Thursday, May 06, 2010


Never knew that we can actually write a blog from wherever you many things have changed in life, my job specifically. I lost 2 bosses in a month,get a new boss who has a completely different view abt planning,i hv my bestie in my office...and most importantly i have switched to a new role...again!

So yea.the only thing that is stable is my marriage.we've been together for more that 8 yrs now...alhamdulillah,no matter how chaotic the other part of my life turns to be,i can always count on the one certain thing in my life,my hubby n family...just hope i can cope with any challenge.

Til then,thank God i am still alive..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i don't know if the title has to do with anything with what i am gonna say here. But right at this moment, i think the STORM will start to strike into my work field. I may be assigned to more challenging tasks, I will have to deal with tougher bosses, I may be working longer hours and I don't even know which direction I am going to.
oh well, anyways, my vacationS for the year has passed (almost). no more vacation for now, gotta focus on work and family.. alhamdulillah, i am still holding on with what i have.. so this year vacation-Bandung, USA and maybe singapore towards end of this year, how? Japan can or not? China pon OK. or maybe Spain???!! ahahahaha.. ok. enjoy the random pics!

HOLLYWOOD! - March 2010

BANDUNG - Feb 2010

Opps. it's gonna rain outside. later toodles!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Favorite Month is BACK!

comel kan budak ni?

oh well. there ARE reasons why this month is SO VERY special.
1. Shortest month, therefore...
2. Less expanses, but towards the end..
3. We get profit i can..
4. Pamper myself by shopping..for..
5. My BDAY GIFT...coz..
6. I'll have my BIRTHDAY coming up..yay!

ahaha.. so now we know why February is special..kan kan kan? oh! many2 plans made already..
1. CNY - gi Bandung. (yes, i love vacation OK!)
2. My Bday - up to Hubby to plan..(hint hint)
3. Our bestfriends wedding. Bride-2-be is my friend, Groom-2-be is Hubby's friend..and they both my wedding in Kuching! cool huh?
4. Balik Kuching for MaulidurRasul! yay!

right. enuff with the list. i am just going to enjoy the much as i can. *wink wink*
til then, toodles!