Friday, November 04, 2005

Eid Mubarak!

It's so very nice outside. Sun was out, sky was clear. It seemed like the perfect weather to go outside with your baju raya(kurung or kebaya etc etc). Yerp yerp. O wait, I don't have one..hehe..

However, today, I went to work, exam, class and lab with my baju kurung. Purple, it was the one that my bestfriend, Zai gave me. Owh, I'm just gonna post these two pictures 4U2C.

Try to guess..both are my pictures with the same baju kurung. One of them was taken 4 yrs ago and the other is taken like 15 minutes ago..different? I don't think so.. hopefully next year, I will be able to celebrate this meaningful event at home..with my mommy..and my daddy..

Owh..speaking of daddy..I got a good news today, early this morning..Before that, I would like to thank my daddy..Pap..for the gift, A CAR THAT IS! I will definitely appreciate it and take good care of it when I come home..and I will try my very best to give you a call very very soon..hehe..

Before I get off here..I would like to wish everybody "Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf Zahir Batin"..I really hope to see most of the PennStater this Saturday, let's take some nice pictures since this is my last raya here..(i hope!)

I have nothing much to say..enjoy the Raya!


oja moja said...

glamer siot nama masuk collegian

zuru zuru said...

kecik.. slamat ari raya..

Anonymous said...

bagus betul dak kecik nih.. 4 tahun baju tu x lusuh2 pun.. hehehe.. singkat pon x kan??kan?? muahaha.. jz teasing u dear.. ;)

samat raya.. jaga diri leklok.. cayang ko.. hehe..