fact that i studied SUPER hard for the freakin' test, I am totally frustrated. Some fakers and stalkers who actually stop by at my blog might be laughing and "giggling" right now..but believe you me, I have some people around me here..telling me over and over that I'll be fine, lending their shoulders for me to cry loudly on..they say that the class is freakin' hard..but if it's that hard, why can other people get 76% or 82% or 90% on the test..and not me???!!!

Life goes on..I can make it thru the rain..that's what I tell myself. I want to graduate so bad..but not with these sucky grades I'm having this can I move on? It's so freakin' true when the say life is like a wheel..sometimes you're up there..sometimes you're lower than people around you..maybe it's just a matter of time you know..

(and there goes my frustration tears..down my not-so-chubby cheeks..damn!)

Saturday, March 18, 2006


It's Friday..and I have to say how glad I am today. I'm totally done with all my midterms this semester, my final basically, I'm done with midterms for the rest of my life as an undergraduate student..woooohoooo!!

After a super long day yesterday, I took a day off today and decide to have a personal day. Skipped class..and walk around..chill..and have fun. Currently at work, but I will definitely be out the whole day today, for a change I thought. heheh..

Weekend plans? You tell me! Haven't been shopping for a week. So far I'm doing good on the "shopping-fasting" thing huh? Well, don't blame me! I'm a girl and I can't resist the pleasure of shopping, especially if my girls are around me. Bottomline, we love to shop. Period. But i guess, I'll have to pass on this one favorite activity of mine this week. I'll keep it for later this month..heh!

Hm..I guess that's all for now.
Nothing new, nothing much exciting except for the fact that it's Friday!

One thing for sure, at this point, I promise to treasure every single day, hour, minute or second of me here in Penn State before I fly home to where I belong.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in SkewL

I have 7 weeks left in school. Yes, 7 weeks (excluding this week, I think!). hehe.. so things are gonna get hectic around work, studying for final exams (yea right!), projects and such. Hopefully everything will go well as planned.

My spring was fun. Have had my lovely girls around me..almost at all times during the break..and of course we came up with something crazy, spontaneous and wild (erk, wild? not so true! LOL!) after few days "hybernating" in Kunod's apartment, we thought..

"Hey, let's not stay here for the whole break..let's go outside of State College!!"

After some discussion and a lot of thinking..we decided to go to DC..(yeay?) This time, just the girls! Yea..we've been there before..but it doesn't hurt to just go again and find some valuable time outside our beloved town, State College.'ll just post one of them..since i don't know what else to say..and how else to explain our simple yet enjoyable little trip..heh..

That's us, at CikWan's home's neighborhood.Peaceful,with lotsa cool houses..i like!!

It'll be hard for me to go online these days..FYI. I am currently not ask me why..just stuff..ain't that sad? My loyal companion now? TV. Period.

I miss home..Till then..toodles!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


What is it? I don't know..symptoms??

1. being lazy..very lazy
2. skipping classes..hmm..yea..lotsa them!!
3. wasting away..instead of studying for my midterms/ what I'm doing right now!
4. counting days to every i can chill..all day/night long..LOL!
5. thinking abt my commencement..what to wear..who's gonna come..and all that
6. crying my eyes out..thinking abt leaving my girls here..and the good times together..uwaa!!

Whatever "sickness" that'd be, please go away..uhuhk uhuhk uhuhk..
i have a test tomorrow..which carries 25% of my grade..but I can feel the strong resistance to open my book(s) and start studying.. urgh..fcuk it..i'm outta here..till then..~toodles!