Saturday, November 12, 2005


Currently in Leonhard..done with classes and all. It's been a crazy week (haha..same old stuff). Got back my I expected, not good, but HELL I DON'T CARE!

Last night was fun. Went out with the girls, Walmart! (of all places). Shop, shop and more shopping. I had no idea what to pick up for myself, until we all found ourselves standing at the cosmetic aisle. Guess what? I bought some make-up stuff for myself, with the help of the professional AM, and not so professional, Nard..LOL! What a night! We should do this more girls!

What else is new..owh yea..Hubby and I fixed my ibook last 2 nights. Long process, but we made it through. Heh, so now, I have 2 laptops in my room. Ridiculous, but FUN! I have Mac Operating System and also Windows Operating System. Cool? Na'ah..

Hm..i am so not in the mood of writing up my entry right now..but I gotta kill time before I head to work. I need some air..and maybe more shopping.

Good news from home. My buddy in Kuching, E-za, is getting engaged this December. Of course it's with a guy! Too bad that I can't make it to the ceremony, but my prayer is always gonna be with you hun! I hope that I can make it to your wedding, I will TRY my very best! Another good news, my second sister, Kak Liza is getting married next year, somewhere in August/September. So, that wedding, I'll be there (with Allah's willing). Me? Wedding? Heh..speechless..let's just wait and see. I promise, if my "time" comes, I will definitely tell the whole world about it (thru the internet..huhuh).

So, ok, this Saturday, masak-masaking at Megat/Aim/Chi's place allright girls? Nard? Am? Kun? Time suggestions? So that's the weekend plan. Shopping plan..hmm..we can arrange that seems like that's the word of the day..haha!

It's almost work time. GTG! Looking forward for more and more fun this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed (as always)!


Anonymous said...

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Yana said...

oi masak2 makan2 aku nak join gak woi!

dedek_ngegeh said...

haa..bleyhla tuh..koe tuh dahla terre masak..nnt aku sound yer..kecil2an la kan..ayam seketul jek aku beli..haha!

am said...

spontan2 ni mmg tak larat la kan

Kak liza said...

ohhh... dpt duhal... ihihihih... cool..... sowwie mek tok sakai sikit...wahahahahhah..belajar masak ok.. kelak mok kawin senang... wahahahaha