Friday, April 24, 2009

i don't have anything specific to say. bottomline, i am just bored at the moment. when i get bored at work, i tend to yawn. then i look for something nice and funny to read on the internet. then when i couldn't find anything catchy, i become dull and quiet. then i start to think..think and think..till i start to feel down..then comes to one end when i have to make a choice..should i choose to feel down..? or should i choose to be happy and energetic again..?

sigh. life is a matter of choice.
whether u like it or not, u have to choose.
i choose to go home right now and crawl into my very comfy bed.
but cannot lar kaannn..


sekian luahan perasaan.

am looking forward for a happy weekend though.. *finger-crossing*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WORK & LIFE - blends?

for the 1st time, i feel very lively at work. wanna know why?

my planning team. tgk la sape yg paling BAHAGIA!

and yes, we did those "stunts" with the approval from my fact, they're part of this, i swear! ahahaha..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hubby has been "tagged" today. yea. tagged by TAG HAUER. does that mean that i'm off the hook from my shopping therapy? another designer bag by end of this year sayang? Marc Jacobs? Dior? or Ferragamo?? issssskkk..geram!

oh! my honeymoon trip is finally finalized. destination?? tungggguuuuuu... senyap2 dulu..when the time comes, i will have a full description update on the trip.. yoohoo!! kan best if i have the remote control like the one in the movie "Click" and fas fwd the time..aduhs..

my weekend started off with a night out with friends at Delicious bangsar. Love the company. Best part, got to chit-chat and update each other with the FRESH-FROM-THE-OVEN news. Apart from Am's absence, we all had a BLAST "session"! After a while...

by the way, as i mentioned, my next activity this weekend- Ani's engagement ceremony. cantek! theme was pretty easy for me. PURPLE. remember how i have like 5 purple baju kurungssssss in 1 year? so ape lagi...JOIN je la tema nye kaaann..

the planned date is a day after my B-Day next year. insyaAllah. harap2 everything goes smooth for both Ani & the fiance, Mazree. siap dah ready2 pen dlm poket kan.. they should be fine. haha (org2 yang hadir pasti memahami part ni.hik3) The most unique about this couple, they first met on my wedding day! People say, if jodoh they all panjang, so are ours! So we all doa ramai-ramai keh? ~AMIN.....

ok. here goes. pics time people!

the girls & the bride to be..

erm. for now, amik gamba jauh2 sket ye korang! tunggu lagi 8 months ok?

aiyak. Hubby with futsal. *yawn* time for some magz session.
Till then. Have a good rest of the weekend!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

where am i?

hrm. aneh. but only after attending a dear friend's wedding last weekend, i realized how long i have been married. hrm. oh well, Hubby and I just celebrated our 7 yrs together (since couple day 6th April 2002 1 til this very day)..WOW! 2 people from different backgrounds can grow together kan? hikhikhik..

oh gosh. everyone's growing up. 1 after another, my peers around me are moving to another phase in their lives. which phase am i in? am i stuck in time? or maybe unconsciously (btol ke spelling tu?), i already AM more mature than i know?

oh well. i'm just thinking out loud. hehe.

ANYHOO, congrats to a very, very dear friend, Rad and the hubby.
(nak tips lagi? meh aku kasik. offline je ler plis..hikhikhik..)

of course, menggedik with the BRIDE!

(aik? ade jugak org interframe kt blakang tuh..huhu)

menggedik kt pelamin is a MUST! erk. bridegroom xde la plak. ngeh3.

pengantin x baru dah..yay!

hehe. ok peeps. til then.
next event. ade org tunang plak.
see? i told u..everyone's growing up kaaann...??