Friday, May 08, 2009

don't play play

today, i collected ALL the courage to do something that i never thought i will do. it's my 1 year anniversary here and seriously, working here is a lot better without Mr J in the office. from day 1, he's been a big barrier for me to complete my task in my line. i was yelled at yesterday without mercy. our tone of voices were on the top-most pitch and tears were already drowning my face. 1st time in my life, i was really shivering with anger and disappointment.

now that he turned on the switch, i realized i have to let them all out. all the dirty jokes, all the remarks yg jijik and all the touching..all coming back to me now. sorry, but enough is enough. i am no more Mrs Nice Lady from the moment you raise your freaking finger right in front of my face!

and yes, i filed a report today. sexual harrassment against Mr J. Too bad bro, u got the wrong person. thanks to Hubby, my family and my boss for the help and advice.

x pasal2 he was escorted out from the office area by security right away. stay away and never come back! (amin..)

example 1:
Mr J: ko mengandung ke?
Me: Nope.
Mr J: itu la..cuba ko try ngan aku skali. confirm ley mengandung punye!

example 2:
Mr J: laki ko outstation ke?
Me: haah.
Mr J: brape lame..?
Me: 10 days.
Mr J: ko boring2 malam2 tu, meh la g kondo aku. aku temankan ko.

Example 3:
*when a person touch u, then it's a serious offend. Having him pull my bra strap? CRAZY! not once or twice, more than that!*

so pls, if any of the above or anything similar happen to you ladies, pls raise the flag and act!be strong. i am still learning as well. trust me, it's not easy!

lesson 1. i will cut down all my friendly CRAP to this people at the office.
lesson 2. who cares if they hate me? i'm here to complete my tasks and earn a living je right?
lesson 3. never make other people take advantage of my size. NO NO!

sekian cerita sedih for today. i am so tired, my brain and my heart.
leaving this HELL now, at least for 1 day. have to work on Sunday tho. bummer.


ReeBeLLe said...

wah.. tak sangkenye sebegitu rupe.. anyway.. padan muke dia tu.. hishh.. gatai gilee.. scaryy..

Res Judicata said...

my god... babeeeeeee...

tedah ktk aie... hmmm...bagus bagus.. cerik asa org laki ya.. sapa soh nya polah gia..

Rimotompok said...

u did the rite thing.. u are not the only victim my dear.. coz victims always silence.. believe me..