Monday, November 14, 2005

P!nK ob$3ss!oN

It's Sunday already. Just got back from brunch with couple girls and boys. I was up early, like at 11.15am (wow..'very' early), crawl out of bed and went out for brunch.

Friday was my pink obsession day. Gotta do a lot of shopping, with PINK as my shopping theme. I bought a pink bag, another pink bag (hehe!) and a pair of pink shoes. Hm..I am starting to like the color pink that I cannot lie. Wait, what is wrong with pink anyways? I used to refuse to admit that I like pink. Of course my favourite color is still RED, but sometimes, I need to pick on other colors too. It's a girly-girly color, I know, but what's the point of denying myself? To act cool? What? Cool people don't like pink? Come on..grow up! Pink is a cute and beautiful color. Period. Hehe..before I get too emotional, I'll just switch gears to something else. LOL!

Yesterday, no PSU football game (boring..!) but I got to watch some other games for a bit. Fun..but not as fun as watching our own team..right? So, the girls and I had our masak-masak night and fortunately nobody had any symptoms of food poisoning went good and it's definitely a good time. Yana, next time, you should be there..!

Not long after the yummy-yummy dinner, we had our own little tournament, Dance-Dance Revolution! Bounce bounce! We did not really come up with a winner since it wasn't really a rreeeaall's just a bunch of people having fun.

So, the host, Hubby, Chi and Megat, THANX for letting us cook at your stove. Am, Kun, Nard, THANX for helping out with the cooking and to everybody..THANX for helping out with the eating..hehe!

These pictures are taken before the so called DDR tournament and during the so called DDR tournament. Enjoy!

The girls, after dinner

Nard & Megat

Am & Megat..focus! focus!

Nard & Me..erk..

Hubby & Chi..uik? Nard, 'interframe-ing' please!

Another SPONTANEOUS event that we have after the so called DDR tournament; TRIP TO WALMART! haha..the girls get to buy a one-dollar-Maybelline lipstick (o wait, not just 1, in fact a hand full of them!). The guys? Hm..bored waiting for the girls to finish shopping..LOL!

There goes my Saturday. Main point; I have had fun. Thank u guys!


ojamoja said...

ha sape menang DDR tuh?actually sape otai?

chi said...

yg aku tau bln aku la yg menang

Yana said...

haip.. gomen nasai! Next time I'll definitely be there!

dedek_ngegeh said...

Lenkali baru kiter wat tournament btol2 nak? set up time..i'm in! hikhikhik

am said...

alahai...nak ddr tournament sure la kalah babe...buat la karaoke..aku leh menang tu..emotionally laa...vocally...aduh, sadis...

oja said...

ha aku ade karaoke revolution.ape lagik am.