Friday, September 30, 2005


So yes, I am definitely calling off the master plan to go to graduate school. Why?? I am sick of studying!!!!!!! I HATE MY CLASSES RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

Aha..currently, as usual, I am in Leonhard, trying so freakin' hard to complete my IE 468 homework. But honestly, this software, LINGO is driving me crazy. I just couldn't figure out how to fix the so-called syntax error. I sat here since like 2pm and currently it's 5pm. Imagine sitting here for 3 hours when for nothing. This is seriously VERY VERY frustrating.

Damn! My head is about to explode right now. I need a break. Until next time! Hubby..where are YOU?? I need you.. :(

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Life is about making CHOICES!!!

Grad school? yes? no?

My priority?

Urgh..!! I hate to make decisions!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Aja Aja Fighting!!

My day? Bad.
School? Bad.
Weather? Bad.
Work? So-so.

But life goes on.
From this point onwards, no more playing around. Yea yea..I can save some time having fun..but please..ONLY during the weekends!!

Aja aja fighting? Hehe..That's just some beautiful phrase that I picked up from a korean drama. I know most people, especially females know about this drama.

Whatever it is, I'll work things out. I know it's gonna be fine (keeping my fingers crossed). Thanx to hubby for the continuous support. Thanx to Tom Cavalier too! Haha.. until next time..


Monday, September 26, 2005

Day of Achievements!!

First of all, I would like to congratulate my beloved eldest sister, Kak Ani on her graduation past Saturday. She got her Masters Degree in Human Resource from University of Putra Malaysia and I am very2 proud of her achievement. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs and I am just glad that she'd come this far. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really wish that I can be there to see her walk up the stage but unfortunately, I am here trying to achieve my own dreams. So, my prayers is always with you and may your prayers be with me here too. *sob sob*.

Yesterday, was a BIG Football Day for Penn State. We actually beat the NorthWestern by one touchdown at NorthWestern. That was a big achievement for Penn State considering we haven't performed since the last two years. I was watching the big game yesterday. In fact, I was watching 3 football games yesterday. And that actually reflects how I am very good at procrastinating especially when it comes to school work. Congrates to our football team for defeating NorthWestern by 6 points. The final score was 34-29. Hopefully by next week, Michael Robinson would hang on to the ball and more turnovers yeaa?? he can hear me..LOL. more thing, my computer crashed 2 days ago. So, I would have a hard time to get the access to the internet. It might cost me some money to fix it, but I will work things out (I hope!). I really miss my laptop. On the bright side of this, I will have more time to focus on studying than browsing the internet and end up shopping online. Till next time..~

Saturday, September 24, 2005

In Leonhard

I am in my crappy mood today. I was late for my first class this morning and of course I end up copying the notes written on the board without knowing what the heck they mean. And worse, I got my quiz back. And I scored below the average of the whole class. God!! What is wrong with me? I did all so freakin' many careless mistakes that I actually lost so freakin' many points on the quiz. Damn!!!

Phheuuww. It definitely helps when you actually get to spit your mind out. I don't care if anybody knows that I am doing badly on my quiz. That's fine because I know after this I am gonna turn myself into a more extra extra hardworking girl (that's the spirit I need. You go girl!!) I just need the "studying-momentum" back. Prolly my head is not completely stable right now. I seriosuly need a vacation. Get out of State College and clear off my mind a lil'. I have too much crap on my mind.

First midterms are around the corner. I really need to start studying hard for all the tests. I gotta stop procrastinating. Most importantly, I gotta balance out work and school. I need to extremely do well this semester.

Help me!!! I need help!!!!

Owh..before I forget, I would like to wish Nursuryati a.k.a Sue for her 22nd Birthday. It might be a lil' late for Malaysian time but definitely not late for United States time. Hehe..hope you have a good time on your birthday and we really2 need to talk some time soon girl!

so, the pic above is a picture of my two best friends back home. The left is E-za and the birthday girl is on the right, SUE. Miss u girls lots!!!

Until next time, da~~

Friday, September 23, 2005

Me & The Creamerians

This is actually the second entry for today. No! I am not a blog-freak. hehe..i just don't feel like doing any school work tonight. I decided to give myself a break for the day. Hey, gimme a break..I am not some kind of a robot that does its chores all the time. I actually decide to post pictures of me at the Creamery. So, Steve, if you visit this site, you can save them in your computer.

STEVE!! TAKE CARE YO!! (I am definitely not mocking you..! Haha!) I miss you already STEVE. Do keep in touch and I really hope that u will not forget me.. EVER!

These pictures are PARTLY posted for u. Hehe.. Hope u enjoy them..!!

Picture 1: From left to right: Andrew, Steve & Me

Picture 2: from left to right: Tim, Me & Jon

Picture 3: from left to right: Me, Dan (he is bending his legs to look as "tall" as me) & Kristen

Picture 4: from left to right: Ralph, me & Andrew

Picture 4: from left to right: Kristen, Catherine & me

Picture 5: that's just Jess and me..

Okay..those are some pictures of me and some of my co-workers at the Creamery. Those of you who are not in the pictures, set a time and date. We can have a special photo session together..ahahhahha..! Till next time..~la la la

In my room

It's a lovely day outside. And the best thing is, I have no classes at all today. My one class is canceled due to the Career Fair, and one lab is cancelled also due to the Career Fair. So, basically I am pretty much free today. I was at work from 10am -1pm at the Palmer here I am..bored..and my messy room.

Somebody actually inquire about the title of my blog; Day & Night. Well, that's actually my nickname at the Creamery. For some reason, my American friends seem to have a hard time pronouncing my name right., to make it easier for them, I picked up the first three letters of my real name as my nickname, which is DAY. However, since the creamery is always filled with cracked-head people, which actually makes it fun, they added a little spice to my nickname. So, the better version of my nickname is Day & Night. If you get confused, it's okay. You're just a lil' bit slow..ahahahah..I'm just kidding..

So, I was browsing and browsing the internet considering I am totally bored at this moment. After sometime, I went to my 2nd sister's (Kak Liza's) fotopages page. There are a bunch of pictures there. Well, let me just upload the most eye-catching picture that I see below:

So..that's a picture with all the people that I miss most. My family. The person on the right-most is my lovely mother. The lady in the middle is Kak Liza and the left-most is my eldest sister, Kak Ani. And that little girl is Wardina, my niece who is Kak Ani's daughter. Looking at this particular picture, I really feel like catching the first flight home right now. I haven't been home for a year already. It's a long time for me considering that I went home on every summer before this. But well, there are some things that I have to do here and also some things that I have to consider before I decide to come home this end of the year.

I'm kinda tired. I'll just "keyboard-off" for now. Until next time.. *wink wink*

Thursday, September 22, 2005

At work

Gosh..15 minutes for maintenance? NO!!!! I typed up a long entry..and where did it go? But well, that's fine. This gives me more things to do while waiting for another student to show up for help. I'm at work. Of course my job is not to write this piece of thought of mine. I am a technology tutor. I tutor students at the University Learning Center (ULC) in technology stuff like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, HTML, Adobe, C++ etc etc.. I just started working here and this is just my 5th shift. Hehe..well, it is not as bad as I thought it's gonna be. You know, of course there's this nervous feeling in me when I started. I was so afraid that I fail to help the students with their problems. What if I don't know the answer? What if I make them more confused? What if..? I hate "what-if's" but seriously, I find that question wimme most of the time. hehe..don't worry. I am starting to love this job. I get to help students, gain more friends and most importantly I get paid!! ahahah..kidding! I really love all my jobs now. Yes, you heard me..I said ALL!! I have two other jobs on-campus. I also work at Palmer Museum, and the creamery. Overall, 7 hours in hours in ULC, (Stephanie just added 2 hours on my schedule..SWEET!!) 6 hours in Palmer and flexible hours in the creamery. ?? Flexible?? What do I mean by that. Well, since I have been working there for quite a while now, I get to be the substitute. I'll work if I am available and if I want to. If otherwise, I am nowhere to be found there. Hehe..good deal huh? The BEST!! Workaholic? maybe..this is one way for me to gain more experience. I work in different fields. I don't mind working as long as I enjoy myself at work. That makes sense, doesn't it?

So, happened...nothing much actually. First, I get to create my own blog (finally!! after 2 years procrastinating it..hehe) and secondly, I was done with my two important quizzes for the week. So basically, from today until next week, I am not too packed with my school work. Of course I would wanna start early on every single school work I have..eheheh..(as if)

As I said at the beginning of this entry, I am at work right now. I helped one guy today on his HTML homework. I think I helped (at least I think so..) Atilla is helping that one lady. So, whoever comes in anytime now, he/she's mine..hehehe.. Okay, I might want to do something else right now. Maybe bug the next's a freakin' long entry..ppsshh

Testing 1, 2, 3

As my intro..I just want to introduce myself. Obviously, the picture posted above is a picture of myself. That's just one of my many pictures saved on my laptop. I will be posting more but for now, we just leave that there just for the sake of introducing myself.

This blog is gonna be a source for some of my friends to update themselves on what's going on in my life..maybe this is one way for me to permanently store my experiences in class, at work or anytime from now until I graduate. So, I'll post some more stuff as the time goes by. Anything interesting for me is not always interesting to anybody else. So, if it happens that you hate anything posted on my blog, too bad!