Monday, March 30, 2009

FuLLy CharGeD

damn. it's Monday. yea, of course, Monday blues can HARDLY be escaped, but believe you me, I have gone through my day with the most energy, feeling refreshed and enthusiastic..erk. surprising kan? ahaks.. oh, i'm starting to hate my job..think closely..what do i tasks? new team? i dunno..mayb i need something to keep me hanging in there..kan?

my weekend was a relaxing 1. had fun spending alone time with Hubby to recover from the exhaustion we accumulated since the last time i wrote in here. we had our lil' movie night at home. grocery shopping. spring cleaning. home cooked and of course. ehem ehem. erk. NEXT....!

yea, after 1 night back in KL, mom came with her not-so-little troop, Yusri & Amri. it was the school holidays! so kak ani and i planned out a mini family outing. well. incomplete i might say. but it was heck of a trip to PD. hehe..been a while since i saw beaches. sun (yg ni hari2 nampak laaa kann). kites. breezy air. lots and lots of people, chilling and burning out their skins..erk?!

hubby and i, trying hard to fly a kite!

uchu and leesya..inseparable during the whole trip. yikes!

kids enjoying the beach and sand

my 2 best-est people..

mak went home a week after. sob. basically. we burnt our 2 weekends with family. yes, it requires time and energy. but what else counts compared to good times with family? no?

the next to-go-to event..a good friend's wedding this Saturday in Seremban. seeing my very close friend getting married, wow! and really, i'm so happy for u babe..will c u this Saturday, hun..we've had a lil' gathering last Thursday..sending you off to the new world..hope u'll find your happiness there..and glad that u love our "DIRTY" gift as well! XoXo..

oopss..gtg. Hubby sounded upset on the phone on his way home. work stuff. sigh.

till then~toodles!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


now that i'm back in KL, i'll try my best to update as much as i can..haha..i have this habit of switching hobbies all the time..gosh! tough to stay put to 1 thing when u have so little time yet so much to do..oh watever.

so. i came back last wednesday night. my trip to kuching was short, filled with many many family activities..ermm..which is basically stay home and relax together-gether. ahaks! good times. got to meet some friends, sue n bf, nurul and faizul. we catched up on some things and update each other on our lifes..hehe..few hours with them. not enough of course. but well..better than nothing kan?

the same night i reached KL, another good friend was battling with life, welcoming a new baby to life. magical! we haven't been talking for such long time. i guess the last time we met was before she got married last May'08. yea..i missed her wedding and we somehow didn't make much effort to meet up. i'm glad, somehow, her baby brought us back to where we were..anis delivered a healthy cute little baby boy at 8.15pm on March 11th, weighed 3.17kg. i have to admit. i envied her. she's already a mother and i'm not even close. bila entah rezeki tiba time will come insyaAllah. doa2kan plis..! oh! took some pics while the baby's sleeping.. babies look the same don't they..hehe..ssyhhh..

erk. gotta go before i feel the loneliness waiting for hubby to come home.. i know, it's 12.48am. Pretty much a trade-off for the weekend getaway to PD.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


look who's back in town?!
2days gone. 3 more to go. love kuching..miss him..can't have 'em all, can i?
hubby, i miss u..