Friday, August 28, 2009

LucKy & Pera$aaN

Hi Dayang - thanks for all the support for BMS!!!!

We are lucky to have you supporting us.

Best Regards,

my pms is officially over after receiving this message. thanks to Evelyn . seriously, it made my day.

my weekend begins in 1 hour 30mins. yay!
hubby and i..Kuching! Here we come!


apsal tetiba je rs mcm my boss doesn't like me?
sbb amik cuti byk sgt ke?
but i thot that's my right?
i kumpul cuti for couple months..then amik lah cuti kan..!
isk. ke ni perasaan je?
ke mcm sbb pms so suke pk bukan2?
isk. xley jadi ni.
nnt klo die x suke, xpasal2 increment x best.
aaaahh! x suke perasaan camnieh.
sekian. xpe. jgn pk. nk cuti. nk cuti.
sat. is this what u call workaholic?
amik cuti then feel guilty abt it? ke?
dahla. bye.

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