Monday, October 03, 2005


Opps..this might be a little too late, but I would like to wish a friend of mine, OJA a Happy 22nd Birthday (Sept 30, 2005). Hehe..I was too busy to go online and of course it's even harder to go online when the computer in my room is dead. So Oja,

"I hope you had a very happy birthday and may all the blessings be with you.."

Today, I am busy with my IE 468 homework which is due tomorrow in class. Hope I can manage to get up that early tomorrow. I don't understand how much time I spent on this second homework; simply because I did poorly on the first one. Currently, I'm at work in Sparks and I guess I will be finishing up that homework after work and then start studying for my exam this Tuesday, IE 402. YES, MY LIFE IS BORING!!!

And uhm..yesterday, I went to the Penn State Vs Minnesota game. Believe it or not, WE WON!! We scored 44-14 and currently Penn State is ranked on the 16th spot. Isn't that great? At least I get to be involved in Penn State's "football world" in my final year. I'm pretty sure that I am gonna miss all this after I graduate.

I have nothing much to say for now. Until next time~