Monday, March 30, 2009

FuLLy CharGeD

damn. it's Monday. yea, of course, Monday blues can HARDLY be escaped, but believe you me, I have gone through my day with the most energy, feeling refreshed and enthusiastic..erk. surprising kan? ahaks.. oh, i'm starting to hate my job..think closely..what do i tasks? new team? i dunno..mayb i need something to keep me hanging in there..kan?

my weekend was a relaxing 1. had fun spending alone time with Hubby to recover from the exhaustion we accumulated since the last time i wrote in here. we had our lil' movie night at home. grocery shopping. spring cleaning. home cooked and of course. ehem ehem. erk. NEXT....!

yea, after 1 night back in KL, mom came with her not-so-little troop, Yusri & Amri. it was the school holidays! so kak ani and i planned out a mini family outing. well. incomplete i might say. but it was heck of a trip to PD. hehe..been a while since i saw beaches. sun (yg ni hari2 nampak laaa kann). kites. breezy air. lots and lots of people, chilling and burning out their skins..erk?!

hubby and i, trying hard to fly a kite!

uchu and leesya..inseparable during the whole trip. yikes!

kids enjoying the beach and sand

my 2 best-est people..

mak went home a week after. sob. basically. we burnt our 2 weekends with family. yes, it requires time and energy. but what else counts compared to good times with family? no?

the next to-go-to event..a good friend's wedding this Saturday in Seremban. seeing my very close friend getting married, wow! and really, i'm so happy for u babe..will c u this Saturday, hun..we've had a lil' gathering last Thursday..sending you off to the new world..hope u'll find your happiness there..and glad that u love our "DIRTY" gift as well! XoXo..

oopss..gtg. Hubby sounded upset on the phone on his way home. work stuff. sigh.

till then~toodles!


Res Judicata said... PD ehs :p jauh sik? kmk baruk sekali gi..ya pun sbb kursus :p sikda penah drive dikpun keluar dr area KL :p hahaha

ehs..lamak ada sik jumpa ktk. maka sama KL lok.. :( sikpa la.. insyaAllah bila mek da setel hal2 keja kita keluar lepak jap ah :)

pdh. said...

peh.. si dedek pon pi pantai gak.. jadi la tu kan.. tak gi pulau.. gi pantai.. hahaha

kak tinee said...

are u preggy .... or maybe the dress that u wear...

if yes ....congrat

dedek_ngegeh said...

eh. ade jugak org komen kt blog ku yg x seberapa ini. haha. dah lama sungguh malas nk apdet sbb penat nk pk ayat.

Res Judicata: aok. we have to meet up. it's been a long while eh. later we make up time. texting2 or calling2.

pdh: hehe..menghilangkan kejelesan kena tinggal member gi perhentian, ape salahnye kan. huhu..

kak tinee: NOPE! i am not yet pregnant.*sob sob*