Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving over.. :(

I still can't believe that it's over. I did have so much fun.. I did enjoy myself.. I did go out of State College.. I did a lot of shopping.. and most importantly, I did take a LOT of pictures..mwahaha!

I went to Washington D.c for the second time. But, this time, I get to meet new people, enjoy the shole trip with hubby, the girls and some other girls and guys. Also, I got to see the Smithsonian and enjoy taking pictures with the old, creepy buldings there. hikhikhik..

Okay, since I have tons and tons of homework to do, I won't keep this entry long..but here are some of my favorite(wait, is that the right spelling?) pictures from the trip. Pictures can actually speak louder that words..hehe.. so, Enjoy!

That's the whole group for our lil' trip to DC.

Me & the side of some river in DC. (Hindustani pose! LOL)


I love this picture! That's the monument at the center of Smithsonian.

Yes, we love to take pictures!

Me and the white house

All of us, with our warm-hearted host; Cik Wan & Kak Kin.

Overall, the trip was a success..thanx to all of you.
Hubby, the girls, Chi & Megat..thanx a bunch!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Miracle, I might say!

It's been a long day, but definitely an exciting one!
My day started really early, submitted my IE 468 homework and went straight to work at 1pm to 6pm. Now? Kinda beat..but posting my's a 'must-do' for today. So goes...

Interesting conversation between Hubby and I while walking from EE East Building to the HUB (directly translated to English):

Me : that a football player? He's tall and he's an African American.Maybe?
Hubby: Not all big African American are football player, honey.
Me : Why haven't we ever bumped into any football players on campus? Why? Urgh..Before the end of the semester, I definitely will track them down, take pictures with them and have them sign on my Penn State Sweater, seriously!

(I have my Bill Cowher's face on..hihi..)

Hubby: Hey, that's a football player.
Me : Owh my God! You're kidding!
Hubby: Nope, i'm not!

(me looking really closely)

Me : Owh my God! (jumping around in excitement)
Hubby: Go get his autograph.
Hubby and I was debating on who should approach him 1st & ask if he wants to take a picture with us.

After a lil' "you-go, no! you-go scene", I got to take a picture with the Penn State cornerback , Alan Zemaitis. God knows how excited I was! I don't even know how to describe this moment in words. We shook hands, Hubby and I congratulated him and let him know how awesome he was last Saturday.

That's the picture! Me & Alan Zemaitis. Hehe..yes, I know..I am LITTLE!

So, after that exciting moment, we (Hubby and I..of course w/o AZ..duh!) went to get my salad at Sbarro..still excited..and gosh, I can't even stop smiling to myself!

Moving out of Sbarro..talking and smiling, I got even more excited when I saw three big guys at the entrance of Barney's. OWH MY GOD! That's like the most memorable moment. I went to them, without thinking any longer..and said to them..

(With my cutie, sweetie-ish voice) " EXCUSE ME SIR, CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU??"

and he said," Sure, sweetie..!" Aaaaa!!! Am I dreaming or what? (I need some help, you think?).

YOU KIDDING ME? It's our most beloved Penn State quarterback, Michael Robinson (rightmost), accompanied by Matthew Rice, the defensive line (leftmost) and AZ (middle..yeaa haa!). Is this a miracle or what? So, of course, I got to shake their hands, congratulated them..and most importantly, TOOK A PICTURE WITH THEM. So me a me a psycho..but I got what I dreamed for(since I started to become a die-hard football fan..ehem ehem). I've always wanted to take some pictures with the stars of Penn State football team..and I did.

Owh, by the way, Penn State won our last game of the season, against Michigan State, the Spartans with the score 31-22. It wasn't the best game, but it was good enough to earn the BIG TEN CHAMPION TITLE 2005. ssswwweeeetttt...!

Although I could not make it to East Lansing, I got to go to Rec Hall, for the welcoming event. Some pictures from there: (they're not too clear, but you can see how it is).

Try to look for the big ten trophy, held up by M Rob among the crowd. C' can see that..!

The players' arrival..hehe, can't really see which is which, but they are with the tags on their hats. hehe..

Bottom line, I LOVE TODAY! This day is definitely gonna be stored in my personal Penn State memory. WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Word of the day: Excited, exciting, excitement and any word with the root word 'excite' in it.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Lecture? Pay Attention?

Dr Newman said, " Allright kids, two things you need to figure out before you go out there and make sum big bucks:
1. Know who you are.
2. Be who you are.
So, thanksgiving break, write a paper on these two most important things. I want it on my table by 5pm on the Tuesday right after the break!"

Hm..the question may look easy. But how do u know who you really are. Some people couldn't figure it out & they end up being somebody that they're not.'wannabe'..

That's my homework for the break. Find a little time to explore something about my inner-self and write a 3 page paper about it.

Question for myself: Am I being myself? Or am I just being like this to impress everybody around me? People change..yes? Have I changed? Bad? Good? Am I happy the way I am? Sometimes, people see me as the happy, chatty, giggle-giggle type of gal, but sometimes I find myself crawling in my blanket, crying out loud out of loneliness. So, who am I? 'Good questions,'says me. haha!

I get upset looking at people change. You know..some of them turn to be somebody that I thought I never knew. It's even worse when that person is closely related to me. My best buddies, or my family members..or..some people that I dearly love. It makes me makes me on earth can people change drastically?

Well, maybe it's nature. Everybody's growing, and things cannot remain the same at all time, of course. Maybe that's one of the reasons I hate to browse through friendster. Looking at the pictures, you know. Seeing how people change through time. It's different. I can't turn back time. I can't. I just can't.

My heart says: 'I want her back. I want her back to who she used to be.'

Allright, back to freakin' IE 468 homework. Cavalier, please..why Cavalier? why??!!

hehe..emo mode! u know.. *wink wink*

Thursday, November 17, 2005


The package was delivered to Mak yesterday. Alhamdulillah everything worked out fine for everybody. I hope all of them like the gifts I sent. Hehe.. I just got off the phone with Mak, and how relieved I am when she said that she likes the cellphone. Kak Liza worn the shirt out already and Kak Ani, was debating on taking the handbag I sent for Mummy (my aunt). Haha, funny! I knew it's gonna happen. I knew that they're gonna be arguing about the bags. Be patient Kak Liza. InsyaAllah I will get you your engagement/wedding gift when I come home.

One interesting thing my mom told me. If you don't think this is interesting, your prob, not mine. hehe, so, while my mom was looking at my picture hanging on the wall with her "timang-timang", Dina, my niece got all jealous. Haha, i like la Dina, once Ucu comes home, your NENEK is mine (like she can read this..huhu). Hm..I don't think this little girl is gonna like me. I'll be her rival when I come home.. MWAHAHAHA (my evil laugh, sorta) Owh, below is a picture of her with my dream cellphone. Here's the cutie pie Wardina..buwek!

So, today. I am in Leonhard (as usual, my second home). Gotta head to work in like 20 minutes. Basically, my day is plain today. Nothing interesting, nothing new.

Hm..boring huh? At this moment, all I can think of is to get out of State College and get my mind off my school work, quizzes, tests and projects! I guess I am too worn out from school. In few days, we will have our Thanksgiving break, and hopefully when I come back from that break, I will be more motivated to struggle for my grades. And few weeks after that, I'll be off for about 3 weeks. Huh! Seriously, I can't wait!

Time definitely flies really fast. After the end of this semester, I only have one more semester to go and I will be done for school .. yippy! one point of my life, I will go back to school but na'ah..won't bother thinking about all those until I get my precious bachelor's degree. hehe..

I am so gonna miss State College. If I am rich in the future, I'll definitely come back. Hehe, maybe for one of the football games..haha..ok ok..i better stop b4 i start daydreaming again..

Owh btw, I feel a little better today. I am over it, and I am so ready to work my hardest for the rest of the semester (for some of you who know what happened to me yesterday).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Couple thoughts..

It's 2.12am in the morning, and I just can't put myself to sleep. Tired, yes, but I just couldn't get this things outta my head now. I don't know..this question is playing on top of my head. Kak Liza asked me,"Is Aim coming home with me after we graduate?" (translated from Sarawak's dialect).

On the left, is the picture of my chubby hubby. That one question is still lingering on top of my head. I know this may sound pathetic or clingy, but seriously, how can I bear with the fact that we're gonna be apart from each other? I know, I have my family and friends, but it won't be complete too without him. We've gone through our ups and downs since the three years ++ we've been here. He's always here when I am down, when I am excited, when I am lost or when I am over-active (haha!). Basically, he's always by my side in any point in my life here in Penn State. I remember back then, the first semester we were both here. He's doing so well in his courses that I almost break down and gave up on myself (since I did not do as well). Without complains (not that I know of), he's there to provide moral supports, brought back my confidence and never fail to make me realize that I can do it. Although that had been my hardest semester, I was able to go across the obstacles and move on. I crawled up the ladder until I reached to where I'm at today. Not on the highest point yet, but Alhamdulillah so far I am happy with where I stand. Improve myself? Yes, insyaAllah. His words are always with me and they keep me strong, always.

His plans is to pursue his dreams to go to Grad school after we both graduate. If there's a will, there will be a way (or maybe more ways) for us to be together, no matter how long it'd take. Hm..guess let's just leave it all of this doubts and worries to our fate. Try hard? That's for sure! InsyaAllah, we'll make it thru the rain *sob sob*

I hope that I will always be blessed with my family, him and my beloved friends around me. Without all of you, I may never be who I am today. All the things that you have done for me, it's priceless and there's no way that I can pay you enough for all the support and good times.

Mak, Kak Liza, Kak Ani, and all my beloved friends out there, thank you for loving me as I am.

Enough already of this heart-to-heart trash talk. Gotta cut it out and hop on my bed.

Reminder for myself: next time, do not 'terhegeh-hegeh' to sleep more than 10 hours and skip all your classes. As a result: I can't sleep tonight and end up thinking too much until my head is gonna explode. Urgh! Bad, very bad for my grades..kehkeh

Monday, November 14, 2005

P!nK ob$3ss!oN

It's Sunday already. Just got back from brunch with couple girls and boys. I was up early, like at 11.15am (wow..'very' early), crawl out of bed and went out for brunch.

Friday was my pink obsession day. Gotta do a lot of shopping, with PINK as my shopping theme. I bought a pink bag, another pink bag (hehe!) and a pair of pink shoes. Hm..I am starting to like the color pink that I cannot lie. Wait, what is wrong with pink anyways? I used to refuse to admit that I like pink. Of course my favourite color is still RED, but sometimes, I need to pick on other colors too. It's a girly-girly color, I know, but what's the point of denying myself? To act cool? What? Cool people don't like pink? Come on..grow up! Pink is a cute and beautiful color. Period. Hehe..before I get too emotional, I'll just switch gears to something else. LOL!

Yesterday, no PSU football game (boring..!) but I got to watch some other games for a bit. Fun..but not as fun as watching our own team..right? So, the girls and I had our masak-masak night and fortunately nobody had any symptoms of food poisoning went good and it's definitely a good time. Yana, next time, you should be there..!

Not long after the yummy-yummy dinner, we had our own little tournament, Dance-Dance Revolution! Bounce bounce! We did not really come up with a winner since it wasn't really a rreeeaall's just a bunch of people having fun.

So, the host, Hubby, Chi and Megat, THANX for letting us cook at your stove. Am, Kun, Nard, THANX for helping out with the cooking and to everybody..THANX for helping out with the eating..hehe!

These pictures are taken before the so called DDR tournament and during the so called DDR tournament. Enjoy!

The girls, after dinner

Nard & Megat

Am & Megat..focus! focus!

Nard & Me..erk..

Hubby & Chi..uik? Nard, 'interframe-ing' please!

Another SPONTANEOUS event that we have after the so called DDR tournament; TRIP TO WALMART! haha..the girls get to buy a one-dollar-Maybelline lipstick (o wait, not just 1, in fact a hand full of them!). The guys? Hm..bored waiting for the girls to finish shopping..LOL!

There goes my Saturday. Main point; I have had fun. Thank u guys!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Currently in Leonhard..done with classes and all. It's been a crazy week (haha..same old stuff). Got back my I expected, not good, but HELL I DON'T CARE!

Last night was fun. Went out with the girls, Walmart! (of all places). Shop, shop and more shopping. I had no idea what to pick up for myself, until we all found ourselves standing at the cosmetic aisle. Guess what? I bought some make-up stuff for myself, with the help of the professional AM, and not so professional, Nard..LOL! What a night! We should do this more girls!

What else is new..owh yea..Hubby and I fixed my ibook last 2 nights. Long process, but we made it through. Heh, so now, I have 2 laptops in my room. Ridiculous, but FUN! I have Mac Operating System and also Windows Operating System. Cool? Na'ah..

Hm..i am so not in the mood of writing up my entry right now..but I gotta kill time before I head to work. I need some air..and maybe more shopping.

Good news from home. My buddy in Kuching, E-za, is getting engaged this December. Of course it's with a guy! Too bad that I can't make it to the ceremony, but my prayer is always gonna be with you hun! I hope that I can make it to your wedding, I will TRY my very best! Another good news, my second sister, Kak Liza is getting married next year, somewhere in August/September. So, that wedding, I'll be there (with Allah's willing). Me? Wedding? Heh..speechless..let's just wait and see. I promise, if my "time" comes, I will definitely tell the whole world about it (thru the internet..huhuh).

So, ok, this Saturday, masak-masaking at Megat/Aim/Chi's place allright girls? Nard? Am? Kun? Time suggestions? So that's the weekend plan. Shopping plan..hmm..we can arrange that seems like that's the word of the day..haha!

It's almost work time. GTG! Looking forward for more and more fun this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed (as always)!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Killing time

Yes, this is to kill time before I get to break my fast today. Hm..the picture on the left is Bill Cowher. Hm..he is known for his "masam-ness" most of the time. Why is his picture posted here? haha..hubby said we (me and Cowher) have one similarity, the frown that is. What were u thinking? Me? Head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers? Keep on laughing people..not gonna happen! Well, I can frown like him for hours, seriously. But, I can't be a good football team head coach.(duh!)

Yesterday, was a long day. Work, classes, lab and an exam at night. I missed my Gilmore Girls show and currently I am downloading the episode on my computer. UNBELIEVABLY SLOW.

My exam was bad..hehe..u heard me, it was BAD! I cried, yes, in LEONHARD! That was the first time I cried in front of my friends there...erk? They were panicking when they saw the tears trickling on my cheeks. Poor them..they know me as DAY, the cheerful, loud girl in the computer lab. They've never seen the cry-baby in me..hehe, they managed to cheer me up though. Many many thanks to them. Heck yea, I feel a lot better more worries. Spanish words they taught me: JOSTOY BIEN (I am good!).'s time for me to fill up my flat, lil' tummy. So..until then..

AM, QUN, NARD, care to shop?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wonderful Monday

First of all, I would like to wish one of my best buddy here in PennState a HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY. So we had the suprise little gathering for her last night ad midnight and I hope that somehow, she will know how much we love NurIlliana Amir Hasrat, may God bless you and hope that u will enjoy your special day..okie dokie?? Mwahs mwahs to you..

Next, currently I am in my room, skipping class..huhuhu..thought of getting started studying for the test tomorrow. AAaaa..I did not skip all the three classes I have, kidding me? I am skipping my last class of the day. That's not too bad..right?? As I mentioned, I have a test tomorrow night..meaning..staying in the room tonight is a more watching the Patriots game tonight allright me? Bad for your grade. :(

So this weekend was fun. Saturday was filled with love and laughter and FUN! before the big game against Wisconsion the Badgers, the Msian PennStaters had some kind of a gathering among ourselves. Gather, talk, gossip, hugs, talk some more, laugh, and most importantly FOOD!! Went to Sarah's place in Penn Tower then Bodak's place, Meridian II. Pictures? Of course la kan..many many pictures. I gotta pick my best pictures of course..hehe..

The girls at Sarah's place

Gadis-gadis NgeGeh..huhu

Hubby and I

After a large amount of food, some of us went to the game. This time, unlike most of the other games, I am NOT the only girl in the Malaysian crowd at the stadium. There's Nard, Dart and Yana. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the senior section, but still we get to walk to the stadium together until I found out that my ticket slipped out of my pocket..drama..drama..So Hubby and I ran back to see if the ticket can be found anywhere on the road. With my heart beating so fast, I ran as fast as I could, looking for it. LUCKILY, i found it lying on the road, upside down (pheeuww!). I went to the fact the last home game for the season. High possibility that that is my last game for like..ever. So, that's that. I got to take some pictures in Beaver Stadium, as one of the most memorable experience as a student of PennState University. *sob sob*

That's US before the game

Hubby and I at the stadium before the game started

Senior fans after the game

Owh no no, we didn't lose..we look sad b/c it's our last game of the season, or maybe forever. That's why all of us looked a lil' bummed..hehe..especially Anjeet, the guy on the right-most..haha! The score was 35-14 and yes, we scared the badgers!! After the game, I got to wait for the players to walk out of the stadium, and I got some of their autograph, like.. of them. EZ Smith is the only one that I am familiar with..but the most important thing, they all played well, and they deserve a pat on their shoulders..*wink wink*

So, that's it for this entry. Full of memories and good times..until next time..~

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eid Mubarak!

It's so very nice outside. Sun was out, sky was clear. It seemed like the perfect weather to go outside with your baju raya(kurung or kebaya etc etc). Yerp yerp. O wait, I don't have one..hehe..

However, today, I went to work, exam, class and lab with my baju kurung. Purple, it was the one that my bestfriend, Zai gave me. Owh, I'm just gonna post these two pictures 4U2C.

Try to guess..both are my pictures with the same baju kurung. One of them was taken 4 yrs ago and the other is taken like 15 minutes ago..different? I don't think so.. hopefully next year, I will be able to celebrate this meaningful event at home..with my mommy..and my daddy..

Owh..speaking of daddy..I got a good news today, early this morning..Before that, I would like to thank my daddy..Pap..for the gift, A CAR THAT IS! I will definitely appreciate it and take good care of it when I come home..and I will try my very best to give you a call very very soon..hehe..

Before I get off here..I would like to wish everybody "Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir Batin"..I really hope to see most of the PennStater this Saturday, let's take some nice pictures since this is my last raya here..(i hope!)

I have nothing much to say..enjoy the Raya!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

There goes my Weekend

Hm..this morning started with a bad news. I got my IE 468 test back and no, I didn't do too well. But heck, it's not the end of the world. The score spoils my day but I am definitely not gonna cry for the stupid test. It's not like it's gonna change the score anyways. Na'ah..what I can do is just work harder and become a NERD. LOL!

Weekend was fun. Saturday was spent productively (as if..) I worked at the Creamery Saturday morning until 3pm. I got to meet the long lost fwens of mine.. I haven't seen them for! It's been a while since my last shift at the Creamery. Things just got crazy and I can't afford to wear myself out. But seriously, I miss my friends at the creamery..A LOT! Working with them is so very much fun. Makes me laugh and enjoy myself a lil' u know..*sigh* But don't worry guys, maybe I will be working during the break, so stay tune!!! LOL (again?)

A picture of us, getting ready for the game..huhu..From left: Cory, Nate, Me, Amanda & Vanessa.. The fingers? Ignore them..u don't wanna know..heh heh..

Owh yea..more updates. The girls have break-fasting event at dD and Mahirah's apartment. Had a good time watching the football game(s) and definitely enjoying the FOOD. U kidding me? It's fried fish, MY SO FAVORITE FOOD!! Yummy yummy la kan..Thanx to the host for hosting, thanx to dart and mahirah for masak-ing, thanx to am for kacao-ing, thanx to me for rasa-ing, thanx to everybody for showing up. I had a really a great time!

Saturday: Big Ten Football: Penn State beat Purdue 33-15 (yeay!) Michigan beat NorthWestern (yucks!) Wisconsin beat Illinois (duh!) Ohio State beat Minnesota (hmm?)..
Sunday: NFL sports: hehe..I only watched Eagles vs Broncos and Patriots vs Bruschi. Broncos and Patriots won. Tonight, Steelers game at 9pm. My next agenda. LOL! (shut up!)

That's the updates for the day. I'm getting off work in 10 mins.