Monday, August 28, 2006

Career Lady? Wud??!!'s been a week since I started working in Sanmina-SCI Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd..ahaha..ok. that is the full name of the company..and I double checked before I started posting tonight..mwahahahah..and guess what? after a week working, again, embarassed, I would like to correct myself on my position. I am actually the Quality Assurance Engineer at the company. Ok ok..I more corrections after this..hehe..unless if I decide to quit and take another job..mwahahah..Na'udzubillah la kan..

My first day was fun! I did not really do anything much besides trying to get to know my colleagues..pusing punya pusing, we ended up gossiping about Sitipu (if u know what I mean)..hahaha..yea, since my boss wasn't of course, MERDEKA!! haha..

The 2nd day was the start of everything, sorta. Get to learn uh-lot of stuff from the production line. Who would've thought that this little girl will end up "auditing" the operators in the production line (eventho I have no idea how the process is done)?? Yea, of course nobody actually thought that I am one of the they treated me like the boss's daughter..terhegeh-hegeh observing the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process. Woohoo..excuse them, do not judge me by my size..hehehe.."line kerek sket"..

A week working, so far so good. I can tell that most people are looking down at me. Not because I am short, but because of my petite body too and my "smile-always" look. smile always? Hm..I quote that from my 2 colleagues, Felicia and I accept those "remarks" with open arms, ears and nose..ahahahah..

Last weekend. I went to Miri for a short trip specially for Kak Liza's wedding reception, held at her in law's place. It was like a business trip for me knowing that I departed from Kuching on Saturday and came back on Sunday. Yes, nowadays airplanes are like buses..haha..Air Asia kan ada..but the funny thing is, I naik MAS..jadi??

*SiGh* I have lots and lots of nice pictures to share, but I am too tired to upload them on here at the moment..let's just keep those for my next entry.

I gotta go to bed..*yawn* big, long day tomorrow I might say.. whatever it is, stay tuned...!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am currently alone in my home..watching TV with my laptop on my lap..hehe..My mom and the kids have gone to Brunei for the school here I am..

I am currently in the 'mood' to actually update my blog..why not??!! At the same time, I am enjoying my leisure time at home before I actually start working this coming week. Owh..correction. In my previous entry, I "announced" my position as a Quality Assurance Engineer but after receiving my offer letter, embarassed, my position is actually as a Quality Audit (QA) Engineer..haha..well, at least I got the company's name right! Now that I got the job, job-hunting days have come to an end (for now) and I shall move on to a new chapter in my life.

So, last weekend..4 of my 8 MMU-C4 buddies graduated..unfortunately, I couldn't make it to their commencement..but the good thing is, I actually got to get their pictures sent to my email. Yeay! I am so damn proud of them.. I haven't had the chance to actually meet them since I came home; just YM and messages to keep us close. Hopefully, one day, we're gonna get to meet up; ALL 9 of us! Miss all of you so much!!

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in your future undertakings!

The graduates. From left: Rad, Sap and Ika

Wish I was there..from left: Ika, Reen, Zai, Sap and Rad

More of them..From left: Sap, Rad, Reen, Ika and Ani

OOoopps..i gotta go..errands! Until then..toodles!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Updates? Here I come..!!

I have so many things to share..yet I don't know where the hell to start..haha..there are so many meaningful events in my life this past month..and I have been enjoying myself as the time passes by..Hm..I have no idea when was the last time I posted any entry in here..but well, I guess it's never too late to start posting again..

Okay..latest news. I finally got a job as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Sanmina-SCI..and of course the position is based in Kuching, Sarawak. I should be jumping up and down right now, but I guess that can least until the minute I receive the offer letter in my hands..for those who know me well, they should know that I am a very hard-thinker. Although my boss-to-be (insyaAllah) called me last Friday saying that they are ready to offer me the position, I consider myself unemployed..til' the minute I put down my signature on the offer letter and accept the position officially..haha! I think too much heh? Heck..wudever..that's just me..

So yea..lately, this past month I have been busy with multiple events in my started with a visit from my babes, Nard & Am to Kuching on July 18 - July was our mini-reunion (since Yana was not here!) before Nard went back to Penn State. It was short, but meaningful and full of fun..I miss both of you so damn much..i couldn't find the exact words to describe how excited I was when I picked both of u up at the airport..and how sad I was letting u both go..but life goes on..just thinking about u guys can definitely makes my day!! time??
My downtown Kuching..

3 of us..with the giant white kitty..hehe

We got to visit Sarawak Cultural Village.. ;)

It was cloudy..but we couldn't miss it for the world..Santubong Beach!

After the seafood dinner..yummy! Thanx Mak.. :D

On the sampan-tour..heh! What an experience..!

Few minutes before I had to let them go for now..*sob sob*

My heart couldn't let go..but I had to..with tears..I waved them goodbye and wish them a safe journey home..and the best of luck in Penn State..can't really help living without them around..but then again, our memories will definitely keep me strong..thanx babes! It's been a blast having u both around..

After they left, I kept myself busy..preparing for Kak Liza's after day, night after night, the day came..Alhamdulillah the event went as planned on August 5- August 6 and I guess, I'm few yrs time (maybe, InsyaAllah)..Hubby came to Kuching few days before the ceremony..after 2 months away from each other, we got to spend the week together..aauuww! Nothing much to say..but here are some pictures of the beautiful wedding..

The whole family on Kak Liza's "Akad Nikah" Day

The sisters..and Asfa Wardina..

On the wedding the Civic Center, Kuching Sarawak..the theme color was maroon and white/ here goes..
The Beautiful couple..Abg Erwan & Kak Liza..

We couldn't help it..maroon was the theme color..mwahahaha..alasan!

The family, with the bride and bridegroom..

The siblings..

Myself, Afza and Sue..hehe..

I think I've shown enuff pictures for now..the list can go on and on..but let's just stop here..overall, I am glad that everything went well..and my life has been better and better..I've had so much fun with all my family members, Hubby and beloved friends of now, I just have to wait for my first day of work and start a new chapter of my career. Wish me luck u guys! Hope to receive the offer letter soon!

Last but not least, a shout out to Yana, Anna and Anis,


Do keep in touch..hope to hear from all of you when you come home..MISS YOU LOTS!!