Thursday, November 17, 2005


The package was delivered to Mak yesterday. Alhamdulillah everything worked out fine for everybody. I hope all of them like the gifts I sent. Hehe.. I just got off the phone with Mak, and how relieved I am when she said that she likes the cellphone. Kak Liza worn the shirt out already and Kak Ani, was debating on taking the handbag I sent for Mummy (my aunt). Haha, funny! I knew it's gonna happen. I knew that they're gonna be arguing about the bags. Be patient Kak Liza. InsyaAllah I will get you your engagement/wedding gift when I come home.

One interesting thing my mom told me. If you don't think this is interesting, your prob, not mine. hehe, so, while my mom was looking at my picture hanging on the wall with her "timang-timang", Dina, my niece got all jealous. Haha, i like la Dina, once Ucu comes home, your NENEK is mine (like she can read this..huhu). Hm..I don't think this little girl is gonna like me. I'll be her rival when I come home.. MWAHAHAHA (my evil laugh, sorta) Owh, below is a picture of her with my dream cellphone. Here's the cutie pie Wardina..buwek!

So, today. I am in Leonhard (as usual, my second home). Gotta head to work in like 20 minutes. Basically, my day is plain today. Nothing interesting, nothing new.

Hm..boring huh? At this moment, all I can think of is to get out of State College and get my mind off my school work, quizzes, tests and projects! I guess I am too worn out from school. In few days, we will have our Thanksgiving break, and hopefully when I come back from that break, I will be more motivated to struggle for my grades. And few weeks after that, I'll be off for about 3 weeks. Huh! Seriously, I can't wait!

Time definitely flies really fast. After the end of this semester, I only have one more semester to go and I will be done for school .. yippy! one point of my life, I will go back to school but na'ah..won't bother thinking about all those until I get my precious bachelor's degree. hehe..

I am so gonna miss State College. If I am rich in the future, I'll definitely come back. Hehe, maybe for one of the football games..haha..ok ok..i better stop b4 i start daydreaming again..

Owh btw, I feel a little better today. I am over it, and I am so ready to work my hardest for the rest of the semester (for some of you who know what happened to me yesterday).

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