Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I don't know how to start..but I am very sure that something is bothering me at this moment. Hm..let me just put it this way. Humans are unpredictable. At one point, YOU would be badmouthing about some other people's behavior, trying to convince people around YOU that the other person is doing something wrong, illegal or just..not right. Then, one day, without even noticing it..YOU are doing the same exact "not-right" thing.. contradicting what YOU said earlier. Perhaps, it's nothing new, just some human nature..right? Does this sound familiar at all?

Forgive me for thinking out loud, but it's been bothering's on top of my this, when I am alone in Yana's apartment, at 11pm on Tueday night.

Bottom line, nobody can stop talking badly about anybody behind their back including myself. Nobody's perfect. Maybe, at this point, somebody is enthusiastically criticizing about me.. WALLAHU'ALAM.. But, what do I care? Huh? That won't kill me..will it?

As a reminder for me..and any of YOU out there, before YOU or ANYBODY or MYSELF start criticizing about anybody at all, let's just think more than once, because YOU'LL never know if YOU happen to do the same exact thing in the future..without even realizing it..

Urgh! Craving for some ice-cream.. o wait, I have a 'half-gallon Cookies and Cream flavored' ice-cream in the

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter Break'05

Here I am..alhamdulillah..still alive, here, in State College, PA. Many things have happened these few weeks, but as you can see, I am so very busy with my top priorities; school and work. I did not have any time to spare updating my blog this couple weeks.

School is finally over at this point. My semester did not go as well as the previous semesters, as expected, but I am happy with what I got. I am grateful that I went through all my courses without failing. Hehe..

I have made many mistakes thorughout this semester, but some of them are worth while after all but some of them are otherwise. Some stuff that I can list out:

1) I have been working for too many hours in a week, that I get tired very easily and continuously. Worth while doing? Yes, i get to save the money, for my new laptop..and also for my expanses here..without putting all the burden on my mother or my sisters.

2) I was so obsessed to college football, leading to the NFL obsession. I personally think this is healthy, to balance out my nerdy school life! Also, Penn State football team has been great this year, that I am proud that I get to be a part of that, especially during my final year here in Penn State.

3) I have been neglecting my family. I did not call them as much as I used to, due to my busy lifestyle. However, I do know that they are very important to me. They're always in my heart..always..

4) I did not spend much time with my friends, Izzawan, Yana..also, Oja.. being here in Yana & Oja's place with them..making me realize how much fun we've had before..and how much time we've been apart from each other these few years. My Sunway friends.. it's been a while since I heard from Anis, Anna, Idaman, Sheen..Sheen? she graduated..and I did not even get to call her during her graduation day..gosh..! yea..people make mistakes, I know. Forgive me..I am just a normal human being.. all I can move on..and try to fix them.. insyaAllah..

I guess now is the best time to have my friends around me.. it's winter break, and everyone should be free. As I mentioned above, I am living at Yana's place for winter break. I will be working at the museum and creamery for the first week of my break, hibernate for the second week.. and the final week..


Leaving Dec 31st - Jan 6th with Hubby, Yeng, Syah, Capek, Amin, Izzawan, Yana, Sarah and Aishah. So hoping that this trip is gonna be fun. Girls (Nard, Am & Kun), I am so gonna miss u..'s 3.09am..hehe..I am browsing for some formal dress..for KIDS (as usual)! And I found this one cute evening dress (on the left, just in case it's not too obvious). I would really2 wanna wear this dress one day. Baby-pink and really girly2..eheheh..So Kak Liza, what do u say abt me wearing this to your wedding reception? *wink wink* Hey, of course I am gonna put on a cardigan on top of this..or a bolero?

Hehe..before I start writing a "book", I'll stop here. So, that's the updates for now. Anything interesting during the break? hehe.. just wait and see..until then.. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's over..almost, at least.. ;)

I haven't had much time to update my blog. I am drowning in the pile of work that I have since last week. I barely have time to chill or sleep. School and work, have been my top priority..(finally!)..

So, I had my 1st final exam today. I don't really have a comment prepared for that test..but I am definitely glad that it's over. Of course some of the questions look "familiar"..if u know what I mean..hehe..but some of them are not..but special thanx to the IEs for sharing the useful "sources".

Okay, I have 28 minutes before I head to work. Couple things to share.

1. I will be extremely busy as of don't bother to wonder where I am (duh! like anybody does anyways huh?)'s the list of stuff to do this week..yea..for me to do..!!

Thursday: IE 408W paper due at 2.30pm
Friday: IE 328 lab reports due at 5pm (they're 2 of them) & IE 468 hmw due at 9pm

2. My final tasks before the semester ends next week:

Monday: IE 468 project due by 5pm
Tuesday: IE 402 final exam & IE 328 final exam
Wednesday: IE 468 final exam (so nervous for this one..huhuhu)
Thursday: IE 408W final project due by 5pm

That's the summary for my two most "exciting" weeks of the semester.

Switching gear..Another thing on my wish list for this week (besides getting ALL my work done and getting through with all my courses) I would really, really wish that I'd get a ticket to the Orange Bowl..please, please, pretty please..

Okay..before I go into the details about this Orange Bowl thingy, I'll keyboard-off right now..Until then..take care of me..LOL!