Tuesday, September 08, 2009

look who's talking

1. I work more than the required hours.
if not: i feel like i am a slacker.

2. I can't afford to ignore anyone's request.
if not: i will feel guilty and irresponsible.

3. I call up my line in the middle of the night to check on my devices.
if not: i can't sleep well that night thinking of my device status.

4. I go extra miles, to get my job done as well as other ppl's portion.
if not: i'd feel guilty. stupid me.

6. I can't keep myself at ease if I don't complete my tasks before i leave my workplace.
if not: i will be moody all day and night.

5. I come for weekend support.
if not: i feel like my boss thinks i am lazy.

6. I follow up on multiple stuff and I don't mind if any parties call me pushy.
if not: my job is delayed and i won't be satisfied.

As long as my job's done...I don't mind all the things on the side.
what have i become? a working donkey? shit. i hate this.

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