Saturday, February 28, 2009


conversation 1:

hubby: honey berjaya x guna cdt card for a month dah.
honey: yeay! i'm off the hook. so dah bley shopping gune cdt card?
hubby: aik? continue lah x gune cdt card. this month, kurangkan beli barang plak. limit. rm100 for shopping spree. (smiling)
honey: (terdiam and ternganga)
hubby: jangan taruh dlm blog plak.

conversation 2:

honey: apsal hubby suke dgr
hubby: ntah. byk variety. lagu melayu n english mix.
honey: eek?
hubby: mcm hitz, hubby x suke lagu die sume same je..pusing2 lagu tu jugak
honey: ape lak? mcm la hotz tu best sgt. (muke x puas ati)
hubby: (laughed) apsal tensen2? ha! jangan tulis kt blog plak.

then we laughed together

conversation 3:

honey: next weekend honey xde, hubby syok la! main futsal dahtu minum2 lepak2 sampai pukol 5am with the boys..xde org marah kaan?
hubby: (smiling) ler.... (xtau ape nk ckp la tuh) mestilah hubby rindu..
honey: yucks! (muke nyampah)
hubby: (gelak je..) jangan taruh kt blog plak.

for those of u who know me well enough, when someone says "jangan.."
u pretty much get it by now kan??
padan muke! huhu..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

how are you?

yes. it only takes a question to brighten you day. received a text from one of my bestest girls, Sue. and babe, i am doing fine i makes me think of how much i missed them all. the days when we just plan and plan to meet up without having any precise agenda or just spend the night sitting at Bing or ice cream place, chatting and laughing our ass off..and not to forget "click click". now that each of us has our own lives, we kinda go apart..but somehow, i believe, in some magical ways, we connect.

believe it or not. this was our most "recent" pics - all 6 of us there..on my wedding, 7months back! *sigh*

my girls back in the states, yana, am and nad. we're world apart. yana is somewhere round the world, am is in Switzerland (i think) and nad's been caught up with work. we still talk sometimes, but we only get to meet once every "quarter" and when we do, we'll also talk and talk and talk. catchup on things. spend the evening at starbucks, enjoying coffee, accompanied by favorite girlfriends and few"clicks"..they do belong to each other, don't they...

our last reunion, a month ago. babe, miss u all -xoxo-

oh i'm in KL, my mmu girls have been close. we've been apart from each other for 4 years while i was in the states but we do keep in touch. amazingly, we're closer than we ever were now that i'm married. hubby has no problems with me hanging out with them at any nights and we just make time for each other..yes b, my curfew always remains.. :P

love this piece. we're still the bunch of girls who loves being around each other..*hugs*

girlfriends are not easy to find..they laugh with you, they spare their shoulders for you to cry on, they listen..oh! they make my life more meaningful..i find myself cheesy today..but heck!

to my girlfriends out there (if you ever have the chance to read this entry);

i love you all!

p/s: yes b, i love u most.. *wink wink*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elevator Trouble!

i could say my day has been interesting. was at work as usual, it was typical until my colleague and i got stuck in the elevator. ahaks...worse, my colleague is 8 months pregnant. another ahaks!

the elevator's door didn't get to open on every floor we stopped. basically we were stuck in there. well actually, the door opened a bit, enough for the skinny me to slip out..but why bother to try when the situation helped me escape from a meeting kan? LOL!

so we had our little chat while enjoying our after-lunch-dessert, mangga and rojak. yummylicious?! we enjoyed our so called "break time" in the elevator, unfortunately, the Facility Team came to the rescue after half an hour.. only then i realized..OMG! what if my colleague's needs to go to labor? what if her tummy ache? what if she passed out, suffocated from the "air-less" condition? erk..i know that won't happen considering she's only 8 months pregnant..but it can happen kan?? kan kannn?? well, maybe i just think too much. haiyak! ok. in short, we were out of there 1 1/2 hr later..yawn yawn! huhu...

oh! took this pic konon2 as a proof to the boss that we were stuck. mane tau that he thinks it's funny that we look like we're having fun being stuck in the elevator! wakakakkaka..siap bersila ok?! (she loves this pic. x nampak perut she says. chets!)

hrm..what do i say next..i'm kinda waiting for hubby to come home. only then we can head to dinner. starving, i am! oh well..i better go..until then..toodles!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

typical day

ok. now that the layout is fixed. the motivation is there, so y not post more updates..kan? my day went by, just like any other day. i had a tour back to my earlier entries. seriously, OMG! there was a lot of my personal memories, written on this definitely brought me back to the days when i had all my friends around me. brought me back to what my student life is like..oh gosh! miss those days, miss the experience..but oh..we gotta move on..let's start!

my family - an update with new family members added..u notice?

allright. just for the records, my status have changed since the last time i got active on this blogging thingy. i'm a wife now. have been a wife since 7 months ago. i marry the love of my life last August, on the 1st, year 2008. it was in fact the best day of my life since. his name stays as Hubby in this blog (just in case u ask. haha) there's no babies on the way. not yet at least. family updates. clearly shown in the pic above. i've officially moved to KL for good. working in a company i call "X". somewhere in keramat, KL. i call myself an operation planner. oh girlfriends. they will come up into 1 or 2 or a number of my entries eventually. let's just get to know them when the time comes aight? so what's next? hm..hopefully my entries will continue to portray the real me and store all the up-beat moments of my life, just like what i had a year back. u ready?

so. regardless all the beautiful and thoughtful celebration from the loved ones few days back, 1 pretty bad incident occured that bday morning. my windscreen was hit by a little stone. yes, it was a little stone but it brought me an EXPENSIVE effect! had no choice but to replace it with a new one. thanks to the car insurance for the coverage! ahaks..

it was a bad, bad lil' STONE!

so we went, hubby and i. fixed it and now, waiting for the account top up to have it tinted.. oh, yes people! i love my car, i named it Lady B. Swift has been my dream car Level 1 (affordable for my level at this point of time.hikhik) since i graduated. purchasing and owning this particular car on my own has been a huge investment i've ever made so far. call me weird. call me high maintenance to settle with hi-end type of a hatchback, but who cares..?! i lyke la kaaann..!

Perfection. i want it to be perfect. i remember getting it into an accident last yr. i spent my every cent to fix it, and make it perfect again. am i a perfectionist? i don't know..but the imperfection of Lady B bothers me.

Alright, so after the visit to the Dr. Cermin, hubby and i went to the park for a bit. had our little talk, enjoying the nature. oh yea, we don't do this too often. but somehow, it felt what's wrong with spending the evening at the park..? it's "cost"less, it's refreshing..and they provide lots of seats for couple chats..isn't that PERFECT?! plus, at this time of the month, this sort of activities is very much likely ACCEPTABLE! ahaks. watever. shut up and enjoy our pics!

refreshing kan?

hubby and the makeup-less me..*wink wink*

that's it for now folks! toodles!

Friday, February 20, 2009


yeay. ok. now i'm feeling more motivated to write and express myself..the layout of this blog is ALL new and totally reflects my personality (yeay..!)..and THANKS to hubby for the help while i was all confused with the codings. huhu..not super good with HTML. but heck..interesting experience.

ok. off to dinner. toodles!