Saturday, October 01, 2005


Hi again,

I am at work right now. Yes, this is my only way to get access to the internet. My computer is still broken and I am just too busy to think about it. It's okay, I'll try a way to fix it. The only think I can think of is to buy a new hard drive for it. Heck yea!! It's gonna cost me at least $50 for that. Money, money money..hehe

Well, I skipped both my classes today. I did not do it on purpose. Yesterday was a long day for me. That was basically why I couldn't get up this morning. I was too tired and I had too much crap on the back of my head. So, once in a while, I need a long sleep too.

I called Mak today and guess what?? It's her BIRTHDAY (according to Malaysian date). And the best thing is, I am the first person to wish her a happy birthday and sing her a birthday song right at 12am (Malaysian time). I am so glad!! She "claimed" that she is turning 35 today. Aww..let's just believe her for today ok? (Hint: of course it's the numbers should be in the other order..hehe) I really miss her. I hope you're happy on your birthday allright Mak?

Hugs to my cute & adorable & beautiful & young (inside) mother:

Okay..I got to go. I need to meet with my instructor. Hope he can help me on my homework. Ta-ta~


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