Friday, August 28, 2009

LucKy & Pera$aaN

Hi Dayang - thanks for all the support for BMS!!!!

We are lucky to have you supporting us.

Best Regards,

my pms is officially over after receiving this message. thanks to Evelyn . seriously, it made my day.

my weekend begins in 1 hour 30mins. yay!
hubby and i..Kuching! Here we come!


apsal tetiba je rs mcm my boss doesn't like me?
sbb amik cuti byk sgt ke?
but i thot that's my right?
i kumpul cuti for couple months..then amik lah cuti kan..!
isk. ke ni perasaan je?
ke mcm sbb pms so suke pk bukan2?
isk. xley jadi ni.
nnt klo die x suke, xpasal2 increment x best.
aaaahh! x suke perasaan camnieh.
sekian. xpe. jgn pk. nk cuti. nk cuti.
sat. is this what u call workaholic?
amik cuti then feel guilty abt it? ke?
dahla. bye.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kami kan. dah xley shopping tau. dahtu kan. kami pun buat mission baru. that is, mengemas rumah sepenuh jiwa. haha. yela. klo nk jalan2 kene guna duit also. klo nk g malls, hati melonjak-lonjak bersama perasaan yang sgt2 ingin membeli. so. tgkla sendiri hasilnye. :P

iyerla kan. ramadhan hampir menjelma..ape salahnye.. (haha. padahal sengkek sebenanye.hanimun sakan, inilah padahnye! huhu)

our living room where we..erm. bersantai!

our dining area. hehe. finally, the table is cleared!!

fuh! so next mission is to clean all the 3 rooms. have to kemas, kemas and kemas! sekian...kuang3x

Friday, August 14, 2009


always remember, no matter how young/old you are, when your turn is up..
no 2nd chances.
always remember.
always be prepared.

To someone that i took for granted all this while, may you rest in peace.
i saw u suffer, and i know He knows best..
May our prayers go with you at your new place..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am a wife. da setahun dah. huhu. bley imagine?
haha. so yes. my honyemooniversary trip.
i don't know how to type it out in words, but it was D BEST!!
we went sightseeing, we enjoy ourselves, we shop and we drop, we *T0Ot* (hint: sth to do with bonding.hahaaha..)

ha. dah. xley story lebih2. go see the pics below. byk g. nnt la upload kt FB. haha.. saje nk mengisi masa lapang nih. bosan kt ofis. klo nk detail meh wat appointment. kite story lebey2.

somewhere in Melbourne. bridge tu x nampak. hujan...

with 2 of the many landmarks of Sydney

nampak x sydney tower tuh?

lurve this piece! us @ Surfer's Paradise

unfortunately, i am back to the real world. bak kate 1 of my colleagues "Drag Me Back to Hell" lar kan..and ade gamba for this part gak okeeeeeeeey. that's me and my boss. *sigh*

oraits. sekian.