Thursday, April 09, 2009

where am i?

hrm. aneh. but only after attending a dear friend's wedding last weekend, i realized how long i have been married. hrm. oh well, Hubby and I just celebrated our 7 yrs together (since couple day 6th April 2002 1 til this very day)..WOW! 2 people from different backgrounds can grow together kan? hikhikhik..

oh gosh. everyone's growing up. 1 after another, my peers around me are moving to another phase in their lives. which phase am i in? am i stuck in time? or maybe unconsciously (btol ke spelling tu?), i already AM more mature than i know?

oh well. i'm just thinking out loud. hehe.

ANYHOO, congrats to a very, very dear friend, Rad and the hubby.
(nak tips lagi? meh aku kasik. offline je ler plis..hikhikhik..)

of course, menggedik with the BRIDE!

(aik? ade jugak org interframe kt blakang tuh..huhu)

menggedik kt pelamin is a MUST! erk. bridegroom xde la plak. ngeh3.

pengantin x baru dah..yay!

hehe. ok peeps. til then.
next event. ade org tunang plak.
see? i told u..everyone's growing up kaaann...??


pdh said...

sme orang da bersedia nak melangkah utk 1 lagi anak tangga dalam kehidupan masing2..

ko bila lagi.. nak naik 1 lagi anak tangga.. teros kan berusaha yee.. hehe :P

raducaca said...

walopon di hari kawen ku,
walopon dengan baju kawen ku,

aku maseh kelihatan besar drpd korang speti jayen di dalam gamba


dedek_ngegeh said...

pdh: the next tangga for me is to hard to step up to. hehe..xpe, aku teruskan usaha kuat2 ni. hahhahaha..

raducaca: don't be silly la! u look stunning on ur wedding day! nanti time sanding kt gombak we camwhore2 lagi ye.. ngeh3.