Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving over.. :(

I still can't believe that it's over. I did have so much fun.. I did enjoy myself.. I did go out of State College.. I did a lot of shopping.. and most importantly, I did take a LOT of pictures..mwahaha!

I went to Washington D.c for the second time. But, this time, I get to meet new people, enjoy the shole trip with hubby, the girls and some other girls and guys. Also, I got to see the Smithsonian and enjoy taking pictures with the old, creepy buldings there. hikhikhik..

Okay, since I have tons and tons of homework to do, I won't keep this entry long..but here are some of my favorite(wait, is that the right spelling?) pictures from the trip. Pictures can actually speak louder that words..hehe.. so, Enjoy!

That's the whole group for our lil' trip to DC.

Me & the side of some river in DC. (Hindustani pose! LOL)


I love this picture! That's the monument at the center of Smithsonian.

Yes, we love to take pictures!

Me and the white house

All of us, with our warm-hearted host; Cik Wan & Kak Kin.

Overall, the trip was a success..thanx to all of you.
Hubby, the girls, Chi & Megat..thanx a bunch!

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