Tuesday, November 28, 2006

u know who u r..

For someone out there..yes, I thought you were a real friend..but silly of me to think that way..

U were my best friend
we were suppose to be friends till the end
now thats all down the drain
someone came into Ur life
and she is more important than me
I'm not worth Ur time anymore
so just leave me alone
stop asking to be friends
stop acting like its my fault
I'm leaving u alone
i don't want to deal with Ur problems
i got enough of my own
I'm done with Ur drama
so run to her when u need to talk
I'm out of this for good
moving on with my life
so good bye my ex-best friend

Whether you go to this humble blog of mine or otherwise, trust me, I DON'T CARE coz you are so out of my life! Have a good life and no THANK YOU, I only accept true friends in my life..

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