Monday, November 30, 2009

aVilion PD

-Kasih & Sayang-
thanks to the choice of location;
i managed to have a SUPER-RESTFUL weekend with Hubby.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Project *whooop*

nope. it's not baby project. unfortunately.

haha. since the baby project is not yet working, we're switching modes to NEW HOME project.
easy. we're moving. new place. new home. this time, real home.

so yea. it'd be soon. insyaAllah December ni. not easy. house-cleaning. box-packing. baju lagi? isk.
once done, will let you know. maybe pics of new home?

on another note. i am feeling the distance. btwn me and my babes. looked at their get-together pics. i'm not there. positive note. maybe coz i don't hang out at the places that they went to. maybe coz they do things that i don't do. i don't know. but well, that's life. must go on.

oh well, yang penting happy with Hubby. Finally get to tell myself, THANK GOD I AM MARRIED!