Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Couple thoughts..

It's 2.12am in the morning, and I just can't put myself to sleep. Tired, yes, but I just couldn't get this things outta my head now. I don't know..this question is playing on top of my head. Kak Liza asked me,"Is Aim coming home with me after we graduate?" (translated from Sarawak's dialect).

On the left, is the picture of my chubby hubby. That one question is still lingering on top of my head. I know this may sound pathetic or clingy, but seriously, how can I bear with the fact that we're gonna be apart from each other? I know, I have my family and friends, but it won't be complete too without him. We've gone through our ups and downs since the three years ++ we've been here. He's always here when I am down, when I am excited, when I am lost or when I am over-active (haha!). Basically, he's always by my side in any point in my life here in Penn State. I remember back then, the first semester we were both here. He's doing so well in his courses that I almost break down and gave up on myself (since I did not do as well). Without complains (not that I know of), he's there to provide moral supports, brought back my confidence and never fail to make me realize that I can do it. Although that had been my hardest semester, I was able to go across the obstacles and move on. I crawled up the ladder until I reached to where I'm at today. Not on the highest point yet, but Alhamdulillah so far I am happy with where I stand. Improve myself? Yes, insyaAllah. His words are always with me and they keep me strong, always.

His plans is to pursue his dreams to go to Grad school after we both graduate. If there's a will, there will be a way (or maybe more ways) for us to be together, no matter how long it'd take. Hm..guess let's just leave it all of this doubts and worries to our fate. Try hard? That's for sure! InsyaAllah, we'll make it thru the rain *sob sob*

I hope that I will always be blessed with my family, him and my beloved friends around me. Without all of you, I may never be who I am today. All the things that you have done for me, it's priceless and there's no way that I can pay you enough for all the support and good times.

Mak, Kak Liza, Kak Ani, and all my beloved friends out there, thank you for loving me as I am.

Enough already of this heart-to-heart trash talk. Gotta cut it out and hop on my bed.

Reminder for myself: next time, do not 'terhegeh-hegeh' to sleep more than 10 hours and skip all your classes. As a result: I can't sleep tonight and end up thinking too much until my head is gonna explode. Urgh! Bad, very bad for my grades..kehkeh