Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Miracle, I might say!

It's been a long day, but definitely an exciting one!
My day started really early, submitted my IE 468 homework and went straight to work at 1pm to 6pm. Now? Kinda beat..but posting my entry..it's a 'must-do' for today. So yea..here goes...

Interesting conversation between Hubby and I while walking from EE East Building to the HUB (directly translated to English):

Me : Hm..is that a football player? He's tall and he's an African American.Maybe?
Hubby: Not all big African American are football player, honey.
Me : Why haven't we ever bumped into any football players on campus? Why? Urgh..Before the end of the semester, I definitely will track them down, take pictures with them and have them sign on my Penn State Sweater, seriously!

(I have my Bill Cowher's face on..hihi..)

Hubby: Hey, that's a football player.
Me : Owh my God! You're kidding!
Hubby: Nope, i'm not!

(me looking really closely)

Me : Owh my God! (jumping around in excitement)
Hubby: Go get his autograph.
Hubby and I was debating on who should approach him 1st & ask if he wants to take a picture with us.

After a lil' "you-go, no! you-go scene", I got to take a picture with the Penn State cornerback , Alan Zemaitis. God knows how excited I was! I don't even know how to describe this moment in words. We shook hands, Hubby and I congratulated him and let him know how awesome he was last Saturday.

That's the picture! Me & Alan Zemaitis. Hehe..yes, I know..I am LITTLE!

So, after that exciting moment, we (Hubby and I..of course w/o AZ..duh!) went to get my salad at Sbarro..still excited..and gosh, I can't even stop smiling to myself!

Moving out of Sbarro..talking and smiling, I got even more excited when I saw three big guys at the entrance of Barney's. OWH MY GOD! That's like the most memorable moment. I went to them, without thinking any longer..and said to them..

(With my cutie, sweetie-ish voice) " EXCUSE ME SIR, CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU??"

and he said," Sure, sweetie..!" Aaaaa!!! Am I dreaming or what? (I need some help, you think?).

YOU KIDDING ME? It's our most beloved Penn State quarterback, Michael Robinson (rightmost), accompanied by Matthew Rice, the defensive line (leftmost) and AZ (middle..yeaa haa!). Is this a miracle or what? So, of course, I got to shake their hands, congratulated them..and most importantly, TOOK A PICTURE WITH THEM. So yea..call me a freak..call me a psycho..but I got what I dreamed for(since I started to become a die-hard football fan..ehem ehem). I've always wanted to take some pictures with the stars of Penn State football team..and I did.

Owh, by the way, Penn State won our last game of the season, against Michigan State, the Spartans with the score 31-22. It wasn't the best game, but it was good enough to earn the BIG TEN CHAMPION TITLE 2005. ssswwweeeetttt...!

Although I could not make it to East Lansing, I got to go to Rec Hall, for the welcoming event. Some pictures from there: (they're not too clear, but you can see how it is).

Try to look for the big ten trophy, held up by M Rob among the crowd. C'mon..you can see that..!

The players' arrival..hehe, can't really see which is which, but they are with the tags on their hats. hehe..

Bottom line, I LOVE TODAY! This day is definitely gonna be stored in my personal Penn State memory. WE ARE...PENN STATE!

Word of the day: Excited, exciting, excitement and any word with the root word 'excite' in it.


am said...

Mrob sangat tak hensem kan...dlm tv cam hensem..ahaha..best giler la babe...tapi aku sure dierang are at least three times u...

nard said...

dedek..one more thing before ko graduate.....satu..kiter kena amik gamba ngan joe pa....dan lagi satu..ko tlg aku amik gamba ngan Dan palmer museum..ahahaha...*wink wink*

nard said...

opss...2 things actually

dedek_ngegeh said...

haha Nard..yg Dan museum tuh cam senang sket..kalo JoePa..kite kene gie kt park avenue petang2 carik dier..dier suker berjalan2 di waktu ptg area umah dier..(menurut kate sumber2 yg dipercayai la kan...huhuhu)

oja moja said...

haah betol-betol..korang carik die kt hutan park ave.mmg die suka jalan2 kt situ.btw dayang.jeles giler dowh ngan gamba ko.aku dulu duduk nittany pon.slalu nampak.aku tak kenal pun nama.hahaha.skrang baru kenal.

Yana said...

hahaha, congrat ler dpt amik amik gamba ngan hero2 blue and white. ahaha betul ke aku guna perkataan congrats nih? anyways aku ingatkan koe pinggang derang pun takkan sampai tp lepas gak yer mak cik. ahahaha