Saturday, December 09, 2006


It has been a cheerful week for me..and today, I finally get my rest at home after a colorful week, I might say. Monday. Work as usual. Not too much time to 'play' around since I had to prepare a whole bunch of reports. Tight deadline due to my 4 days training since Tuesday to Friday. No no, i was psyched about the trainings. Who'd want to miss the opportunity of being away from si kangkang for the whole entire week and get paid for that?? Not me of course..haha!

So there I the training..the whole week. Got to meet some people from other companies, learn new stuff (yea right!) and the most exciting part was that I got to taste the food at the hotel for free..haha! Not to forget, I got to go home on time. hey, i don't get to go home early every day ok? This going home early thing will lead me to my next update..huhu..

So, after 3 months of full pay check, I finally got to go out shopping with Sue (we spend most of our time together playing sports, movies and FOOD!). I bought a new shoulder bag. GUESS. Hey, I have saved up to actually buy one and trust me, I had a very hard time choosing coz the collection suck more and more these days. Plus, my two babes were not there to give their 2nd and 3rd opinions on the choices, which made it even harder. Regardless of that, with Sue's help, I fall in love with this one the first time I saw it so without any hesitation, I spent like 13% of my paycheck on this new bag of mine..oh my! Some people will never understand what obsession I have for bags. But well..what can I say.

Moving on, more update. Saw Pap on Thursday (the day after the whole short shopping trip) coincidentally during lunch at the hotel where I had my training. Went out on a 'date' with him and I got lucky when he actually bought me the Chocolate. It's not exactly chocolate, it's white. Speechless. At one point, I don't even know if I should be happy or guilty for costing him too much. Heck, bottomline, I deserve this gift from him once in a with me?? *wink wink* (danger alert: jgn2 nnt aku dgr ade org tuh pakai gak chocolate..touch wood please?)

One more day of rest then I'm back to work. Went out with the girls last 2 nights. Movies. Some sports. God knows where we'll be hanging out tonight. Or maybe I'll just stay in and talk to my boo on the web. We'll see. Til later~toodles!


nad said...

babeee..hahahaha..seronok monok eh.tak pe..beg ko cantik.aku setuju aje.wakaka....susah eh babe kalau ade org nak tiru je ape yang kite buat.isshh..tak de trademark langsung.go get a life la.wakaka..babe..rindu ko.muah muah

chubbyCHAN said...

nak tengok beg baru!

dedek_ngegeh said...

Chubbychan: nanti org tunjok ambik gamba showing2 k?? huhuhu..

Nad: tuhla kan babe, ade org mmg xde identiti beli tuh, dier nak beli nieh, dier nak xpe..yg penting kiter happy kan babe kan?? klo takat nak dengki ngan org je, sampai bile x happy..rindu koe gak babe..mwahs mwahs!!