Friday, October 14, 2005


I don't understand why some people can lie and lie about stuff. It's even more disappointing when one lies to the one that he or she loves. It's unacceptable. If that's the case, nobody can trust anybody anymore.

Today, I discovered something; frustrating and disappointing. I never thought that she will have the guts to do such things and hurt the person that I love most. How could she? Can't she see what she's caused? Can't she see what the consequences from her behavior are? Can't she even think it through before she does something? God! What the hell did she think she's doing?

If this is how she behaves, I really2 wish that one day she will learn her lesson and have some other people do the same thing to her. Liar! YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Look around YOU. See what YOU've done.

Whatever it is, I have no respect for YOU anymore, EVER. Although I am younger that YOU, YOU don't deserve to be treated with respect by me. Get away from me, I don't know YOU anymore. You've changed too much and YOU've gone over the line this time. I want the OLD you back. I miss her and I hate YOU!


Shangrala said...

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