Thursday, May 14, 2009

word of the day - FREAKIN' ?

i am still at the office. so is Mr J. apparently, HR had executed an action towards Mr J. "yeay" which is.... a FREAKIN' warning! best kan HR kami? i FREAKIN' like la kan..!!!

here i am. macam ni je la. the last time i talked to HR, they were requesting for proof. hrm..macam mane tuh.. maybe i need someone to take our pic together, pastu kannn.. i tell him to FREAKIN' touch me! does that work, bloody HR personnel?

but xpe la..doa2 orang teraniaya InsyaAllah dimakbulkan. nak quit my job, sadly i am bonded for another year..nak meraung, x professional la pulak. so kat office, i chat a lot on YM ke..MSN works so least that cheers me up..btol x? despite, keje kene jalan la jugaakk of course!

ntahla..maybe berkat doa and advice from my beLOVEd ones, i am more tenang now.. with patience and pieces of strength, i go to work as per normal everyday. 1 thing that i anticipate daily is to come home to Hubby..and get the HUG that i need.. *wink wink*

next, my goal is to show to my boss, and his boss that i don't need Mr J to plan my line. after all, i never needed him before. for me, he's just a puppet in my line. ZERO knowledge on plans and execution. maybe good in bull-shitting management and taking credits..but watever..sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, jatuh tergolek jugak kang nanti..

okeh. let's continue my hard work. hopefully my next entry will be a happy one..


miss u all.. :(


=(^.^)= said...

ne ktk dedek? x ngapdet gik? hehhe..

dedek_ngegeh said...

ooppss.. kamek tok slalu malas. hahaha..tgk mood. plus, internet kt rumah xda. curik2 apdet dr ofis..syhh..rahsia..haha..