Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok. Since my week goes well, I am gonna post some more updates. I don't know. I just feel satisfied with myself. I feel like I have achieved something in my work. I met with the director today. Told him, or in a more exact term, complained to him about the one job that has been bothering me all this while. It's been 2 months now since I started doing it. It wasn't hard. Tedious. Clerical. I know I should accept whatever's given by my boss, but how can you expect any engineer to perform this task and not learn any other engineering stuff?? So yes, the director agreed with me and I managed to get out of it, alhamdulillah. To my so-called supervisor, SCREW YOU! She might think I'm new that she can definitely treat me like her assistant instead of her engineer, but excuse you, I am not just a timid girl who will nod on WHATEVER you do. I was trained to speak up for myself and not be looked down upon..

Honestly, I am not the rebellious type of person in terms of work. I have had about 6 jobs before this one. Yeah, they were all only my part time jobs, but still, they were not easy ones. Some of them at least. I respected my supervisors. I listened to them and believe it or not, I never go against them. Now? Gosh..I can be very vocal and straightforward. Hopefully, one fine day, I will get to prove something out of this. Amin.

Hm..so yeah, that was it for my updates..oooh! I found the picture of my-oh-so-excited-about bag..hehe..lemme just share it with y'all allright?? OMG..i just canNOT believe how excited I am about this new bag of mine..Erm..maybe it's simply because I've been working hard to actually purchase one bag for myself since I came home.. (erk, yes, I DO have tons of handbags..back then, buying a bag is like buying a magazine..with a 'click' of my mouse; if u know what i mean..hheeeee!)

So there it is, my konon-mak-datin bag..*wink wink* ENJOY! until then..lata~

Saturday, December 09, 2006


It has been a cheerful week for me..and today, I finally get my rest at home after a colorful week, I might say. Monday. Work as usual. Not too much time to 'play' around since I had to prepare a whole bunch of reports. Tight deadline due to my 4 days training since Tuesday to Friday. No no, i was psyched about the trainings. Who'd want to miss the opportunity of being away from si kangkang for the whole entire week and get paid for that?? Not me of course..haha!

So there I was..in the training..the whole week. Got to meet some people from other companies, learn new stuff (yea right!) and the most exciting part was that I got to taste the food at the hotel for free..haha! Not to forget, I got to go home on time. hey, i don't get to go home early every day ok? This going home early thing will lead me to my next update..huhu..

So, after 3 months of full pay check, I finally got to go out shopping with Sue (we spend most of our time together playing sports, movies and FOOD!). I bought a new shoulder bag. GUESS. Hey, I have saved up to actually buy one and trust me, I had a very hard time choosing coz the collection suck more and more these days. Plus, my two babes were not there to give their 2nd and 3rd opinions on the choices, which made it even harder. Regardless of that, with Sue's help, I fall in love with this one the first time I saw it so without any hesitation, I spent like 13% of my paycheck on this new bag of mine..oh my! Some people will never understand what obsession I have for bags. But well..what can I say.

Moving on, more update. Saw Pap on Thursday (the day after the whole short shopping trip) coincidentally during lunch at the hotel where I had my training. Went out on a 'date' with him and I got lucky when he actually bought me the Chocolate. It's not exactly chocolate, it's white. Speechless. At one point, I don't even know if I should be happy or guilty for costing him too much. Heck, bottomline, I deserve this gift from him once in a while..you with me?? *wink wink* (danger alert: jgn2 nnt aku dgr ade org tuh pakai gak chocolate..touch wood please?)

One more day of rest then I'm back to work. Went out with the girls last 2 nights. Movies. Some sports. God knows where we'll be hanging out tonight. Or maybe I'll just stay in and talk to my boo on the web. We'll see. Til later~toodles!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

u know who u r..

For someone out there..yes, I thought you were a real friend..but silly of me to think that way..

U were my best friend
we were suppose to be friends till the end
now thats all down the drain
someone came into Ur life
and she is more important than me
I'm not worth Ur time anymore
so just leave me alone
stop asking to be friends
stop acting like its my fault
I'm leaving u alone
i don't want to deal with Ur problems
i got enough of my own
I'm done with Ur drama
so run to her when u need to talk
I'm out of this for good
moving on with my life
so good bye my ex-best friend

Whether you go to this humble blog of mine or otherwise, trust me, I DON'T CARE coz you are so out of my life! Have a good life and no THANK YOU, I only accept true friends in my life..

Friday, November 24, 2006

So far..yet so close..

It's been 2 weeks since he left for Japan. Not trying to brag here, but honestly, we've never been any stronger than this EVER. We've been trying to keep ourselves updated everyday, listen to each other everyday and the coolest part is that we both get to see each other everyday, er..everynight to be exact. Well, many many thanks to the smart people who invented all these facilities for people like us on the internet; by saying us, I mean some 'young' people who's going thru the long distance relationship thingy. Perhaps it's true what people say about it after all; absence makes heart grow fonder..and it's good that we both get to see the other side of a relationship now. We share, we trust and we keep strong while being away from each other. And again, I never fail to thank Him for all this. InsyaAllah, we will make it thru this..

Other updates. Work. I was confirmed in my position as a Quality Engineer in the company after going through my 3-month-probation. Basically, I am still here in Kuching, working in the same company. haha! Trust me, I never thought that I would even stay in this company for at least 3 months but hey, I MADE IT! Yippy yeay yeay! Of course my salary has not changed, but the good news is, now that I'm confirmed, I can definitely claim my callback allowance without any hesitation or may i say, without being SCARED! Haha..such a chicken.

Other personal stuff. I am lonely. My girl, Sue, went off to KK for the weekend and I haven't heard from my beloved Babes for moons now. Well, one of them actually. So my plans for the weekend: Work on Saturday to finish up my junk and stay in on Sunday to get some good rest e.g. Zzzz or some storybook reading..huhu.. Owh, in addition to my loneliness, I'd like to point out that I miss my niece, Asfa Wardina so damn much. She was back in Kuching for 3 days and guess who did not get to spend time with her coz she's too busy being a busy-bee?? ME!!! Just for the heck of it, here's an 'out-of-nowhere' picture of us together..

Dina and her Ucu..do we look alike? hehe

I have got to plan my working hours and my personal times from now on. *sigh* work is no fun but heck, I WANT THE MONEY! Until then..tata toodles!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Moving On..

Ok. Don't panic. It's not that the world has come to an end when he finally left for Japan. Heck yeah, we are still together. Stronger than ever! Heh..he left last night. It was hard, I have to admit. But guess what; after thinking about this over and over, I somehow find the silver linings in this whole going-to-Japan thingy. He got to work towards his Masters and for me..hm, perhaps, this gives me enough time to figure out what I'm gonna do in my life. Maybe I can make use of this "space" to focus on my career, spend more time with my family before I actually get "taken" (if you know what I mean..hehe *grin*)

He's arrived in Sendai at noon earlier today. Received 3 calls from him. Gosh I miss him. He's currently staying over at some Malaysian students' apartment and hopefully soon he will settle down and we can talk to each other more. Everyday is like a battle for us. We will definitely try our best to keep ourselves strong. Hm..guess now I have a good reason to actually go to Japan. Wanna join me? Anybody? haha..

So my mini-trip to KL last weekend was in fact the most memorable 48-hour trip for us. I did not really get to see too much of my other friends. Thousand apologies for that. I bet they understand my situation. I got to spend most of my time with Hubby. In addition to that, I also got to meet most of his mom's and dad's family during Raya Open House held in his place. I was super-duper nervous but yeah, I handled myself well. The most exciting moment was to meet his granny. Of course we did not get to build the "connection" right away but I think I managed to break the ice. InsyaAllah this sillaturrahim will continue on until the day we say "i do"...

Picture perfect

Ok. enuff of words. enuff of hopes and dreams. I'm back to reality. Hafta move on and continue what I've been doing all this while; WORK. Gotta work hard. Get myself noticed. Learn as much new things as possible. Master what I do. Miss him. Miss him. Miss him. Miss him. Miss him..erk, I can't even say enough of this, can I?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Never too l8!

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone. If ever I hurt anybody physically, mentally or psychologically, I would like to take this opportunity to actually apologize and say Maaf Zahir Batin. I know, it's been more than a week since Eid, but well, it's never too late right?

Moving on..I have been extremely busy lately. Haven't had the time to catch my breathe, sit down and update my blog for this past month. Hari raya for me was a blast but it wasn't as perfect as I expected it to be. No, no, I did not get into any fights or arguments with anybody. Work hasn't been treating me well. I was called-back early in the morning on my first of Hari Raya to help out on the new system the company is implementing. Wrong, wrong, very wrong timing. I was pissed. My backup was nowhere to be found, not until noon, regardless the fact that he's Indian and he's not celebrating Hari Raya. My mom was crying in the car, stopping me from going to work. My phone kept ringing, saying "Sanmina". What should I do then? Between work and family. My mom to be exact. Finally, I had to sacrifice. Tried giving as many reasons as possible to my Project Manager for not showing up to work on my public holiday. It turned out fine at the end of the day. My back-up person was forced to come up to the plant and I got to celebrate my raya peacefully, for the 1st 2 days at least.

2nd day of Hari Raya. Yes, I received few calls in the morning from the plant. Managed to handle them well. Yea haa! I switched off my cellphone..haha. We got to hold our Hari Raya Open House for family, friends and colleagues. It was crazy, but heck yea, the more the merrier! It was a good day with good food and good company.

Next day. Worst raya day ever. I was stuck in the office the whole morning, evening until midnight. No kidding! Reached home at 12.20am. Pictures? Na'ah..did not even have the time to reach out for my camera on this one day. *sob sob* plans made with some friends had to be cancelled and postponed to the next day..

4th day of Hari Raya is indeed the most peaceful Hari Raya for this year. Finally, my director approved my leave for a day and a half and i got to spend my sweet time with family and friends on Hari Raya. The best thing was, Hubby came to Kuching on that very day and it can't be any more perfect than having all my loved ones around during this special celebration.

The rest of the days of my Hari Raya were perfect. Went out to some relatives' and friends' houses, spend some leisure time outside with Hubby and got to introduce him to most important people in my life. So yea..there goes my raya. It wasn;t perfect but the feeling of having your loved ones around on this special day is definitely what I've been longing for for this past 4 years. With this, I'll just share some of the pictures out of the many pictures that we took on Hari Raya. Babe, I still wish you guys were here..

Me and my lovely sisters in green

Me and my x-classmates. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

The girls at my crib

The couple la kan..

My best gurl in Kch. *hugs* Haha..

Beautiful Friends

@ Fazlin's place

Ehem ehem..

Currently I am in my room, waiting for Hubby's call. Y'know..those calls before you go to bed. Hehe..I am leaving for KL tomorrow..will be there until Sunday night to see Hubby. Yes, see him before he flies to Japan and be there for 2 yrs. I don't know if I am excited or sad to actually fly to KL tomorrow. I am definitely psyched to see him tomorrow but then, I don't wanna leave KL and say goodbye to him when I have to come back to Kuching. It'd be extra hard knowing that we will be apart for 2 years. Hmmph..I just hope that I can face this strongly and patiently. It won't be easy, I know but as what he always tell me, it won't be impossible either. We just have to go through all this before we get to the happy ending, InsyaAllah. Pray for us yea? May we both be strong together. -Amin-

*Yawn* there's my call. Till later~

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I am still alive. Hehe.. it's not that I have no interesting and exciting stories to tell, but I just have much better things to do than sitting around and updating my blog daily. So, whenever I feel like updating, I will definitely start to type up something for all to see. For now, I will keep it short and simple. I am still here, happy and living my life to the fullest.

First pay check. Get to celebrate Mak's birthday. Simple one, but what makes it more special is the fact that I get to hug her on her special day after 5 years being away on her birthdays. Hope she enjoyed her 54th Birthday as much as I did!

Mak's (a.k.a Nek Cuk) Cheese + Chocolate Cake. Yummy!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Ramadhan!

After 4 years away, I finally get to be home for Ramadhan and Eid (InsyaAllah). Being with family at this time of the year is in fact the best feeling in the world.

I don't have anything much to say. Hope that Ramadhan will bring us joy and make us better individuals, InsyaAllah.

Oh! Just in case you're wondering, I am feeling much better now..
well I am not a big fan of posting some lyrics on my entry, but this song actually made me realize the one thing that i might have forgotten..so, just for the sake of sharing..here goes..

Lautan Yang Berapi
Daratan Yang Berduri
Bagiku Bukan Musibah
Malahan Hikmah Berharga

Katalah Apa Saja
Yang Jelik Penuh Dusta
Kau Bebas Warnai Diriku
Di Minda Yang Kelabu

Siapa Diri Ini
Tuhan Yang Memahami
Amarah Dan Kecewa
Hanyalah Bara Membakar Jiwa

Sungguh Pun Ku Terkilan
Terguris Perasaan
Ku Pilih Berdiam Diri
Tanpa Dendam Dihati

From now on, I guess I have to bear with whatever they say about me. Only He knows..

They complete me..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Feeling down..to the ground..

It felt wrong. It felt empty. I feel sad..disappointed..frustrated..mad? confused and upset. I guess I couldn't find the right words to describe my emotions today. It was in fact a mixture of feelings..bad ones!

Somehow, after crying, I start to realize the silver linings in this black, greyish clouds in my life these days. maybe it will make me be a better person. Those words from her might be a stepping stone for me to move forward. InsyaAllah. Somehow, my inner feelings says it is really hard for me to change who i am..i don't understand..what the hell is wrong with being friendly? i can't be friends with the lower level employees? who the hell set the rules? are they allowed to tell me who i can and cannot mix with? isn't that considered as my personal life? WTF??!! it hurts when i actually had to sit there..listening to her..and not say a word..whatever it is, one thing i told myself, I DON'T WANNA B A STUCK UP ENGINEER..that ain't me! so please understand..judge me based on my work, not my size or my personality. Wasn't that's what you said to me, in my face, during the interviews??!!!

And her. Another thing that's been bothering me all night. I understand my role. I understand that I HAVE to respect her no matter how wrong she can be. Tonight I felt like a bigger person. I had the guts to say sorry. I'm loud. I'm outspoken. I voice out what I feel and think. Maybe for some people including her, that's rude. For me, that's straightforward. Some people refuse to accept the truth and choose to be mad about it and try so hard, in fact, extra hard to defend themselves and prove themselves right. But I don't care. For me, personally, if you think you're right, nobody can stop you from feeling that way. However, if you know you're wrong, be a bigger person by saying sorry. Do not act based on your feelings, but think before you act. Hitting me on the back? Why? Why did she have to do that? Out of control? Or just acting without using her mind? Also, strangling me on my throat? Was i that wrong? Did i deserve to be killed just because i said NO? Some people can really get out of their mind when they're mad. So, I vote for "being straightforward and rude" rather than hurting other people that you love, physically. No matter how hard they hit me on my back or strangled me on top my throat, my respect for them both was still there. Frankly, things will never be the same. Never. Period.

My eyes. Swollen. My heart. Squashed. My head. Spinning. Can't think. Can't run. Live with it. Be strong. Move on. Thanks sayang. Thanks Sue. I have no idea how can I go through these drama without both of you. Praying to Him, so things would be better as time passes by..insyaAllah..

To all the Muslims out there,
Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. May God bless us all..~Amin.

Also a shout out to Sue,
HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Gurl! Hope you'll have a great one!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Once a bitch, always a bitch. At least I think so. No, no, you don't have to change..just stay away from me..allright? To all the bitches out there, or anybody who wants or intend to be one..a.k.a wannabe's, BUZZ OFF yea? Chow!

Me in emo mode..excuse you!

Friday, September 15, 2006

After some time

I finally have the time to update my blog. Nothing much is going on. Just work and some events in my life. Recently, the company celebrated its 10th year anniversary. We had our annual dinner and of course I was a part of it as the committee (dah kata baru and fresh, of coz la kene buli kan rakan2?) i didn't get to take too many pictures though. I was too busy helping out. The funny thing is, despite the "busy"ness, I had the chance to walk up the stage..as one of the winners of the best dressed female that night..mwahahahah!!! Just in case you're wondering, the theme was International costumes..x pasal2 I actually earn RM50 for my so-called perempuan melayu terakhir costume..er, shopping anyone? LOL!

The doorgift and registration committee (from left):
Jafni, Lilianty, Ting S.L (Dutch Lady costume), myself, Sylvia and Bb (my boss)

From left:
Temenggung Juahir, Puteri Rahiza, Jafni and Simson (the person who recruited me..haha! jd geng daaa youuu!!)

Now that I am starting to know most people that I interact with at work, I find it easier to get around my work. But of course, it's impossible for me to know all the operator's names..but somehow, I will try my very best to be as polite and friendly as I can with all or er, most of them..afterall, for some reason, most of them think that I am just a clerk..haha! who cares la kan? janji dpt gaji accordingly..yes?

Hm..gotta get ready for tomorrow. It's currently Friday, but I still need to go to work tomorrow for a bit to finish up my stuff. Thanx to our callback allowance facility. Without it, I won't even bother to come to my office on Saturdays..huhuhuhuh..(what a spirit..!)

Owh..here's another picture of me at the office with my colleagues on one of the girls' last day at Sanmina-SCI..haiyak! And no, we don't dress up to work..and jeans are totally ALLOWED! Cool huh? I think so.. :P

From left: Christabelle (last day in Sanmina-SCI), me, Felicia and Carol

Until then people.. ~daaaa *wink wink*

p/s: Babe, aku rindu koerg banyak sgt..!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Career Lady? Wud??!!

Haha..it's been a week since I started working in Sanmina-SCI Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd..ahaha..ok. that is the full name of the company..and I double checked before I started posting tonight..mwahahahah..and guess what? after a week working, again, embarassed, I would like to correct myself on my position. I am actually the Quality Assurance Engineer at the company. Ok ok..I promise..no more corrections after this..hehe..unless if I decide to quit and take another job..mwahahah..Na'udzubillah la kan..

My first day was fun! I did not really do anything much besides trying to get to know my colleagues..pusing punya pusing, we ended up gossiping about Sitipu (if u know what I mean)..hahaha..yea, since my boss wasn't around..so of course, MERDEKA!! haha..

The 2nd day was the start of everything, sorta. Get to learn uh-lot of stuff from the production line. Who would've thought that this little girl will end up "auditing" the operators in the production line (eventho I have no idea how the process is done)?? Yea, of course nobody actually thought that I am one of the engineers..so they treated me like the boss's daughter..terhegeh-hegeh observing the Printed Circuit Board manufacturing process. Woohoo..excuse them, do not judge me by my size..hehehe.."line kerek sket"..

A week working, so far so good. I can tell that most people are looking down at me. Not because I am short, but because of my petite body too and my "smile-always" look. Haha..me? smile always? Hm..I quote that from my 2 colleagues, Felicia and Carol..so I accept those "remarks" with open arms, ears and nose..ahahahah..

Last weekend. I went to Miri for a short trip specially for Kak Liza's wedding reception, held at her in law's place. It was like a business trip for me knowing that I departed from Kuching on Saturday and came back on Sunday. Yes, nowadays airplanes are like buses..haha..Air Asia kan ada..but the funny thing is, I naik MAS..jadi??

*SiGh* I have lots and lots of nice pictures to share, but I am too tired to upload them on here at the moment..let's just keep those for my next entry.

I gotta go to bed..*yawn* big, long day tomorrow I might say.. whatever it is, stay tuned...!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I am currently alone in my home..watching TV with my laptop on my lap..hehe..My mom and the kids have gone to Brunei for the school holidays..so here I am..

I am currently in the 'mood' to actually update my blog..why not??!! At the same time, I am enjoying my leisure time at home before I actually start working this coming week. Owh..correction. In my previous entry, I "announced" my position as a Quality Assurance Engineer but after receiving my offer letter, embarassed, my position is actually as a Quality Audit (QA) Engineer..haha..well, at least I got the company's name right! Now that I got the job, Alhamdulillah..my job-hunting days have come to an end (for now) and I shall move on to a new chapter in my life.

So, last weekend..4 of my 8 MMU-C4 buddies graduated..unfortunately, I couldn't make it to their commencement..but the good thing is, I actually got to get their pictures sent to my email. Yeay! I am so damn proud of them.. I haven't had the chance to actually meet them since I came home; just YM and messages to keep us close. Hopefully, one day, we're gonna get to meet up; ALL 9 of us! Miss all of you so much!!

CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in your future undertakings!

The graduates. From left: Rad, Sap and Ika

Wish I was there..from left: Ika, Reen, Zai, Sap and Rad

More of them..From left: Sap, Rad, Reen, Ika and Ani

OOoopps..i gotta go..errands! Until then..toodles!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Updates? Here I come..!!

I have so many things to share..yet I don't know where the hell to start..haha..there are so many meaningful events in my life this past month..and I have been enjoying myself as the time passes by..Hm..I have no idea when was the last time I posted any entry in here..but well, I guess it's never too late to start posting again..

Okay..latest news. I finally got a job as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Sanmina-SCI..and of course the position is based in Kuching, Sarawak. I should be jumping up and down right now, but I guess that can wait..at least until the minute I receive the offer letter in my hands..for those who know me well, they should know that I am a very hard-thinker. Although my boss-to-be (insyaAllah) called me last Friday saying that they are ready to offer me the position, I consider myself unemployed..til' the minute I put down my signature on the offer letter and accept the position officially..haha! I think too much heh? Heck..wudever..that's just me..

So yea..lately, this past month I have been busy with multiple events in my life...it started with a visit from my babes, Nard & Am to Kuching on July 18 - July 21..it was our mini-reunion (since Yana was not here!) before Nard went back to Penn State. It was short, but meaningful and full of fun..I miss both of you so damn much..i couldn't find the exact words to describe how excited I was when I picked both of u up at the airport..and how sad I was letting u both go..but life goes on..just thinking about u guys can definitely makes my day!! Hm..pictures time??
My Babes..in downtown Kuching..

3 of us..with the giant white kitty..hehe

We got to visit Sarawak Cultural Village.. ;)

It was cloudy..but we couldn't miss it for the world..Santubong Beach!

After the seafood dinner..yummy! Thanx Mak.. :D

On the sampan-tour..heh! What an experience..!

Few minutes before I had to let them go for now..*sob sob*

My heart couldn't let go..but I had to..with tears..I waved them goodbye and wish them a safe journey home..and the best of luck in Penn State..can't really help living without them around..but then again, our memories will definitely keep me strong..thanx babes! It's been a blast having u both around..

After they left, I kept myself busy..preparing for Kak Liza's wedding..day after day, night after night, the day came..Alhamdulillah the event went as planned on August 5- August 6 and I guess, I'm next..in few yrs time (maybe, InsyaAllah)..Hubby came to Kuching few days before the ceremony..after 2 months away from each other, we got to spend the week together..aauuww! Nothing much to say..but here are some pictures of the beautiful wedding..

The whole family on Kak Liza's "Akad Nikah" Day

The sisters..and Asfa Wardina..

On the wedding day..at the Civic Center, Kuching Sarawak..the theme color was maroon and white/cream..so here goes..
The Beautiful couple..Abg Erwan & Kak Liza..

We couldn't help it..maroon was the theme color..mwahahaha..alasan!

The family, with the bride and bridegroom..

The siblings..

Myself, Afza and Sue..hehe..

I think I've shown enuff pictures for now..the list can go on and on..but let's just stop here..overall, I am glad that everything went well..and my life has been better and better..I've had so much fun with all my family members, Hubby and beloved friends around..as of now, I just have to wait for my first day of work and start a new chapter of my life..my career. Wish me luck u guys! Hope to receive the offer letter soon!

Last but not least, a shout out to Yana, Anna and Anis,


Do keep in touch..hope to hear from all of you when you come home..MISS YOU LOTS!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Past, present and future

It's been a month in Malaysia. Sadly, I am still unemployed. Bored? Sometimes, yea, but to be honest, I kinda enjoy my life as a so-called housewife. One might think that I will cry to death from boredom but surprisingly, I get to learn a lot of new things by just staying in. I get to cook for my family, yes, real food! I get to spend some time with my friends. Y'know, go out, have a drink and just chit-chatting..

While at home, I get to also learn that at some point, I have to let go of the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I was in the States. I was a student. Now, I am a graduate. I have goals in life. In order to reach that goal, I have to move on and try my best. My memories of my life in Penn State will never be forgotten. I will definitely carry those memories with me wherever I go. My friends too, I will always treasure them all as long as I live.

Here's something to share. Before I actually went to Penn State, I have these 5 personal goals..athough I've never written it anywhere or tell anybody about them, I am really glad that I fulfill all of them as planned. And now that I'm back, I'd like to share them with you..

1. Make a lot of new friends and not CLING with my Malaysian friends all the time. Yes, I went out with my girls and some other Malaysians but at least at one point, you can call a non-Malaysian friend and hang out with them..bowling? dinner? Players? haha..jk! Of course, I tell myself over and over to always hold on to my roots and my beliefs..

2. Get a job..any job..that way, I can make new friends..and make money..which brings me to my next point..

3. Be financially independent. Meaning, I would avoid asking for my allowances from my mom or dad for my expanses, especially for SHOPPING! Malu sket babe!

4. Balance my life..between studying and socializing. Go out. Have fun. At the same time, keep the grades up.

5. Most importantly, I told myself to come back and help my family and help bring Malaysia forward! There is definitely no other place like home..

You might have different views on whatever I listed. Okay..so why exactly I'm revealing my personal goals? Haha..whatever..this is my blog..so I can enter anything that I wish..

So yea..I gotta go..going out with my hunny, Sue. Kinda miss here..haven't seen here for a week..until later..toodles!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hi! Assalamualaikum..

It's been a while since I entered anything on my blog. What's going on? Hm..currently I am in my room..in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Just got up..a big, big THANX to Kak Liza..haha! Well, it's been a month since I left State College, Penn State University and U.S.A. I'm well-rested at home..and sadly, I am still unemployed. Hehe..but anyhoo..I am enjoying my so called "vacation" and I am still waiting for job offers after couple interviews.

The day I left, finally, I got to take some pictures with JoePa's statue, and the Pennsylvania State University's sign near Beaver Stadium..Not to forget, I stopped by at the Creamery to see my family there..sad moment..but sometimes you have to let go right? Yana and Am went to the airport to see us leave..but due to the lateness, I saved my tears until the plane took off from State College..and finally from L.A. Babe, seriously, those tears are especially for you..here's some pictures that we took before we left..for good..

My Creamery Family..picture taken right before I went to the airport..

You both have always been special friends to me..miss you guys!


So, what happened after I got off that plane on June 2nd 2006? It was like the perfect moment. I got to meet up with my whole family right after I claimed my luggage..and as I expected and requested, there were 3 bouquet of flowers and some balloons with the word CONGRATULATIONS on them.. how sweet.. it might seem "simple" and "plain" for some people, but it meant the world to me..seeing my whole family there..after 2 years away..picture time?

This is the plane that took me home..

My family..and some flowers and balloons..haha!

Just for Me..

Hm..yea..although they don't get to be there for my graduation ceremony..but I know..deep in them..they are damn proud of me..!!!!

Moving on..I stayed in K.L. for couple days before I head home for Kuching..we sorta just spend some time together..and of course I had the most FUN!! We went to Times Square Theme Park and Sunway Lagoon..just to entertain the kids..no, of course I did not get to enjoy the parks that much..erm..maybe a lil' by looking at hot guys around (adeke?)..haha..jk..but then of course the main point is to spend some time together..all of us..isn't that what we're supposed to do as a family? Hehe..bottom line is..I am the happiest person in the world to have my family around me..XOXO..more pictures la kan.. *wink wink*

do we look alike?

Aren't they lovely?

Me..with the most beautiful woman on earth..jgn jeles!

Basically..I am glad that I'm home..back with my family..the people that I have missed the most..for this whole 4 years away...

I promise to update my blog every once in a while..with my most recent activities and stories..

Owh..a shout out to my babe, Nard for her 22nd Birthday..


Another shout out to my special someone..Aimran Hakim...


That's it for now, for all the update request and all..thanx..you make me feel so much appreciated..I will definitely try to update my blog as frequent as I can..have a good day everyday..To all my friends back in State College..I still miss you guys!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Hardest Thing

I am definitely not good in arranging sad words.. not good at saying goodbyes.. but one thing for sure; I am DAMN good on crying my eyes out when i leave my good friends and family behind..

Today is the last day in State College. Will be heading home soon.. to be exact, it's today.. parts of me says,"YEAY! I am coming home!" My family sounded really excited to welcome me home. The IMs, phone calls and messages from family and friends back home brings out the excitement to get off that plane, run to each loved ones and hug them warmly.. that sounds like a perfect moment, doesn't it?

Another part of me believes that this would be one of the hardest things that I have to do; leave State College, my PSU family and my other friends here. State College has been my home for 4 years, my Malaysian friends are like my brothers and sisters. Apart from them, I have my other friends all over the United States, my Sunway buddies and some other people in my batch that never fail to be there for me through my ups and downs.

My other family members here..Nard, Am, Izzawan, Sarah, Zal, Diane, Dart, Daju, Kunod, Mahirah and even Oja..also, the boys.. they will always be missed after I leave here. Although I don't get to spend a lot of time with each and everyone of them during my 4 years here, they have left their footprints on my heart..and trust me, they can never go away..

My circle of trust. Missing: Sarah and Kunod.

We will be miles and miles apart..but you guys will be among the closest to my lil' heart..

I was away for the weekend. Believe it or not, this mini-trip to Madison, WI for the Midwest Games is the most memorable trip I ever had throughout my 4 years here. My last road trip with the Penn Staters, that is. The good thing is, Penn State has won the overall trophy. In addition to that, I got to meet almost all my friends from different colleges in the US. Spend some time to actually share our experiences and ehem ehem gossips and took pictures of our mini-reunion.

Buddies from Univ of Minnesota
From left: Me, Ross and Sri

Sunway buddies..

These are the people that I will treasure forever
From left: Yana, me, Anis and Anna

After this, all of us will be going on our own directions after this but I am pretty sure the phrase FRIENDS FOREVER will always be "valid" for us 4. When I say 4 of us..that'd inlcude myself, Yana, Anna and Anis. It's been a while since we meet each other. Despite the distance, we all can still share our stories, laugh at the same jokes, be loud and enjoy our times together. I am so gonna miss this soon. In fact, I miss them all already..

Moving on.. I will be back in Malaysia.. hoping to get a descent job.. settle down.. wish me luck in whatever I do.. and stay in touch.. I just got an offer for an interview with Texas Instrument. I can't lie. I was psyched. Kinda putting my hopes up high for this one. Say your prayers for me.. even if I won't get the job, I hope the interview experience will keep me strong.. and help me get the job that I desire.. aja-aja fighting..!!

Before I end my last entry from United States, here's a lil' something for all my friends out there..
you're my friend and that is true,
but the gift was given from me to you.
we went thru moments that were good and bad,
even moments that were happy and sad.
you supported me when i was in tears,
we stuck together when we were in fear,

it's really sad that it had to be this way,
but it has reached its very last day.
miles away cant keep us apart,
'cause you'll always be in my heart.

I love you guys..and there ARE NO WORDS to describe how hard it is to say goodbye...

Thursday, May 18, 2006


It's been a week that i became an official Penn State alumni. Haven't had the chance to "report" on one of the biggest events in my life.. MY GRADUATION! It was filled with pride, joy, fun, excitement, hugs, kisses(erk?) and some goodbyes. Although my family didn't make it there to the ceremony, I felt really blessed to have my friends around me.

To my Malaysian Penn State family, my IE family and my other friends;

THANX for keeping me strong..
THANX for being there..
THANX for the cards, gifts, phone calls, text message and wishes..

No words can describe how thankful I am to have all of you close to me on my special day.

Well, I took uh-looott of good pictures. However, I know that it is impossible to post all of them on this entry..right? So as usual, here's the selected ones!
Having him there..graduating with me..is in fact the sweetest thing..

Can't thank them enuff for spending the big day with me..

My Penn State family..without you guys there..I'll be standing at the side..crying..i guess..

My IE friends..can't imagine not seeing any of you again..*sob sob*
From left: Lydia, Luanne, me, Carla, Jackie, Jess, Stanley and Adit

My classmate, Brad (left) &
My first IE friend, my classmate, groupmate and "argue"-mate Chad (right)

sigh.. From left: Joe, Jeff, me, Carla and Travis a.k.a Ty

To these guys, thanx for showing up!
From left: Ed, Ricky, me and Chris

My Creamery buddies. You girls mean so much to me!
From left: Allison, Shannon and Cara

More creamery gang. From left: Tim, Brian and Andrew
Erk..maybe this is why they don't let me be in charge of the cash register..LOL!

Pheuw..so, what's new with me..?? It's been a week since I last became a Penn State undergraduate..I am an alumni now and I am very proud of my personal accomplishment. It may not be as "wow" as some other people's victory, but I am still proud with what I achieved.

This degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is for my mom..for her hard work..her support..and prayers..

I'll be coming home..for good..with this degree, I hope that she can now sit back and relax..it's time for her to enjoy her "investments" on her daughters..
Malaysia, here i come..!!

Recently, I have been away this whole week.. went for a mini-vacation, with Hubby, his family along with his aunt's family. Tired, happy, nervous, anxious, excited, afraid..but I guess, overall, I can summarize the whole trip in 2 words: INTERESTING yet CHALLENGING! I got to know his family members and I learned how to be around them..most importantly, I get to spend valuable times with them. I hope this mini-trip that we had brought lotsa fun to everybody as it was for me. I admit that I got nervous and scared at times, somehow, I guess that is what every girl has to experience especially when they get to meet the boyfriend's family. This trip meant a lot to me, and this might be a stepping stone for both of us to bring our relationship to the next level. Doakan kami allright? Well, this time, I have less pictures but enough to summarize the trip..here goes..

Hubby and I in Niagara Falls

Totally soaked with Aiman, Hubby and his mom..

That's us on the boat to the Falls

Hubby and I (again) on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty

At Central Park, us, his cuzzy (Nana) and his aunt and uncle

Bonding with Lala in Central Park

The girls and I

Although I wasn't on my best condition for a few days of the trip, I was glad that I was part of hubby's family's trip. *Yawn*- i guess, i've updated this blog more than enuff for now..i better head to bed before i collapse right here, in front of my lappy..until then..toodles!