Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elevator Trouble!

i could say my day has been interesting. was at work as usual, it was typical until my colleague and i got stuck in the elevator. ahaks...worse, my colleague is 8 months pregnant. another ahaks!

the elevator's door didn't get to open on every floor we stopped. basically we were stuck in there. well actually, the door opened a bit, enough for the skinny me to slip out..but why bother to try when the situation helped me escape from a meeting kan? LOL!

so we had our little chat while enjoying our after-lunch-dessert, mangga and rojak. yummylicious?! we enjoyed our so called "break time" in the elevator, unfortunately, the Facility Team came to the rescue after half an hour.. only then i realized..OMG! what if my colleague's needs to go to labor? what if her tummy ache? what if she passed out, suffocated from the "air-less" condition? erk..i know that won't happen considering she's only 8 months pregnant..but it can happen kan?? kan kannn?? well, maybe i just think too much. haiyak! ok. in short, we were out of there 1 1/2 hr later..yawn yawn! huhu...

oh! took this pic konon2 as a proof to the boss that we were stuck. mane tau that he thinks it's funny that we look like we're having fun being stuck in the elevator! wakakakkaka..siap bersila ok?! (she loves this pic. x nampak perut she says. chets!)

hrm..what do i say next..i'm kinda waiting for hubby to come home. only then we can head to dinner. starving, i am! oh well..i better go..until then..toodles!

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