Thursday, July 09, 2009


it doesn't feel good when u make someone cry kan?
it doesn't feel good when u can't think of anyone else but yourself?
it doesn't feel good when u think you did all the right things to make the other party happy, but end up, the other party thinks otherwise..?

it makes you feel don't know what you should don't know what you're supposed to do..worst, you don't even know what you CAN do to fix the situation.. feel feel feel insecure..

it's hard to be an adult. how do elder people, previous generations, mommies and daddies deal with this? all sorts of complication..
someone once said.."Allah will only test you when He knows that you can handle it"

*Sigh* ONE thing I know I can do best is SMILE, eventhough my heart is aching.....

Mak, i miss you..


raducaca said...

hmmm tak ok eh? share jom?

dedek_ngegeh said...

emo mode. haha..kot nk time of the month. menunggu ni. jerawat dah penoh kt dahi ni. dahla 19 hari delay ni! issskkk laaa..