Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Wonderful Monday

First of all, I would like to wish one of my best buddy here in PennState a HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY. So we had the suprise little gathering for her last night ad midnight and I hope that somehow, she will know how much we love her..Aww..so sweettt..hehe..to NurIlliana Amir Hasrat, may God bless you and hope that u will enjoy your special day..okie dokie?? Mwahs mwahs to you..

Next, currently I am in my room, skipping class..huhuhu..thought of getting started studying for the test tomorrow. AAaaa..I did not skip all the three classes I have, kidding me? I am skipping my last class of the day. That's not too bad..right?? As I mentioned, I have a test tomorrow night..meaning..staying in the room tonight is a No-No..no more watching the Patriots game tonight allright me? Bad for your grade. :(

So this weekend was fun. Saturday was filled with love and laughter and FUN! before the big game against Wisconsion the Badgers, the Msian PennStaters had some kind of a gathering among ourselves. Gather, talk, gossip, hugs, talk some more, laugh, and most importantly FOOD!! Went to Sarah's place in Penn Tower then Bodak's place, Meridian II. Pictures? Of course la kan..many many pictures. I gotta pick my best pictures of course..hehe..

The girls at Sarah's place

Gadis-gadis NgeGeh..huhu

Hubby and I

After a large amount of food, some of us went to the game. This time, unlike most of the other games, I am NOT the only girl in the Malaysian crowd at the stadium. There's Nard, Dart and Yana. Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the senior section, but still we get to walk to the stadium together until I found out that my ticket slipped out of my pocket..drama..drama..So Hubby and I ran back to see if the ticket can be found anywhere on the road. With my heart beating so fast, I ran as fast as I could, looking for it. LUCKILY, i found it lying on the road, upside down (pheeuww!). I went to the game..in fact the last home game for the season. High possibility that that is my last game for like..ever. So, that's that. I got to take some pictures in Beaver Stadium, as one of the most memorable experience as a student of PennState University. *sob sob*

That's US before the game

Hubby and I at the stadium before the game started

Senior fans after the game

Owh no no, we didn't lose..we look sad b/c it's our last game of the season, or maybe forever. That's why all of us looked a lil' bummed..hehe..especially Anjeet, the guy on the right-most..haha! The score was 35-14 and yes, we scared the badgers!! After the game, I got to wait for the players to walk out of the stadium, and I got some of their autograph, like.. of them. EZ Smith is the only one that I am familiar with..but the most important thing, they all played well, and they deserve a pat on their shoulders..*wink wink*

So, that's it for this entry. Full of memories and good times..until next time..~


am said...

hehehe...ade blog rupenye cik kak ni...babe, i really lyke it when i see my name up in ur entry...so next time try selitkan my name as many as possible ok?

am said...

and one more, i plus plus lyke it when my picture is on there too..so letak la lagi...

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Abe said...

Waaah dekda ade blog rupenye. Senyap2 jer yer. Ok la, just nak cakap nice entries and slamat hari lebaran, maaf zahir batin. Pretty sad because this is the last raya that we didn't actually celebrate together :(

But anyhoo, raya taun depan, 2 taun lagi ker.. make sure dekda ngan aim buat open house ok? InshaAllah, God willing, i'll be back home by then.


oja moja said...

dayang...buat open house kt s'wak.kasik abe terseksa sket nak merentas laut china selatan tuh..

Amin said...

mana gambar aku

dedek_ngegeh said...

ala koerg..esok lepas xm aku post lagi byk gamba..yg merangkumi sume org..tp..erk, gamba amin ade ker x eh dlm camera aim nieh..nnt aku check..maaf zahir batin amin..huhuhu..abang, aku wat open house koe janji dtg tau..hikhikhik..am, kiter g shopping agi..leyh aku taruh name koe byk2 dlm entry aku..kehkehkeh