Sunday, June 07, 2009

fresh start - JUNE 2009!

yerp. xmo dah story sadness stuff. plus, so far so good (alhamdulillah). things at work are slowly getting in place. moved to another test cell. boss assigned more responsibilities, expanding my knowledge as a planner here..and being busy is keeping away all the sadness and miserable-ness i have at work. so now, refreshed and fully charged, i aim to be 100% at work while in the office, and 100% homey when i'm off work. fair?

my at work now (sbb tu la ade internet! haha) and oh! i went to Bangkok last week. hehe..did some shopping..and jalan-jalan as usual lar..with Hubby and the rest of his family.. it was a great quick get-away from the busy-ness and kelam-kabutness in KL. Now that i'm back..alhamdulillah i am more at peace now.. read some good books..oh trust me, sophie kinsella (author of confessions of a shopaholic) blows me away with all her books..try! not only the shopaholic editions are good, the other ones too! check them out..

read this within 48 hours during my trip in Bangkok. how cool is that???!!
(oh ok. i am a slow reader, excuse me. LOL!)

planning to read this very, very soon.
seems interesting from the first 2 pages of it!!

can't hardly wait to purchase this piece in JULY!

so yea. for those who know me well, they'll know reading has never been my hobby. EVER. but well, trying new activities can be such an exciting experience. why not try? explore...! chewah..
ok. for those who know me well (haha!), my hobby has always been SHOPPING kan? so while shopping with Hubby yesterday..........

i lyke!! cantek x kami berdua?? *wink wink*

so she shops at Nichii..just like me..coolness?? hahhaha..psyched!

oh yea. it's june. hubby's bday coming. ape nak beli ni?! isk..


ikan said...

aku salu pk sapela org2 yg nak amek gamba ngan artis bile terjumpe?
oh kau rupenye

ReeBeLLe said...

hahha ika.. mungkin artis tu yg nak begamba ngan dayang kot?!

aku bukan nak komen psl artis sbenanye.. aku nak pinjam remember me? huhu.. tp ko pon tak abih bace lg kan.. yg 1st tu aku da bace.. besttt..

dedek_ngegeh said...

haha! ika(n), aku pilih artis gak. kalo takat hattan ke hafiz AF aku xdela hegeh2 nk ambik. mwahahahha.. but well. i lyke!

oh reen, nnt aku da abes baca aku kasik ko pinjam ok. aku x abes g ni..