Tuesday, July 28, 2009


yes. tomorrow!
but today? sucks so freakin' bad!
work loads. passdowns. unfinished business.
boss plak. hrmph. the only good thing is that he approved my leave.

ok dah. singgah kejap je.
OSTROLIA! Here we come!

Lots and lotsaaaaa'......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wish list


1. Twenties Girl Book by Sophie Kinsella (it's available at bookstores NOW!)
2. MAC foundation powder (da tinggal sekerat kt luar lilitan bulatan tu je. ley imagine x?)
3. Big Apple Donut (nak yang ade almond chunks on top tu..aduh. yummy!)
4. Alice - a pair of CROCS (kaler silver..nape sume dah abes?)
5. Baju baju and baju.. (mcm x byk je variety skang ni...)
6. Contact Lense yg ade Kaler (yang ni hubby teringin tgk OK!)
7. Beetle Baru Kuning 1.6 (RM140K harganye. dream on lah ye?)

sekian list saye. xde makne. sbb hubby x kasik beli pape sampailah mendarat di bumi Australia!
hm wait. rasenye wish no 3 tu bley dpt kot mlm ni. hik3. ok. nk balik dr office sbb nk jumpe Hubby and ckp kt die that bini die ni nak donut tuh!

cau cincau!

Monday, July 13, 2009


how are you? not much. not much work. not much stories. not much happenings. not yet kot.

hehe. arini is hari bermalasan. sgt malas. sgt rs nak mengular. nak balik awal. nak tgk TV. nak balik jumpe hubby. yes? yummy... hehehehe..malam ni nk tgk muvi lah. we become potato couch malam ni k sayang...

so memandangkan x byk nk story. kite share pics nak? pics si gedik2 yang mengade ni. teka deyrg ni dapat sume ke-gedikness tu dr mane..teka lah! ahahahah..

haih. bile la plak my turn nak turunkan ke"mahir"anku ini kpd my little ones. ngeh3..

minah gedik ngade nakal potpet xtau nk kate ape daaaaaaa

hero kampung manje seriyes anak mak dowh!

gadis manis, turun-termurun dr bonda nyaaaaaaaah!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


it doesn't feel good when u make someone cry kan?
it doesn't feel good when u can't think of anyone else but yourself?
it doesn't feel good when u think you did all the right things to make the other party happy, but end up, the other party thinks otherwise..?

it makes you feel helpless..you don't know what you should do..you don't know what you're supposed to do..worst, you don't even know what you CAN do to fix the situation..

dahtu..you feel sad..you feel demotivated..you feel insecure..

it's hard to be an adult. how do elder people, previous generations, mommies and daddies deal with this? all sorts of complication..
someone once said.."Allah will only test you when He knows that you can handle it"

*Sigh* ONE thing I know I can do best is SMILE, eventhough my heart is aching.....

Mak, i miss you..

Monday, July 06, 2009


oh. i can't wait for her new book to be released on July 21st. he he..
hrm. my weekend was really relaxing. i read my book, "Remember Me?". Finished reading in 24 hours. Ada selingan sket2 ok.. yer..sy ni mmg slow reader..tp at least habiskan bacaan kaaaaannn? (oh, aritu ade orang tu nk pinjam buku..still nak ke? habaq la yeee klo still interested....)

back to my weekend story. then of course, took the chance to clean the house..laundry, kitchen spring cleaning, then vacuuming..etc etc..makes me think, how is it like to be a housewife full time? best ke aaa?

hrmph. nk balik rumah la. boring keje arini. x bape busy sgt. seb baik x amik MC pagi tadi. ngeh3.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


i hate work.
i miss home.
thank Allah, my personal life is the only thing that's going great right now!
but still, i hate work.
best x jadi suri rumah kan?