Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another weekend

Today, yes, I do take a break from school work and work. I took some time watching the game (obviously) and I spent the night watching movies, hanging out and eating with couple friends at hubby's place. Lotsa fun..hehe..

Talking about fun, erm..makes me think of my life to come. what would it be like after I graduate? will i have this much fun with my friends aagain? Hubby? what's gonna happen to us. Spending some time with my beloved ones here makes me feel closer to being apart. Hubby, Nard, Am, Kun, Yana, Oja, Izzawan and the rest of Pennstaters? what'd would it be like not having you guys around anymore? must have been a while since I last see some of them, most of them. I've been to busy with work and school that sometimes I tend to forget the people around me.

My decision to come home and get a full-time job is final. I decide to live with my mom for a bit and go wherever my job wants me to go. Hard, I know but I guess that's how it's gonna be for now. I will be away from him but closer to my family. It's time for me to serve my family, especially my mom and be a grown up. I've never afford to be in a long distance relationship but as a grown up, I should give this a shot. As long as I have faith in us, I will try my very best to make "us" happen.

The agenda for this coming week, I have one midterm on the hardest course that I am taking, IE 468: Optimization Modelling blah blah. I'm definitely gonna be busy starting from tomorrow but right after the test, I will be off the hook for quite a bit. Seriously, being a busy lady makes me feel less alert of what's coming. I mean, I will not be thinking about my future or anything that can make me scared of moving on with my life. Hmmph..

My I-94 stuff, it's been settled. I renewed my I-9 form and I am eligible to work until the rest of my studies here. So, to my family, no need to worry. Aa yeah..I mean, do not START to worry (since I know you guys never have) about my financial stuff. I will try my best not to burden you guys with my financial support. Na'ah..I don't think you guys care, do you? What the heck!!

Okay, enough already. With regards to Oja's request, I changed my comments-settings to allow anyone to leave comments on my blog. Feel free to do so if you want. If not, I don't care too. So, whichever that makes you happy, allright?

Owh yea..Penn State won again tonight. They beat Illinois with the score 63-10. So now, we're left with 7-1 4-1. Good job, guys! Kepp it up!

Kinda tired, might as well go to bed before I add more emotions on my blog. Good night and pray for me..always! Salam~


oja said...

ala.kalo ko tak pegi.aku nk bli tix tuh.

dedek_ngegeh said...

ade member aku tgh tunggu gak tix tuh..aku ingt nk jual 2 dahtu ade 3 org da nak..amin pon nak gak..aku da pening..the moral of the story, koe try jugakla carik2 org lain..

Anonymous said...

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