Thursday, November 10, 2005

Killing time

Yes, this is to kill time before I get to break my fast today. Hm..the picture on the left is Bill Cowher. Hm..he is known for his "masam-ness" most of the time. Why is his picture posted here? haha..hubby said we (me and Cowher) have one similarity, the frown that is. What were u thinking? Me? Head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers? Keep on laughing people..not gonna happen! Well, I can frown like him for hours, seriously. But, I can't be a good football team head coach.(duh!)

Yesterday, was a long day. Work, classes, lab and an exam at night. I missed my Gilmore Girls show and currently I am downloading the episode on my computer. UNBELIEVABLY SLOW.

My exam was bad..hehe..u heard me, it was BAD! I cried, yes, in LEONHARD! That was the first time I cried in front of my friends there...erk? They were panicking when they saw the tears trickling on my cheeks. Poor them..they know me as DAY, the cheerful, loud girl in the computer lab. They've never seen the cry-baby in me..hehe, they managed to cheer me up though. Many many thanks to them. Heck yea, I feel a lot better more worries. Spanish words they taught me: JOSTOY BIEN (I am good!).'s time for me to fill up my flat, lil' tummy. So..until then..

AM, QUN, NARD, care to shop?


oja moja said...

nak join

nad said...

waa..mau shop2 lagi ker ini weekend..aku on ajer..ahahaha

dedek_ngegeh said...

yesza la kan..aku nieh 4ever shopping..paycheck mari woo..sound yer bile nk shop..makcik am & kun..kamu bagaimana?

am said...

oja bole join..ajak la alan skali...i like

Anonymous said...

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