Friday, July 07, 2006

Past, present and future

It's been a month in Malaysia. Sadly, I am still unemployed. Bored? Sometimes, yea, but to be honest, I kinda enjoy my life as a so-called housewife. One might think that I will cry to death from boredom but surprisingly, I get to learn a lot of new things by just staying in. I get to cook for my family, yes, real food! I get to spend some time with my friends. Y'know, go out, have a drink and just chit-chatting..

While at home, I get to also learn that at some point, I have to let go of the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. I was in the States. I was a student. Now, I am a graduate. I have goals in life. In order to reach that goal, I have to move on and try my best. My memories of my life in Penn State will never be forgotten. I will definitely carry those memories with me wherever I go. My friends too, I will always treasure them all as long as I live.

Here's something to share. Before I actually went to Penn State, I have these 5 personal goals..athough I've never written it anywhere or tell anybody about them, I am really glad that I fulfill all of them as planned. And now that I'm back, I'd like to share them with you..

1. Make a lot of new friends and not CLING with my Malaysian friends all the time. Yes, I went out with my girls and some other Malaysians but at least at one point, you can call a non-Malaysian friend and hang out with them..bowling? dinner? Players? haha..jk! Of course, I tell myself over and over to always hold on to my roots and my beliefs..

2. Get a job..any job..that way, I can make new friends..and make money..which brings me to my next point..

3. Be financially independent. Meaning, I would avoid asking for my allowances from my mom or dad for my expanses, especially for SHOPPING! Malu sket babe!

4. Balance my life..between studying and socializing. Go out. Have fun. At the same time, keep the grades up.

5. Most importantly, I told myself to come back and help my family and help bring Malaysia forward! There is definitely no other place like home..

You might have different views on whatever I listed. why exactly I'm revealing my personal goals? Haha..whatever..this is my I can enter anything that I wish..

So yea..I gotta go..going out with my hunny, Sue. Kinda miss here..haven't seen here for a week..until later..toodles!


nard said...

hehe..i love this entry babe.aku dah fulfilled almost all except no. 5 rasenye.but hey, the time will come kan.i'll come back next year. and bukan ari tu ade lagi satu ke yang kiter discuss but u didnt mention it in your blog???cari bf bukan malaysian babe.hahaha..and i already did dah 5.same ngan ko.ahaha...(nak gak same).anyway babe, cant wait for 18 July.i am coming..yihhaaaa...reunion..yuuhuuu...see yaaaa

dedek_ngegeh said...

hehe...yela..yang satu kite discuss tuh aku xde masokkan dlm list btol2..yela..dahtu abi-abi aku nk taruh kt ner..kat bontot? haha..xpe nard..kalo xde bf bukan melayu jek pon jadikla kan..mwahaha..ade la jugak merase sket2..xpe2..koe ade gie sthn nk manfaatkan peluang yg ade..kot dpt doctor ker kan kt spital tuh..ade life sket babe..jgn jd cam ehem ehem..wannabe je lebih tp x menjadi..payah tuh..mwahahah..ok babe..aku pon xsaba nk tunggu koerg dtg..9days 21 hours tinggal nieh..countdownla kan ke reunion kiter..hopefully am can make it..*hugz*

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