Friday, October 28, 2005

hahahuhu(that's a good intro..erk?)

I'm in Leonhard right now, with some crazy IEs. So, they are struggling with their homework, projects and stuff while I am sorta wasting my time, typing up my entry. I just got off from my IE 402 group meeting and I have 22 minutes to the next class.

Hubby is nowhere to be found today. He hasn't called and he did not pick up the phone. Hm..well, maybe he's still in bed. Nothing new with that. Kehkehkeh..

So last night, erm..I mean this morning, I had a weird feeling. It's just one of those days, you know, you just feel like crying. Thanx Hubby for the time spent on the phone, listening to me cry. Haha..and special thanx to this pro-Michigan-anti-PennState-football-team guy who actually spent his time talking and "kinda" cheering me up indirectly in the middle of the night. I really, really appreciate it buddy.

So, the agenda for today is halfway done. I was late for the Palmer job, but Lynne, she never fails to tell me that it's ok to be late. Haha.. she's the best supervisor EVER la kan.. spent the whole 3 hours doing homework and reading my notes. So, next, IE 408W class. Fun stuff. No lab today, but I gotta tutor 7.30p to 9p. Steve, you better buy me lunch or dinner someday for this! conclusion (ayat skema), I am in a good mood today (at least I am, so far). So, I'll keep my fingers crossed for now. No more crying tonight allright me?

Owh, I received Zai's raya card. That might be the only card for this year. Erk, sad..But na'ah..that's fine. Owh, don't get me started on the being strong part. Aja-aja fighting!! Huhu.. Thanx Zai..mwahs mwahs..

so, off me go..class! Here I come Dr Newman. I love u too.

Grasias (is that right Jonathan?)


oja moja pembaca setia said...

ish..budak IE nie banyak sungguh meeting ok..nak buat HW pun kena buat in group..lagik bz dr budak least kitaorg..just in group..utk project je...konklusi..padan muka makcik..huhuhu.

dedek_ngegeh said...

hahaha..ngong ngeng! x kesah pon..haha..bile wat ramai2 nieh less work la jadiknye..ekekekek..aku pon wat2 la gaye busy pk jwpn kan..deyrg dpt jwpn aku tiru jekler..wakkaka

Anonymous said...

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