Monday, January 30, 2006

*sob sob*

At this point, the only thing I can think of is home. It's been so easy for me to cry nowadays. Y''s the time of the month..when I get grumpy..moody..and my tears? they can rush down my cheeks at any time any where.

These are the people that I want to be with right now. Wish you guys were here.

It's kinda late..and I am still waiting for the email from my one group member before I can finish up my lab report..which is due..TOMORROW!! not my not my fault! I should be the one who's putting everything together, not revising what everybody wrote. Sheesh..gimme a break!

See? I can get so emotional right now so I better stop right here.

My weekend? It was ok. Had fun with the girls. Had lil fights here and there with Hubby. Missing home so badly. Overall, I need sometime alone. Adioz!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Nothing new..hrm..

So, my official Thursday night activity - watching 'Beauty and the Geek' on the WB channel..haha..well, I am definitely not a die-hard reality-show fan but somehow I am so attracted to this show. Hey, it's different. In my opinion, this show makes the world see how geeks can actually change and find their way to see the world in different perspectives and how beautiful girls can be so ignorant about the world around them with the "It's all abt me mindset". Well, we can't blame them. It's not easy to be somebody that you're not. As long as you're happy, I don't see what's wrong with being a geek, a nerd or anything at all. Hm..well, at least that's what I think. I don't wanna go on and on about being a fake..but bottomline..i love that show..hehe..

Switching gears. Tonight has been unproductive. I did not get to open up my books. I am so worn out this week. Sick hubby, early classes, senior design, meetings, meetings and more meetings throughout the week. Thanks to my course-mate, Chad, for sharing some of the notes with me..

Another spontaneous thing I did; I quit from Palmer Museum Store after 3 years working there. Hard decision, that is. But my only shift,which is (erk..was) on Sunday afternoon does not work well for me. That time slot happens to be the perfect time for my team to meet and get stuff done every weekend. I can't afford to prioritize my part-time job over my senior project. Sacrifice..yes, that's the key word. So I did quit and I hope I made the right decision. I will miss all the nicest people there. I will stop by to say HI sometimes. It has to end sometime..yes?'s getting late..Gotta go to bed and have enuff's gonna be a long day tomorrow..!

Havva good weekend everybody!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In conclusion..

To make the long story short, I am so glad that Hubby's fine after the 24-hour rest.

Sayang, please get well. I hate to see you the way you were for the last long hours. He's back at his apartment safe and soundly asleep..

I am well right now..hopefully I will be able to get into tasks IMMEDIATELY, as in right NOW; update my notes, work on my homework, and prepare myself well for every class (keeping my fingers crossed on that one!)

Allright.. I'm off with my pile of books..

Shoot! I gotta decide on my "business-casual" outfit. Worse, I have to get dressed for the event at 7am in the morning tomorrow (considering that my 1st class starts at 8am)! Sheesh..! The event doesn't start until noon!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Momentum..where are you?

I'm losing my studying momentum.. I need it..badly..
But being sick like this.. it will definitely be a lot harder to focus on my schoolwork..
Currently at work.. yes.. sick.. and working?
I am so going to bed after this.
Urgh! Miss home! Got HUG? Anyone?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Girls Night Out

Allright, I just got off from work at the Creamery. Currently hanging around in my super messy room, not knowing what to do. Tired from work and not ready for bed YET. So, this weekend is supposed to be enjoyable. It's only the first week of class, but YYYEESSSS..I am already occupied with tons and tons of homework, reading assignment etc etc..overall, 4 homework assignments, 1 in-class quiz/test to prepare for and many many readings to complete before the weekend ends. You canNOT imagine how grateful I am for having an extra day off on Monday.

Nothing much interesting about my Saturday night, BUT my Friday night? One heck of a fun and exciting night. It was Friday, the 13th in January. It was Ms Muliani a.k.a Am's 21-st birthday!! No, no, we didn't get to do the bar-hoping or what not..HEY, WE'RE NOT A BUNCH OF THE AMERICAN-WANNABE GIRLS ALLRIGHT? Instead, we have our own culture, the so-called surprise celebration..with the ones that we love.. Owh..btw, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO AM!!! Hope you enjoy yourself last night..and love the gift, sincerely from Nard and I.

That's Am..21 years old? beautiful eh?

So, after the little celebration, all of us (including Am, Kunod, Yana, Izzawan, Hawa, Dart, Daju and Diane) went to the HUB for some late-night at PennState activities, "Little Drawer Painting". Ok ok, it might sound lame..but you have NNOoooo idea how much fun we had. It'd be more fun if Sarah and Zal went along with us too. But well, we'll try to do this again some other time. You girls definitely light up my Friday night!!! Pictures time...Enjoy!

All of us on the painting table..oopps..Diane's not in..she's behind the camera..

Am, Hawa and Nard - they DO look like the enjoy themselves, don't they?

The 3 juniors are so gonna miss us..hikhikhik..(perasan)

These are what we came up with..cute eh?

So, that's ALL of us..I very the like this pic..

Hehe..We love to pose..

From Nard and I..notice the blue bag? Am, hope you lurve it..!!

So, these pictures..stored in one of the sweetest memories with my only lovely Msian girlfriends in Penn State..!!

Friday, January 13, 2006


In addition to what I posted earlier, I received another thing, which actually makes this day "best-est".. a card from one of the best instructors that I have ever had in the IE department, Dr Leah Newman. It was an unexpected Thank You card from her, with a Good Luck note.

Owh well.. below: that's me and Dr Newman..

Shout out and more!

It's lovely outside. Perfect weather for a walk at the park. Hm..but, of course I have no interest in doing that. Not until Hubby's done with his classes today, at least. Also, I have a survey to complete by tonight or I will not get any credits for it. Hehe..

So, it's 01/12/2006. A special day for my lovely sister.. DAYANG YUSLIZA.. She was born 25 years ago in Kuching.. with this I would like to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God bless you in everything you do. I don't have a more recent pictures of us together..yea..we do look alike..mesra gitu..!

Next, I received an e-mail from my supervisor at the University Learning Center. It had definitely made my day even better..

Hi Day,
I apologize for not saying hello to you last night, I didn't realize
until I left that I missed seeing you. I hope you had an enjoyable break.

These evaluations are going to be very informal, just my thoughts on
your performance and any thoughts/suggestions I have for this
semester. If you have any feedback or questions, please stop by my
office any time or email me back.

Overall, your performance was excellent! I was very impressed with
your tutoring abilities and customer service skills. I appreciate
your kindness and ease with the students, they feel very comfortable
in your presence when you are tutoring them. This is a very important
trait to have as students work better with a tutor that's likable and
respected as well as knowledgeable. Your willingness to assist me
with projects was excellent. I find that I can trust you with
responsibilities easily and know that things will get done. Your
communication skills are among your best traits as I often hear you
conversing with students, receptionists, and other tutors. All of
these skills contribute positively to the team atmosphere the ULC
wants to project over all of it's units.

I'm looking forward to working with you again this semester. If you
have any goals that you wish to achieve before the end of the
semester, in regards to training, skills you wish to learn/update,
projects related to your interests, please share them with me and I
will work with you to help achieve them. My goals for you are to
complete your ongoing projects from Fall 2005. For your first
official shift (next Wednesday), I would like you to finish up or
continue the project you started in the Fall. Please let me know the
status of your project and if there's anything I need to do to assist you.

Thank you for dedication to your position as a Technology Tutor. I
deeply appreciate you as a team member in the Technology Center.

Delighted and proud at the same time. So, this semester, my goal is to work even harder at ALL my jobs and work super hard on ALL my courses. That's it for now peeps..Until then..

To Nard, Am, Kunod and Yana.. I love you guys..!! (where did that come from?..huhuh) and also to all my LOYAL friends out know who you are..!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm back!!

I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while already..(obviously)..but hey, I am back in my so-called room sweet room and I have much privacy to type up my entry..(but of course my entries are not private)..ehem ehem..ekekek..

I have too much stories and updates to include that I don't know how to start. Hm.. okay..first thing first. My break..A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I got to spend a lot of time with the girls..stayed at Yana's place..and had my dream-come-true vacation, to Miami and Orlando, Florida!!

Ten things about the trip:
1. Tired
2. Spend lots and lots of money and it's not even funny
3. Fun
4. So fun
5. Fun, very very!
6. It's super, super fun
7. Can't even describe how much fun I had
8. 'fun-est'
9. couldn't be more fun
10. Owh, did I tell you how much fun I had? huhuhuh

So yea..that's the basic summary. hehe..there were 10 of us altogether for the trip. 5 girls and 5 guys. Overall, you guys have been great and very cooperative. are lots of them..I don't even know how to post them on here, but I guess, I will register for either Fotopages, Snapshots or Yahoo Pictures soon. For now, I will just have my fav pictures on this entry. How's that sound?

Don't we look sweet together u guys? In South Beach, Miami

The ladies on the BayFront Miami, FL..

in Universal looks real, doesn't it?

The 6 out of 10 people on the trip in DisneyWorld

A bunch of happy people with Mickey

Next topic. FedEx Orange Bowl. It's ours. And I am proud to be part of the celebration. Spent a bunch for the ticket, but hell yea, it is definitely worth the money! It was held at the Dolphins Stadium, Miami. Pictures? Yes..I have a lot of them and most importantly, I got to take the autographs of the PennState football players along with some pictures WITH them.

Me & Chris Harrell...awwww la kan...

Tamba Hali..woohoo!

That's me again..with PennState's kicker..Kevin Kelly

third picture with this talented player..AZ..

Overall: Bowl ticket? $150.00 Flight ticket? $183.00 Hotel, food and transportation? $500.00 Admission tickets to Universal Studios + DisneyWorld? $130.00 Sweet memories on the vacation? PRICELESS!!!

Unfortunately, the vacation-mode has to end soon enough. School starts today. Switching gears to the school-mode instead. No more shopping unconsciously, no more sleeping in every morning and no more FUN! But, considering this is my final semester here as an undergrad student in Penn State, I have got to find my momentum and do SUPER well like I never have. A promise to myself. Hehe..crossing my fingers..Do leave me a good luck note if you see anytime..

Allright, it's been a super long entry..gotta go..until then, enjoy the pics and enjoy the rest of your day or night, people!