Friday, November 18, 2005

Lecture? Pay Attention?

Dr Newman said, " Allright kids, two things you need to figure out before you go out there and make sum big bucks:
1. Know who you are.
2. Be who you are.
So, thanksgiving break, write a paper on these two most important things. I want it on my table by 5pm on the Tuesday right after the break!"

Hm..the question may look easy. But how do u know who you really are. Some people couldn't figure it out & they end up being somebody that they're not.'wannabe'..

That's my homework for the break. Find a little time to explore something about my inner-self and write a 3 page paper about it.

Question for myself: Am I being myself? Or am I just being like this to impress everybody around me? People change..yes? Have I changed? Bad? Good? Am I happy the way I am? Sometimes, people see me as the happy, chatty, giggle-giggle type of gal, but sometimes I find myself crawling in my blanket, crying out loud out of loneliness. So, who am I? 'Good questions,'says me. haha!

I get upset looking at people change. You know..some of them turn to be somebody that I thought I never knew. It's even worse when that person is closely related to me. My best buddies, or my family members..or..some people that I dearly love. It makes me makes me on earth can people change drastically?

Well, maybe it's nature. Everybody's growing, and things cannot remain the same at all time, of course. Maybe that's one of the reasons I hate to browse through friendster. Looking at the pictures, you know. Seeing how people change through time. It's different. I can't turn back time. I can't. I just can't.

My heart says: 'I want her back. I want her back to who she used to be.'

Allright, back to freakin' IE 468 homework. Cavalier, please..why Cavalier? why??!!

hehe..emo mode! u know.. *wink wink*

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