Monday, November 30, 2009

aVilion PD

-Kasih & Sayang-
thanks to the choice of location;
i managed to have a SUPER-RESTFUL weekend with Hubby.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Project *whooop*

nope. it's not baby project. unfortunately.

haha. since the baby project is not yet working, we're switching modes to NEW HOME project.
easy. we're moving. new place. new home. this time, real home.

so yea. it'd be soon. insyaAllah December ni. not easy. house-cleaning. box-packing. baju lagi? isk.
once done, will let you know. maybe pics of new home?

on another note. i am feeling the distance. btwn me and my babes. looked at their get-together pics. i'm not there. positive note. maybe coz i don't hang out at the places that they went to. maybe coz they do things that i don't do. i don't know. but well, that's life. must go on.

oh well, yang penting happy with Hubby. Finally get to tell myself, THANK GOD I AM MARRIED!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

look who's talking

1. I work more than the required hours.
if not: i feel like i am a slacker.

2. I can't afford to ignore anyone's request.
if not: i will feel guilty and irresponsible.

3. I call up my line in the middle of the night to check on my devices.
if not: i can't sleep well that night thinking of my device status.

4. I go extra miles, to get my job done as well as other ppl's portion.
if not: i'd feel guilty. stupid me.

6. I can't keep myself at ease if I don't complete my tasks before i leave my workplace.
if not: i will be moody all day and night.

5. I come for weekend support.
if not: i feel like my boss thinks i am lazy.

6. I follow up on multiple stuff and I don't mind if any parties call me pushy.
if not: my job is delayed and i won't be satisfied.

As long as my job's done...I don't mind all the things on the side.
what have i become? a working donkey? shit. i hate this.

Friday, August 28, 2009

LucKy & Pera$aaN

Hi Dayang - thanks for all the support for BMS!!!!

We are lucky to have you supporting us.

Best Regards,

my pms is officially over after receiving this message. thanks to Evelyn . seriously, it made my day.

my weekend begins in 1 hour 30mins. yay!
hubby and i..Kuching! Here we come!


apsal tetiba je rs mcm my boss doesn't like me?
sbb amik cuti byk sgt ke?
but i thot that's my right?
i kumpul cuti for couple months..then amik lah cuti kan..!
isk. ke ni perasaan je?
ke mcm sbb pms so suke pk bukan2?
isk. xley jadi ni.
nnt klo die x suke, xpasal2 increment x best.
aaaahh! x suke perasaan camnieh.
sekian. xpe. jgn pk. nk cuti. nk cuti.
sat. is this what u call workaholic?
amik cuti then feel guilty abt it? ke?
dahla. bye.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kami kan. dah xley shopping tau. dahtu kan. kami pun buat mission baru. that is, mengemas rumah sepenuh jiwa. haha. yela. klo nk jalan2 kene guna duit also. klo nk g malls, hati melonjak-lonjak bersama perasaan yang sgt2 ingin membeli. so. tgkla sendiri hasilnye. :P

iyerla kan. ramadhan hampir menjelma..ape salahnye.. (haha. padahal sengkek sebenanye.hanimun sakan, inilah padahnye! huhu)

our living room where we..erm. bersantai!

our dining area. hehe. finally, the table is cleared!!

fuh! so next mission is to clean all the 3 rooms. have to kemas, kemas and kemas! sekian...kuang3x

Friday, August 14, 2009


always remember, no matter how young/old you are, when your turn is up..
no 2nd chances.
always remember.
always be prepared.

To someone that i took for granted all this while, may you rest in peace.
i saw u suffer, and i know He knows best..
May our prayers go with you at your new place..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am a wife. da setahun dah. huhu. bley imagine?
haha. so yes. my honyemooniversary trip.
i don't know how to type it out in words, but it was D BEST!!
we went sightseeing, we enjoy ourselves, we shop and we drop, we *T0Ot* (hint: sth to do with bonding.hahaaha..)

ha. dah. xley story lebih2. go see the pics below. byk g. nnt la upload kt FB. haha.. saje nk mengisi masa lapang nih. bosan kt ofis. klo nk detail meh wat appointment. kite story lebey2.

somewhere in Melbourne. bridge tu x nampak. hujan...

with 2 of the many landmarks of Sydney

nampak x sydney tower tuh?

lurve this piece! us @ Surfer's Paradise

unfortunately, i am back to the real world. bak kate 1 of my colleagues "Drag Me Back to Hell" lar kan..and ade gamba for this part gak okeeeeeeeey. that's me and my boss. *sigh*

oraits. sekian.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


yes. tomorrow!
but today? sucks so freakin' bad!
work loads. passdowns. unfinished business.
boss plak. hrmph. the only good thing is that he approved my leave.

ok dah. singgah kejap je.
OSTROLIA! Here we come!

Lots and lotsaaaaa'......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wish list


1. Twenties Girl Book by Sophie Kinsella (it's available at bookstores NOW!)
2. MAC foundation powder (da tinggal sekerat kt luar lilitan bulatan tu je. ley imagine x?)
3. Big Apple Donut (nak yang ade almond chunks on top tu..aduh. yummy!)
4. Alice - a pair of CROCS (kaler silver..nape sume dah abes?)
5. Baju baju and baju.. (mcm x byk je variety skang ni...)
6. Contact Lense yg ade Kaler (yang ni hubby teringin tgk OK!)
7. Beetle Baru Kuning 1.6 (RM140K harganye. dream on lah ye?)

sekian list saye. xde makne. sbb hubby x kasik beli pape sampailah mendarat di bumi Australia!
hm wait. rasenye wish no 3 tu bley dpt kot mlm ni. hik3. ok. nk balik dr office sbb nk jumpe Hubby and ckp kt die that bini die ni nak donut tuh!

cau cincau!

Monday, July 13, 2009


how are you? not much. not much work. not much stories. not much happenings. not yet kot.

hehe. arini is hari bermalasan. sgt malas. sgt rs nak mengular. nak balik awal. nak tgk TV. nak balik jumpe hubby. yes? yummy... hehehehe..malam ni nk tgk muvi lah. we become potato couch malam ni k sayang...

so memandangkan x byk nk story. kite share pics nak? pics si gedik2 yang mengade ni. teka deyrg ni dapat sume ke-gedikness tu dr mane..teka lah! ahahahah..

haih. bile la plak my turn nak turunkan ke"mahir"anku ini kpd my little ones. ngeh3..

minah gedik ngade nakal potpet xtau nk kate ape daaaaaaa

hero kampung manje seriyes anak mak dowh!

gadis manis, turun-termurun dr bonda nyaaaaaaaah!

Thursday, July 09, 2009


it doesn't feel good when u make someone cry kan?
it doesn't feel good when u can't think of anyone else but yourself?
it doesn't feel good when u think you did all the right things to make the other party happy, but end up, the other party thinks otherwise..?

it makes you feel don't know what you should don't know what you're supposed to do..worst, you don't even know what you CAN do to fix the situation.. feel feel feel insecure..

it's hard to be an adult. how do elder people, previous generations, mommies and daddies deal with this? all sorts of complication..
someone once said.."Allah will only test you when He knows that you can handle it"

*Sigh* ONE thing I know I can do best is SMILE, eventhough my heart is aching.....

Mak, i miss you..

Monday, July 06, 2009


oh. i can't wait for her new book to be released on July 21st. he he..
hrm. my weekend was really relaxing. i read my book, "Remember Me?". Finished reading in 24 hours. Ada selingan sket2 ok.. ni mmg slow at least habiskan bacaan kaaaaannn? (oh, aritu ade orang tu nk pinjam buku..still nak ke? habaq la yeee klo still interested....)

back to my weekend story. then of course, took the chance to clean the house..laundry, kitchen spring cleaning, then vacuuming..etc etc..makes me think, how is it like to be a housewife full time? best ke aaa?

hrmph. nk balik rumah la. boring keje arini. x bape busy sgt. seb baik x amik MC pagi tadi. ngeh3.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


i hate work.
i miss home.
thank Allah, my personal life is the only thing that's going great right now!
but still, i hate work.
best x jadi suri rumah kan?

Monday, June 22, 2009

stressed, i am?

we have a choice. to be stressed or not to be stressed.
so y am i stressed?
1. I haven't taken any annual leave since March 09?
2. I hate the way new line is treating me?
3. I hate the fact that the Jack Ass is back working?
4. I miss Kuching so damn much?
5. I haven't hung out with my girlfriends for moons now..
i choose not to be stressed..
but how come i am not cheerful that much nowadays?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

fresh start - JUNE 2009!

yerp. xmo dah story sadness stuff. plus, so far so good (alhamdulillah). things at work are slowly getting in place. moved to another test cell. boss assigned more responsibilities, expanding my knowledge as a planner here..and being busy is keeping away all the sadness and miserable-ness i have at work. so now, refreshed and fully charged, i aim to be 100% at work while in the office, and 100% homey when i'm off work. fair?

my at work now (sbb tu la ade internet! haha) and oh! i went to Bangkok last week. hehe..did some shopping..and jalan-jalan as usual lar..with Hubby and the rest of his family.. it was a great quick get-away from the busy-ness and kelam-kabutness in KL. Now that i'm back..alhamdulillah i am more at peace now.. read some good books..oh trust me, sophie kinsella (author of confessions of a shopaholic) blows me away with all her books..try! not only the shopaholic editions are good, the other ones too! check them out..

read this within 48 hours during my trip in Bangkok. how cool is that???!!
(oh ok. i am a slow reader, excuse me. LOL!)

planning to read this very, very soon.
seems interesting from the first 2 pages of it!!

can't hardly wait to purchase this piece in JULY!

so yea. for those who know me well, they'll know reading has never been my hobby. EVER. but well, trying new activities can be such an exciting experience. why not try? explore...! chewah..
ok. for those who know me well (haha!), my hobby has always been SHOPPING kan? so while shopping with Hubby yesterday..........

i lyke!! cantek x kami berdua?? *wink wink*

so she shops at Nichii..just like me..coolness?? hahhaha..psyched!

oh yea. it's june. hubby's bday coming. ape nak beli ni?! isk..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

word of the day - FREAKIN' ?

i am still at the office. so is Mr J. apparently, HR had executed an action towards Mr J. "yeay" which is.... a FREAKIN' warning! best kan HR kami? i FREAKIN' like la kan..!!!

here i am. macam ni je la. the last time i talked to HR, they were requesting for proof. hrm..macam mane tuh.. maybe i need someone to take our pic together, pastu kannn.. i tell him to FREAKIN' touch me! does that work, bloody HR personnel?

but xpe la..doa2 orang teraniaya InsyaAllah dimakbulkan. nak quit my job, sadly i am bonded for another year..nak meraung, x professional la pulak. so kat office, i chat a lot on YM ke..MSN works so least that cheers me up..btol x? despite, keje kene jalan la jugaakk of course!

ntahla..maybe berkat doa and advice from my beLOVEd ones, i am more tenang now.. with patience and pieces of strength, i go to work as per normal everyday. 1 thing that i anticipate daily is to come home to Hubby..and get the HUG that i need.. *wink wink*

next, my goal is to show to my boss, and his boss that i don't need Mr J to plan my line. after all, i never needed him before. for me, he's just a puppet in my line. ZERO knowledge on plans and execution. maybe good in bull-shitting management and taking credits..but watever..sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, jatuh tergolek jugak kang nanti..

okeh. let's continue my hard work. hopefully my next entry will be a happy one..


miss u all.. :(

Friday, May 08, 2009

don't play play

today, i collected ALL the courage to do something that i never thought i will do. it's my 1 year anniversary here and seriously, working here is a lot better without Mr J in the office. from day 1, he's been a big barrier for me to complete my task in my line. i was yelled at yesterday without mercy. our tone of voices were on the top-most pitch and tears were already drowning my face. 1st time in my life, i was really shivering with anger and disappointment.

now that he turned on the switch, i realized i have to let them all out. all the dirty jokes, all the remarks yg jijik and all the touching..all coming back to me now. sorry, but enough is enough. i am no more Mrs Nice Lady from the moment you raise your freaking finger right in front of my face!

and yes, i filed a report today. sexual harrassment against Mr J. Too bad bro, u got the wrong person. thanks to Hubby, my family and my boss for the help and advice.

x pasal2 he was escorted out from the office area by security right away. stay away and never come back! (amin..)

example 1:
Mr J: ko mengandung ke?
Me: Nope.
Mr J: itu la..cuba ko try ngan aku skali. confirm ley mengandung punye!

example 2:
Mr J: laki ko outstation ke?
Me: haah.
Mr J: brape lame..?
Me: 10 days.
Mr J: ko boring2 malam2 tu, meh la g kondo aku. aku temankan ko.

Example 3:
*when a person touch u, then it's a serious offend. Having him pull my bra strap? CRAZY! not once or twice, more than that!*

so pls, if any of the above or anything similar happen to you ladies, pls raise the flag and act!be strong. i am still learning as well. trust me, it's not easy!

lesson 1. i will cut down all my friendly CRAP to this people at the office.
lesson 2. who cares if they hate me? i'm here to complete my tasks and earn a living je right?
lesson 3. never make other people take advantage of my size. NO NO!

sekian cerita sedih for today. i am so tired, my brain and my heart.
leaving this HELL now, at least for 1 day. have to work on Sunday tho. bummer.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

i know it's already long overdued to share weekend activites..hehe. pendek kata, both my weekends were GOOOOOoooDD, oh well. x banyak benda yang bley ditunjuk or diceritakan..
except that..
now my hair is purple! thanks to Hubby for the words of "advice". haha!

Friday, April 24, 2009

i don't have anything specific to say. bottomline, i am just bored at the moment. when i get bored at work, i tend to yawn. then i look for something nice and funny to read on the internet. then when i couldn't find anything catchy, i become dull and quiet. then i start to think..think and think..till i start to feel down..then comes to one end when i have to make a choice..should i choose to feel down..? or should i choose to be happy and energetic again..?

sigh. life is a matter of choice.
whether u like it or not, u have to choose.
i choose to go home right now and crawl into my very comfy bed.
but cannot lar kaannn..


sekian luahan perasaan.

am looking forward for a happy weekend though.. *finger-crossing*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WORK & LIFE - blends?

for the 1st time, i feel very lively at work. wanna know why?

my planning team. tgk la sape yg paling BAHAGIA!

and yes, we did those "stunts" with the approval from my fact, they're part of this, i swear! ahahaha..

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hubby has been "tagged" today. yea. tagged by TAG HAUER. does that mean that i'm off the hook from my shopping therapy? another designer bag by end of this year sayang? Marc Jacobs? Dior? or Ferragamo?? issssskkk..geram!

oh! my honeymoon trip is finally finalized. destination?? tungggguuuuuu... senyap2 dulu..when the time comes, i will have a full description update on the trip.. yoohoo!! kan best if i have the remote control like the one in the movie "Click" and fas fwd the time..aduhs..

my weekend started off with a night out with friends at Delicious bangsar. Love the company. Best part, got to chit-chat and update each other with the FRESH-FROM-THE-OVEN news. Apart from Am's absence, we all had a BLAST "session"! After a while...

by the way, as i mentioned, my next activity this weekend- Ani's engagement ceremony. cantek! theme was pretty easy for me. PURPLE. remember how i have like 5 purple baju kurungssssss in 1 year? so ape lagi...JOIN je la tema nye kaaann..

the planned date is a day after my B-Day next year. insyaAllah. harap2 everything goes smooth for both Ani & the fiance, Mazree. siap dah ready2 pen dlm poket kan.. they should be fine. haha (org2 yang hadir pasti memahami part ni.hik3) The most unique about this couple, they first met on my wedding day! People say, if jodoh they all panjang, so are ours! So we all doa ramai-ramai keh? ~AMIN.....

ok. here goes. pics time people!

the girls & the bride to be..

erm. for now, amik gamba jauh2 sket ye korang! tunggu lagi 8 months ok?

aiyak. Hubby with futsal. *yawn* time for some magz session.
Till then. Have a good rest of the weekend!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

where am i?

hrm. aneh. but only after attending a dear friend's wedding last weekend, i realized how long i have been married. hrm. oh well, Hubby and I just celebrated our 7 yrs together (since couple day 6th April 2002 1 til this very day)..WOW! 2 people from different backgrounds can grow together kan? hikhikhik..

oh gosh. everyone's growing up. 1 after another, my peers around me are moving to another phase in their lives. which phase am i in? am i stuck in time? or maybe unconsciously (btol ke spelling tu?), i already AM more mature than i know?

oh well. i'm just thinking out loud. hehe.

ANYHOO, congrats to a very, very dear friend, Rad and the hubby.
(nak tips lagi? meh aku kasik. offline je ler plis..hikhikhik..)

of course, menggedik with the BRIDE!

(aik? ade jugak org interframe kt blakang tuh..huhu)

menggedik kt pelamin is a MUST! erk. bridegroom xde la plak. ngeh3.

pengantin x baru dah..yay!

hehe. ok peeps. til then.
next event. ade org tunang plak.
see? i told u..everyone's growing up kaaann...??

Monday, March 30, 2009

FuLLy CharGeD

damn. it's Monday. yea, of course, Monday blues can HARDLY be escaped, but believe you me, I have gone through my day with the most energy, feeling refreshed and enthusiastic..erk. surprising kan? ahaks.. oh, i'm starting to hate my job..think closely..what do i tasks? new team? i dunno..mayb i need something to keep me hanging in there..kan?

my weekend was a relaxing 1. had fun spending alone time with Hubby to recover from the exhaustion we accumulated since the last time i wrote in here. we had our lil' movie night at home. grocery shopping. spring cleaning. home cooked and of course. ehem ehem. erk. NEXT....!

yea, after 1 night back in KL, mom came with her not-so-little troop, Yusri & Amri. it was the school holidays! so kak ani and i planned out a mini family outing. well. incomplete i might say. but it was heck of a trip to PD. hehe..been a while since i saw beaches. sun (yg ni hari2 nampak laaa kann). kites. breezy air. lots and lots of people, chilling and burning out their skins..erk?!

hubby and i, trying hard to fly a kite!

uchu and leesya..inseparable during the whole trip. yikes!

kids enjoying the beach and sand

my 2 best-est people..

mak went home a week after. sob. basically. we burnt our 2 weekends with family. yes, it requires time and energy. but what else counts compared to good times with family? no?

the next to-go-to event..a good friend's wedding this Saturday in Seremban. seeing my very close friend getting married, wow! and really, i'm so happy for u babe..will c u this Saturday, hun..we've had a lil' gathering last Thursday..sending you off to the new world..hope u'll find your happiness there..and glad that u love our "DIRTY" gift as well! XoXo..

oopss..gtg. Hubby sounded upset on the phone on his way home. work stuff. sigh.

till then~toodles!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


now that i'm back in KL, i'll try my best to update as much as i can..haha..i have this habit of switching hobbies all the time..gosh! tough to stay put to 1 thing when u have so little time yet so much to do..oh watever.

so. i came back last wednesday night. my trip to kuching was short, filled with many many family activities..ermm..which is basically stay home and relax together-gether. ahaks! good times. got to meet some friends, sue n bf, nurul and faizul. we catched up on some things and update each other on our lifes..hehe..few hours with them. not enough of course. but well..better than nothing kan?

the same night i reached KL, another good friend was battling with life, welcoming a new baby to life. magical! we haven't been talking for such long time. i guess the last time we met was before she got married last May'08. yea..i missed her wedding and we somehow didn't make much effort to meet up. i'm glad, somehow, her baby brought us back to where we were..anis delivered a healthy cute little baby boy at 8.15pm on March 11th, weighed 3.17kg. i have to admit. i envied her. she's already a mother and i'm not even close. bila entah rezeki tiba time will come insyaAllah. doa2kan plis..! oh! took some pics while the baby's sleeping.. babies look the same don't they..hehe..ssyhhh..

erk. gotta go before i feel the loneliness waiting for hubby to come home.. i know, it's 12.48am. Pretty much a trade-off for the weekend getaway to PD.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


look who's back in town?!
2days gone. 3 more to go. love kuching..miss him..can't have 'em all, can i?
hubby, i miss u..

Saturday, February 28, 2009


conversation 1:

hubby: honey berjaya x guna cdt card for a month dah.
honey: yeay! i'm off the hook. so dah bley shopping gune cdt card?
hubby: aik? continue lah x gune cdt card. this month, kurangkan beli barang plak. limit. rm100 for shopping spree. (smiling)
honey: (terdiam and ternganga)
hubby: jangan taruh dlm blog plak.

conversation 2:

honey: apsal hubby suke dgr
hubby: ntah. byk variety. lagu melayu n english mix.
honey: eek?
hubby: mcm hitz, hubby x suke lagu die sume same je..pusing2 lagu tu jugak
honey: ape lak? mcm la hotz tu best sgt. (muke x puas ati)
hubby: (laughed) apsal tensen2? ha! jangan tulis kt blog plak.

then we laughed together

conversation 3:

honey: next weekend honey xde, hubby syok la! main futsal dahtu minum2 lepak2 sampai pukol 5am with the boys..xde org marah kaan?
hubby: (smiling) ler.... (xtau ape nk ckp la tuh) mestilah hubby rindu..
honey: yucks! (muke nyampah)
hubby: (gelak je..) jangan taruh kt blog plak.

for those of u who know me well enough, when someone says "jangan.."
u pretty much get it by now kan??
padan muke! huhu..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

how are you?

yes. it only takes a question to brighten you day. received a text from one of my bestest girls, Sue. and babe, i am doing fine i makes me think of how much i missed them all. the days when we just plan and plan to meet up without having any precise agenda or just spend the night sitting at Bing or ice cream place, chatting and laughing our ass off..and not to forget "click click". now that each of us has our own lives, we kinda go apart..but somehow, i believe, in some magical ways, we connect.

believe it or not. this was our most "recent" pics - all 6 of us there..on my wedding, 7months back! *sigh*

my girls back in the states, yana, am and nad. we're world apart. yana is somewhere round the world, am is in Switzerland (i think) and nad's been caught up with work. we still talk sometimes, but we only get to meet once every "quarter" and when we do, we'll also talk and talk and talk. catchup on things. spend the evening at starbucks, enjoying coffee, accompanied by favorite girlfriends and few"clicks"..they do belong to each other, don't they...

our last reunion, a month ago. babe, miss u all -xoxo-

oh i'm in KL, my mmu girls have been close. we've been apart from each other for 4 years while i was in the states but we do keep in touch. amazingly, we're closer than we ever were now that i'm married. hubby has no problems with me hanging out with them at any nights and we just make time for each other..yes b, my curfew always remains.. :P

love this piece. we're still the bunch of girls who loves being around each other..*hugs*

girlfriends are not easy to find..they laugh with you, they spare their shoulders for you to cry on, they listen..oh! they make my life more meaningful..i find myself cheesy today..but heck!

to my girlfriends out there (if you ever have the chance to read this entry);

i love you all!

p/s: yes b, i love u most.. *wink wink*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elevator Trouble!

i could say my day has been interesting. was at work as usual, it was typical until my colleague and i got stuck in the elevator. ahaks...worse, my colleague is 8 months pregnant. another ahaks!

the elevator's door didn't get to open on every floor we stopped. basically we were stuck in there. well actually, the door opened a bit, enough for the skinny me to slip out..but why bother to try when the situation helped me escape from a meeting kan? LOL!

so we had our little chat while enjoying our after-lunch-dessert, mangga and rojak. yummylicious?! we enjoyed our so called "break time" in the elevator, unfortunately, the Facility Team came to the rescue after half an hour.. only then i realized..OMG! what if my colleague's needs to go to labor? what if her tummy ache? what if she passed out, suffocated from the "air-less" condition? erk..i know that won't happen considering she's only 8 months pregnant..but it can happen kan?? kan kannn?? well, maybe i just think too much. haiyak! ok. in short, we were out of there 1 1/2 hr later..yawn yawn! huhu...

oh! took this pic konon2 as a proof to the boss that we were stuck. mane tau that he thinks it's funny that we look like we're having fun being stuck in the elevator! wakakakkaka..siap bersila ok?! (she loves this pic. x nampak perut she says. chets!)

hrm..what do i say next..i'm kinda waiting for hubby to come home. only then we can head to dinner. starving, i am! oh well..i better go..until then..toodles!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

typical day

ok. now that the layout is fixed. the motivation is there, so y not post more updates..kan? my day went by, just like any other day. i had a tour back to my earlier entries. seriously, OMG! there was a lot of my personal memories, written on this definitely brought me back to the days when i had all my friends around me. brought me back to what my student life is like..oh gosh! miss those days, miss the experience..but oh..we gotta move on..let's start!

my family - an update with new family members added..u notice?

allright. just for the records, my status have changed since the last time i got active on this blogging thingy. i'm a wife now. have been a wife since 7 months ago. i marry the love of my life last August, on the 1st, year 2008. it was in fact the best day of my life since. his name stays as Hubby in this blog (just in case u ask. haha) there's no babies on the way. not yet at least. family updates. clearly shown in the pic above. i've officially moved to KL for good. working in a company i call "X". somewhere in keramat, KL. i call myself an operation planner. oh girlfriends. they will come up into 1 or 2 or a number of my entries eventually. let's just get to know them when the time comes aight? so what's next? hm..hopefully my entries will continue to portray the real me and store all the up-beat moments of my life, just like what i had a year back. u ready?

so. regardless all the beautiful and thoughtful celebration from the loved ones few days back, 1 pretty bad incident occured that bday morning. my windscreen was hit by a little stone. yes, it was a little stone but it brought me an EXPENSIVE effect! had no choice but to replace it with a new one. thanks to the car insurance for the coverage! ahaks..

it was a bad, bad lil' STONE!

so we went, hubby and i. fixed it and now, waiting for the account top up to have it tinted.. oh, yes people! i love my car, i named it Lady B. Swift has been my dream car Level 1 (affordable for my level at this point of time.hikhik) since i graduated. purchasing and owning this particular car on my own has been a huge investment i've ever made so far. call me weird. call me high maintenance to settle with hi-end type of a hatchback, but who cares..?! i lyke la kaaann..!

Perfection. i want it to be perfect. i remember getting it into an accident last yr. i spent my every cent to fix it, and make it perfect again. am i a perfectionist? i don't know..but the imperfection of Lady B bothers me.

Alright, so after the visit to the Dr. Cermin, hubby and i went to the park for a bit. had our little talk, enjoying the nature. oh yea, we don't do this too often. but somehow, it felt what's wrong with spending the evening at the park..? it's "cost"less, it's refreshing..and they provide lots of seats for couple chats..isn't that PERFECT?! plus, at this time of the month, this sort of activities is very much likely ACCEPTABLE! ahaks. watever. shut up and enjoy our pics!

refreshing kan?

hubby and the makeup-less me..*wink wink*

that's it for now folks! toodles!

Friday, February 20, 2009


yeay. ok. now i'm feeling more motivated to write and express myself..the layout of this blog is ALL new and totally reflects my personality (yeay..!)..and THANKS to hubby for the help while i was all confused with the codings. huhu..not super good with HTML. but heck..interesting experience.

ok. off to dinner. toodles!