Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And the week begins..

It's Monday. The first day of skewl. I was late this morning. Skipped one lecture and attend half of one lecture after that. Why? becoz my body can't take it anymore. Yesterday was a productive day. Completed my homework which was due earlier this morning and studied for my test tomorrow. So now, I am at work until 6pm and right after work, I'll head back to my room for prayers and continue on studying for tomorrow. Interesting? hehe..

Oct 3rd, 1977-28 years ago, a child was born, my eldest sister!!!

To Kak Ani;

I know, i know, I didn't get to call you on your cell or talk to you online. I remember your birthday. Yes, I really do. I can't go online as much at night due to my dead computer and erk, I have no reason not to call. But hey, it's the thought that matters ok my sister sayang? Hope u had a good one allrighty??

Switching gears; today, it suddenly came into mind that my W-4 form is gonna expired in a month. I haven't got my new I-94 card yet. Aaaargh! without that card, I won;t be able to work! without work, I'll be out of money! without money, I will be broke! No!! That can't happen! I need to work! In fact work is my middle name..wahahah..!! I am definitely freaking out right now but there's nothing else I can do except for waiting for the freakin' card to arrive in my mailbox. Hm..or maybe I can check in to the International Office and ask them what they can do.

Tonight, study study and more studying. I need to do well in my test tomorrow. Hm..what about studying now? Aaa..that's a good idea. Catch u later! ~

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