Friday, April 24, 2009

i don't have anything specific to say. bottomline, i am just bored at the moment. when i get bored at work, i tend to yawn. then i look for something nice and funny to read on the internet. then when i couldn't find anything catchy, i become dull and quiet. then i start to think..think and think..till i start to feel down..then comes to one end when i have to make a choice..should i choose to feel down..? or should i choose to be happy and energetic again..?

sigh. life is a matter of choice.
whether u like it or not, u have to choose.
i choose to go home right now and crawl into my very comfy bed.
but cannot lar kaannn..


sekian luahan perasaan.

am looking forward for a happy weekend though.. *finger-crossing*


ReeBeLLe said...

tanak cite ke ape ko buat wiken aritu?? huuhuh bejalan sakan.. soo i guess it was a happy wiken aite?

dedek_ngegeh said...

hehe.. syh..