Thursday, October 13, 2005

Long, long day

I'm at work. Waiting for the break-fast time. So, here I am..bored and tired at the same time. this has been the longest day. My class started at 8am this morning until 11am, one hour break before my first shift in Learning Center at 1pm-4pm. After that, I walked over to Leonhard again for a group meeting and run back to learning Center for my 2nd shift of the day at 6pm-9pm. No, I'm not done at 9pm. I have another group meeting at 9pm tonight. Hmmpphh..long day..I told you so!

Today, I get to straighten things out with Yana about the apartment thingy. I have no idea WHY am I dragged into the picture but seriously, please, I don't mind listening to anybody's problem at all, but do not expect too much from me. For example whenever anybody feel like telling me their problem, do not expect me to do the things FOR them. You have your problems, try to find your own way to fix it. You're a big girl/boy now. Act like one..!!

How can people not be independent. I thought independence is in fact in everybody. Everybody has to learn how to be independent..right? When you reach a certain age, you have to know how to deal with stuff. make decisions for you, your significant other or your friends if you have to. You can't seek for help EVERY single time you face any problems. What do you call somebody who seeks help from other people EVERYTIME they are in trouble? LOSERS! Some things, you can seek for help. Most of the time, you're on your own. It's your life! Make it happen!

Sekian, wassalam.

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